Facts concerning the freedmen. Their capacity and their destiny

Facts concerning the freedmen. Their capacity and their destiny


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TV FACTS •CONCERNING- THE FREEDMEN THEIR CAPACITY AND THEIR DESTINY. COLLECTED AND PUBLISHED THE EMANCIPATION LEAGUE. BOSTON : PRESS OF COMMERCIAL PRINTING HOUSE, 36 KILBY STREET, 1863. - ? » LIGHT."LET THERE BE IMPORTANT FACTS CONCERNING THE NEGRO. received in reply sent to thoseThe following letters have been to a circular South. Wecharge negroes within our military lines in thewho have of sent, and statements returned, in theirgive the letter which was the language. andown Read ponder. any disposition to re-6. Have you found j "cut theirvenge upon their masters,—to Circular of the Committee. 1 "throats ?masters by theAt recent meeting of the Emancipation 6. How many have been employeda undersigned were appointed aLeague, the Government? fromCommittee to take measures to procure At what wages? paidsuperintendents of " contrabands," and What wages has the Governmentthe the question white for the same services?others, information bearingupon laborers been reg-the capacities of the colored men of the Have the wages of the freedmenof use this informa-South. It is proposed to ularly paid? is now due to them intion in the best wayto bearuponthe problem If not, how much to what is the status of the negro department ?as to be your due to them iftheirafterthe Rebellion is suppressed. Amongthe How much would be those of whiteto employedin securing a fair so- been the same asagencies be wages had of this hope able to similar work?



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