Hawaiian folk tales; a collection of native legends

Hawaiian folk tales; a collection of native legends


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c ,. s«i^ HAWAIIAN FOLK TALES HAWAIIAN GIRL OF THE OLD REGIME HAWAIIAN FOLK TALES A COLLECTION OF NATIVE LEGENDS COMPILED BY THOS. G. THRUM WITH SIXTEEN ILLUSTRATIONS FROM PHOTOGRAPHS CHICAGO A. C. McCLURG & CO. 1907 Copyright, 1907 BY A. C. McClurg & Co. London, EnglandEntered at Stationers' Hall, Published March i, 1907 ^* irkoi^ ^ E\)t Hafcreftie ^xtit R. DONNELLEY & SONSCOMPANYR. CHICAGO PREFACE more more a matterTT is becoming and of regret larger amount of systematic effortthat a was not in early years for the gathering andestablished preser- the folk-lore of the Hawaiians. Thevation of world lasting obligations to the late Fornander,is under Judge Dr. Rae before him, for their painstaking effortsand to the history of this people and trace theirto gather and migrations but Fornander's work only hasorigin ; the light, Dr. Rae's manuscript having been acci-seen dentally destroyed by fire. The early attempts of Dibble and Pogue to gather history from Hawaiians themselves have preserved to native and foreign readers much that would probably otherwise have been lost. To the late AndrewsJudge we are indebted for a very full grammar and dictionary of the language, as also for a valuable manuscript col- lection of meles and antiquarian literature that passed to the custody of the Board of Education. There were native historians in those days ; the newspaper articles of S. M. Kamakau, the earlier writings of David Malo, and the later contributions of G. W.



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