Making the Virtual Classroom a Reality | MVCR Orientation ...

Making the Virtual Classroom a Reality | MVCR Orientation ...

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Making the Virtual Classroom a Reality | MVCR Orientation | WebCT Tutorial

MVCR Home | MVCR Orientation | WebCT Tutorial

MVCR WebCT Tutorial
The seven lessons below will help you to become familiar with the features you will use most as you
participate in your online courses.
Lesson 1 - Accessing WebCT
Lesson 2 - Your Course Homepage
Lesson 3 - Reading Messages
Lesson 4 - Message Options
Lesson 5 - Posting a Message
Lesson 6 - Working with Messages
Lesson 7 - Searching Your Messages
This tutorial can be viewed as a single PDF document as well.
You might also want to view the tutorials available from the WebCT Web site at
. This page is from their online
learning orientation. There is also a student/instructor WebCT features index giving explanations of all
of the WebCT tools. Readings from the WebCT site are optional, but may provide you with a firm
background in the software, especially if you are planning to use it in your own course.
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MVCR Home | MVCR Orientation | WebCT Tutorial (1 of 2) [12/4/2001 10:06:56 AM] Making the Virtual Classroom a Reality | MVCR Orientation | WebCT Tutorial
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Copyright © The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, 2001 URL: undefined Please contact us for questions or comments about this Web Site or Making the Virtual Classroom a Reality: 
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 MVCR Home | MVCR Orientation | WebCT Tutorial | Lesson 1  
Click the link calledLog on to MyWebCT. You will find that it is password protected. This is to preserve our intimate class environment where we can conduct closed class, group, or individual communications. Type in theUser nameandpasswordyou have been given by the administrator or the course instructor and either pressEnter, or clickOKnot have a User name and password,. (If you do please contact your instructor immediately. If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the "Forgot your password?" link to have it e-mailed to you.)
If your login is successful, you will be presented with aMyWebCTscreen that looks similar to that in the image below. Note: For course announcements, please refer to your particular course, as the
 MVCRWebCT Tutorial
Lesson 1 Accessing WebCT
WebCT requires using a browser that supports frames. Netscape Navigator 4.0 or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x or higher are recommended.
To access WebCT, you must type the URL in the address box of your web browser or follow the link to WebCT from your course's Home Page. The URL will look similar to this one:
After typing a successful URL, you will be presented with the WebCT login box.
010::795A ]Mtcl/w/beaislturoon/ttatirienrg/o 1002/4/21[ )3 f o(1l tm.hn1soesvm.wo.rc:pttww//ht gnV ehutriC lasslaomro R alieaMakial toriuT TCbeW | noitantieOrR VC M |ty
.l02101 :0705: 9MA]
If you see the screen below instead of a screen similar to that in the image above, you may have typed yourUser nameorpasswordincorrectly.
Use your browser'sBackbutton to return to the initial page. Click theLog On To myWebCTlink and try entering yourUser nameandpasswordagain. If you continue to experience problems logging in, contact your course instructor.
If you have logged in, and are at theMyWebCTscreen, locate theCoursesarea. It will look similar to that in the image below.
p TC egalliwton on cintaou ce rspsceficia nnuocnements in genera| n ioatntieOrR nalairotuT TCbeWregints cemenounWyberum  foynoo t gnV ehikaMlassroomirtual Cyt| M CVa R aeilcb/telssno.1thlm (2 of 3) [12/4/.rcv/groeirotatnn/iototualriwes/httpww.m://w
urse. l ni kott ah tocth,  cencklihe tlno no yoc eesrunItsurtcee tht etalog |Mourse CastneC |  evidutSosPrctpeomH| e atitirneRCO  |VMome CR H  MVVCR M yM | retsigeR  |esciliPo| s ornikaMiV eht gCll uartm oosrasiaorlilCCTebut Tot keno a kcnil y | MVCRa Realititno| W O irneatou yIf. ind leolni dellorne era  couMVCRthe  of e rna ery uosrsetotun/iowes/alri/gro.rcvtatneiroof 3 (3 2/4/) [1elsscb/tthlmno.1]
 Index|Go to Lesson 2: Your Course's Homepage
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1002:01 5:70MA 9
Copyright © The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, 2001 URL: undefined Please contact us for questions or comments about this Web Site or Making the Virtual Classroom a Reality: 
W beno| turoTCT | Leial  1 ssonw//:m.wwptth
The WebCTHomepagewill look similar to the one in the image below.
TheHomepageto perform activities that you may usehas several areas with links that you can click while taking your MVCR course. Each of those will be explained below.
The Menu Bar TheMenu Bar(see the red arrow below) is primarily for navigation.
A 80:80:
Lesson 2 Your Course's Homepage
 MVCRWebCT Tutorial
]M/412 [4)101 00/ l1(o  forials/webct/lesiro/atnenoittut///p:w.wwcrmvrg.oseos n 2irla| L alC lautriV eht ngkiMatntarOeiCV R| M lity Reaom assro RCVemoHlairM   T bCtoTun ioWe| Cb TuTotoi n |eWOrientat | MVCR 
elsscb/t/sewirlatutoion/ntatorie:01 1002/4/21[ ) 4of2  (mlht2.on]
 Breadcrumbsprovide you with a visual indication of where you are in the course. In the image above, there is only oneBreadcrumb,Home, because this is an image of aHomepage. In the image below, the Breadcrumbsindicate that the user was viewing a message in theWK 1 Bio topic, in theDiscussion forum. The current location,WK 1 Bio, is a different color fromHome, andDiscussion forumto indicate that it is the current location.
The text linkMyWebCTare taking more than one MVCR course, returns you to, which is useful if you theMyWebCTscreen. TheResume Courselink takes you to the place in aContent Modulewhere you left off, if your course uses aContent Module. TheCourse Mapprovides a convenient way to move from place to place in a course, and a map of the structure of a WebCT course.Helpprovides context-sensitive WebCT help.
Breadcrumbs TheBreadcrumbslinks are found beneath the course name (See the red arrow). Breadcrumbs are actually text links that indicate where you are, and where you have been.
08:08 AM/w:/.mwwr.vcg/orptthCV RrOeiilyt| M | WebCT ntation otuTlairMalautriV eht gnikea R aomrossla C
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Navigation Bar TheNavigation Bar, indicated with the arrow in the image below, contains links to the contents of your course. YourNavigation Barmay have other links.
Your courseHomepagemay have content icons and links that are different from the link to the Discussion forumin the image above.
Note that you can use theBreadcrumbsare links to take you quickly from one location to another.
Course Elements Course elements are indicated in two ways. The first is by an icon and a text link in the main screen of theHomepage, as shown with the arrow pointing to theDiscussion forumlink in the image below.
088:M] A 1000:0121[ 2/4/ttp:horut/tontitaenrio/gro.rcvm.www//
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Copyright © The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, 2001 URL: undefined Please contact us for questions or comments about this Web Site or Making the Virtual Classroom a Reality: 
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