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Rhymes of Vermont rural life

294 pages
OP DANIEL L. CADY GIFT OF J . J .Cudworth /V Rhymes of Vermont Rural Life Rhymes of Vermont Rural Life By DANIEL L. CADY -The measure of a is thepoet of which he canlargeness thought toapply howeverany subject, trifling. LAFCADIO HEARN, Appreciations of Poetry THE TUTTLE COMPANY, PUBLISHERS RUTLAND, VERMONT 1920 1919Copyright by THE TUTTLE COMPANY VermontRutland, 1919FIRST EDITION, DECEMBER, 1920SECOND JANUARY, AUTHOR S NOTE is made of toAcknowledgment hereby polite permission the Free thereprint given by "Burlington Press," "Rutland "The Barre the Herald," Times," "Burlington "The "The Boston etc.News," Vermonter," Globe," thanks are also due to the The Tuttle ComMy publishers, for an ininterest the volume so that if itpany, friendly, were there would exist between thegenerally shown, swain with his and the owner ofmanuscript, many the best ofprinting presses, only very feeling. These were all written the time of thepieces during great which accounts for some of and for numerouswar, them, allusions in others of no "Vermont"special significance. The volume contains inone-hundred-seven withpieces all, ofone-hundred-fourteen mentions Vermont localities: sixteen of the were written in inpieces Florida, fifty-one New York and in Vermont.
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J . J .Cudworth/VRhymes of
Vermont Rural Life