Agricultural income
108 pages
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Agricultural income


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108 pages


Sectoral income index analysis 1987
Agriculture and fisheries
Agricultural policy



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Sectoral income index anafysisThis volume is also available in the following languages:
DE |SBN 92-825-8199-3
FR 92-825-8201-9
publication.Cataloguing data can be found at the end of this
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Community, 1988
tsBN 92-825€200-0
Catalog ue number: CA-52-88-l 94-EN.C
- - O ECSC EEC EAEC, Brussels-Luxembourg, 1988
Printed in FR the of GermanyContents
1l. Introduction ...
3ll. Changes in agricultural income in 1987 over 1986
- 3A. Main results overview
7B. Changes in income in the Community and their causes
per (indicator 1) ... . 71. Real net value added at factor cost annual work unit
Ib) Causes
172. Other income indicators
per work (indicator 2) ... 17a) Real net income from agricultural activity of total labour input annual unit
per b) net of family unit 3) .. 19
C. Income changes in the Member States and their causes 21
211. Belgium
232. Denmark
253. FR Germany
284. Greece
305. Spain
34::: :::::::::::: :::: 36i' nrtr ::::: :::: : :: :::: :::::: ::::.:::::: :::::: :
389. Luxembourg...
4010. Netherlands...
4311. United Kingdom
45lll. Medium-term trends in agricultural income between 1977 and 1987 .
45A. Presentation of income trends
48B. Gauses of income trends
lV. Comparison the level of income in the Community Member States 55of agricultural
V. Total disposable income of households 60
l. Notes on methodologyl .. 66
70ll. Detailed tablesI. Introduction
- - pubtish previous forecasts1988 as in years EUROSTAT has undertaken to In
Community asin agricutturat incone in the ftlember States and in the of changes
inprevious year. The exercise is carried out a who[e in the forecast
authorities. EUROSTAT has, sinceconjunction with the appropriate nationaL
providing aim of users of this1976, been conducting this exercise with the
pubIication the economic situationwith harmonized statisticaI information on
it as an important task toof agricutture in the Community. EUROSTAT regards
and make improvements to the analysiscontinue work in this fieLd further
in the Community inThis document centres on changes in agriculturaL income
rrPress Noticerr on the1987 as against 1986. The December 1987 issue of the
gave important changesSectoral Income Index 1987 a brief overview of the most
past year, gave is uhatover the and notice of a more detailed analysis, which
on thethis document is aLL about. It charts the effect of various components
background ofchanges in income and the current situation against the
medium-term trends.
produced The figures based by the nationaI agencies onare on updated estimates
price, nhich determine agriculturatthe votume and v'a[ue changes in the factors
(EAA). as basis Economic AgricuIture Theincome, taking a the Accounts for
ptotted a and for the individualincome changes are for the Community as whote
fvlember pertaining EUR 11. figures areStates, the Community resu[ts to
yet adequate for theincLuded for Portugat, where the statistics are not
agriculture,Three indicators are derived from the EAA to shon income trends in
ilet vatue added at facton cost in agricuLture is computed from the vatue of
production andfinat agricutturaI less intermediate consumption, depreciation
production ptus taxes subsidies. The resultant figure, defLated by the
price gross product prices, byimpLicit index of domestic at market and divided
gives labour input as a whole in agriculture, lndicaton 1.
Net incole fror agricuttural activity tabour input is computed byof totat
subtracting rents and interest payments added at factor cost.from net vatue
This and by totalfigure, defLated by reference to the above deftator divided
labour gives input in agricutture, Indicator 2.Net incoae fror agricuttural activity tabour input is computed byof farity
deducting compensation of agricutturatemptoyees from the net income fron
nreatr activity of totat labour input. are byAs above, the figures obtained
deflation, atthough in 2, income in this contrast to Indicators 1 and case
(Indicator 3) retates onLy to [y fami workers.
For the purposes of catcutating Indicator 2, information is inctuded on changes
in rents payments, and interest aLso reflects in vhiLe Indicator 3 changes the
compensation of emptoyees. Fut[ yet be achieved in harmonization has to the
Memben States on these factors. For analysis onthis reason, the centres
Indicator 1, which is more reLiabLe two.than the other
ALthough current changes in income etement in thisremain the centrat
- pubtication, an attenpt is made as last year to set out the different
income per levels of in agricutture betyeen the ilember States annuaI work
,nit1). bfith parametersa view to achieving maximum income comparabitity, the
are converted on the basis of both ECU and PPSZ). For the first time, a
comparison is made of the change in the absotute tevel income in agricultureof
per AtdU in the Jttember States.
In points, yhat interpreting the above mind it is important to bear in that hre
have here is a sectoral approach an reftecting income trends as average of a[[
reg i ons and ho tdi ngs . The i may ate ndi vi dua t i ncome si tuation devi very
substantiatty from the average. Note atso that the indicators relate to the
rAgricutturer, activity sector personaL paymentsand that taxes and weIfare
must be deducted from the income disposablefigures to arrive at a figure for
part income on the persons of working in agriculture. Non-agricutturaI income
is not included.
For the first time this year there is a neu section on work on the development
of a neb, income anatysis instrument, at identifying the teve[,aimed
development and structure of the income agricuLturaI disposabIe of househotds.
given.Initiat non-harmonized results project are also from this
1 ) rrNotes For def i ni t i on see on met hodo [ogy,,
2) rfNationaIpower = PPs Purchasing Standa rdi EUROSTAT: for definition see
Accounts, ESA AggregatesrtII. Changes in agricutturat 19E6incore in 19E7 over
- A. ilain results 0vervier
According ltlember States'estimates to avaitabte at end January 1988, real net
per york vatue added in agriculture betoy annual unit in 1987 rritt be 3.52 the
1986 Levet. Net incone from agricu[turat activity of totat tabour input
appears to have fatten by a simitar amount, whi[e net income from agricultural
activity of famity [abour input is expected to have dectined even more sharply
TabLe 1 Probabte per : change in reat agricultural incore annual rork trnit
(in in 19EZ as against 19E6 I)
et Lueva Net income from agricu tura t act i vi t
Membe r at of total Labour input oT Taml Ly
State factor cost i n agri cu tture Labour i nputI
Indi cator 1 Indi cator 2 Indi cator 3
-'5r8 - B 610 617| | I
- 'i- DK 1214 25rZ 35 | I 13 I
- - D 1613 2?r1 27 | | ,5 I
- - EL o16 Or5 0r8| I I
E 5,8 616 719| | I
- - F 2r5 2r1 217| | I
IRL t3r9 1911 21 I | ,1 I
- - r 612 9134r9 | | I
L 2r4 2r4 119| | I
NL ?'6 2rB 316| I I
- UK 116 4r0f-2r9 | I
tl I
- EUR 11 315 314 5r1
NB: The pointscommas in the tabtes read as decimal
These fa[[s parti in income ui[[ affect most ]tlember States, cutarLy the FR of
(Tab[e Germany and Denmark 1 and Figure 1). In Spainand I re tand, howeve? t
there are tikety to be substantiaI increases.FIGIIRE T ESNMAITD CHANGE IN REAL INCOME IN AGRICULruRE PTR AWU