Agriculture and fisheries Author: Carla MARTINS
S t a t i s t i c s i n f o c u s 2/2009
Farm Structure Survey in Finland  2007
51% of the Utilized Agricultural Area under cereals
This Statistics in Focus is part of a series of countryspecific publications on the results of the Farm Structure Survey (FSS) 2007. It provides a brief but nevertheless comprehensive insight into the farm structure in Finland. 68 200 agricultural holdings were recorded in Finland in the 2007 Farm Structure Survey (3% less than in 2005).
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Due to the different coverage of the FSS across Member States, the total number of farms is not comparable between countries. This is why the present analysis, including Tables 14 and the graphs, focus on holdings of at least one European Size Unit (ESU). See the methodological notes for more information on the concept of ESU.
In 2007, 98% of theagricultural holdings(66 600) had an economic size of at least 1 ESU, compared with 70 000 in 2005.
They used about2.29 millionha of utilised agricultural area(UAA), an increase of 1% compared with 2005. This represents an average of 34 ha per holding (compared with 32 ha in 2005);
These holdings employed67 400 AWUs(annual work units), the equivalent of 67 400 people working full time; (14% less than 2005). The average area per AWU was 34 ha (around 5 ha more than in 2005); They had1.15 million livestock units(LSU) in 2007, slightly less (0.5%) than in 2005. Amongst these 66 600 agricultural holdings: 53% made use of less than one AWU, while another 21% made use of 2 or more AWUs; 2% used less than 2 ha, while 21% used 50 ha or more;
64% of Finish farms specialised in crops (an increase of 3% from 2005). 37% of the holdings were specialist in cereals, oil seed and protein crops; 23% specialised in general field cropping (an increase of 4% from the last survey); 18% of the holdings were engaged in dairy farming (3% less than in 2005). The family labour force made up 89% of the total labour force in Finland and decreased by 15% from 2005 to 2007. Amongst the sole holders: 11% were women; 36% were aged 55 or more and 9% were younger than 35 years; 41% of the sole holders had another gainful activity in 2007.
In Finland in 2007, 66% of the agricultural area was farmed by its owners.
There was a 9% increase in the area of organic farming from 2005 to 2007. The nearly 130 000 ha of land used for organic farming accounted for 6% of the UAA in Finland.
Economically, the farms in Finland suffered a fall: the total amount of ESU dropped 7% from 2005 to 2007.