Service and Support Activities. PROGRAMME PROGRESS REPORT January - June 1979


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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES JOINT RESEARCH CENTRE Ispra Establishment Italy ■-■-* ..... -IIÉÍMÍ;¡1ÍJ-[|--■ f**| g*™ .α j'i - «a í &L COMMUNICATION EUR 7478 Category 1.0 '*yr:"1Z::^.S'- ■ ' ■■ ■ ' "-Nr 3676 Service Copy N2 196 and Si t Activities t · ■·. High Flux Reactor (HFR) WARNING Informatics Fissile Material Control The information contained in this document is Education and Training ^ communicated confidentially by the Commission of the Technical Evaluations in Support of the Commission European Communities to Member States, persons and undertakings and should not be passed on to third parties. (Euratom­Treaty, Article 13, and PROGRAMME PROGRESS REPORT Regulation (EEC) No. 2380/74 of the Council of Ministers). January -June 1979 Programme Progress Report JRC Ispra January-June 1978 SERVICE AND SUPPORT ACTIVITIES Education and Training Abstract During the period October 15,1978 - April 15,1979, eight courses or seminars have been held at JRC-lspra, in the framework of the Education and Training programme. They were all related to subjects dealt with in the research activity of the Establishment, such as Informatics, Materials and Structural Engineering, Radiation Shielding and Protection, Environmental Problems. The courses had a total duration of 43 days and were attended complessively by 360 persons (1890 persons χ day).



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