Crime and criminal justice
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Crime and criminal justice


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Population and social conditions
Justice and home affairs
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  Population and social conditions  S t a t i s t i c s i n f o c u s  MAS 58/2010 Authors: Cynthia TAVARES, Geoffrey THO
 Crime and Criminal Justice  Recent work at European level to improve the In a few southern countries such as Portugal, comparability of the data makes it possible to Slovenia, Spain, Italy and Cyprus, crime rates have make some analysis of trends in crime and risen. There is also some indication among the criminal justice. Nordic Member States that, after a period of National sources of information about crime decreasing crime, the trend is now upwards. show considerable differences in approach and U th tal crime trends, there are coverage, which makes it necessary to exercise difnfdeerrelnyti tnegndeen tcoies for specific types of offence. caution in making direct comparisons between For the EU as a whol of countries. domestic burglary ande , dproulgi cter arfeficcokridnegd  hinasvtea nces Main findings rveiomleainnt ecdr ivmiret u(ianllcyl uudnicnhga rnogbebde sriyn) caen 2d 0t0h5e,f tsw hifle The total number of crimes recorded by the police o in the European Union is decreasing. Until 2002, motor vehicles have fallen. the trend was upwards. The countries where the The prison population rate (per head of population) decreases are most noticeable include the remains generally much higher in most countries in United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France. In the eastern part of the European Union than in the some of the new Member States, crime rates west, but it is gradually falling, while the prison peaked slightly later, but here also they are now populations have grown in some western Member falling. States such as Spain and the United Kingdom.  Figure 1: Crime trends in the European Union  2005  2008*  
Drug trafficking Domestic burglary
Total crime Violent crime Robbery
85 * for countries where consistent time series are available Motor vehicle theft  (23 or 24 EU Member States) 80 2005 2006 2007 2008  Source: Eurostat ( crim_gen )
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