Merry Andrew o’ Manchester: A Drollerie


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Colecciones : SC. 1800-1950
Fecha de publicación : 1884
[EN] Play with representations of the Lancashire dialect [ES] Obra de teatro con representaciones del dialecto de Lancashire



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  Salamanca Corpus: Merry Andrew o’ Manchester (1884)  
    Author: James Augustus Atkinson (1832-1911) Text type: Drama Date of composition: 1884 Editions: 1884 Source text: Atkinson, James A. Merry Andrew o’ Manchester: A Drollerie . Manchester: John Heywood; London: Paternoster Buildings. e text: - Access and transcription: July 2011  Number of words: 4,265  Dialect represented: Lancashire  Produced by Javier Ruano-García  Copyright © 2011– DING, The Salamanca Corpus, Universidad de Salamanca   
   Atkinson, James Augustus (1832-1911) Merry Andrew o’ Manchester: A Drollerie (1884)
 [3]  Folk co’ me “Merry Andrew”, but aw’m noan o’ yer Andrews. My feyther’s name wur Ben Brierley, and my mother’s name wur Betty Bramford, afore she we my feyther, an’ then aw reckon hoo wur co’d Betty Brierley, but aw wur kissent Joe--nay, it wur Joseph--Joseph Brierley, but aw wur aulus co’d Joe. When aw wur a lad, aw wur one o’ em ut’s fond o’ a marlock. Aw wur aulus to summat; aye, an’ mony a trick aw played, an’ mony a laugh aw raised. Aw wur down reet merry, an’ so they geet o’ co’in me “Merry Joe”, an’ after a bit they changed Joe into Andrew, an’ co’d me “Merry