Microsoft® Visual C++® Default Key Bindings
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Microsoft® Visual C++® Default Key Bindings

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Liste des raccourcis c++ Visual Studio 2010



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Publié le 03 novembre 2011
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Edit.Find CTRL + FDisplays theQuick Findtab of the Find and Replacedialog box. Edit.Replace CTRL + HDisplays theQuick Replacetab of theFind and Replacedialog box. Edit.FindInFiles CTRL + SHIFT + Fof all the files in aAllows searching project or solution for a specific word or expression. Edit.ReplaceInFiles CTRL + SHIFT + HAllows search and replace functionality over all the files in a project or solution. Edit.Incremental- CTRL + IPerforms a search as you type. Search Edit.GoToFind- CTRL + DSets the focus in theFindbox on Combothe toolbar. Edit.MakeLowercase CTRL + ULowercases the selected text. Edit.Make- CTRL + SHIFT + UUppercases the selected text. Uppercase Edit.View- CTRL + R, CTRL + WUses glyphs to represent the white WhiteSpaceorCTRL + SHIFT + 8spaces in the editor. Edit.Comment- CTRL + K, CTRL + CComments selected text. Selection Edit.Uncomment- CTRL + K, CTRL + UUncomments selected text. Selection Edit.HideSelection CTRL + M, CTRL + HCreates an outline for the selected text and collapses it. Edit.Cycle- CTRL + SHIFT + INSCycles through the Clipboard ring. ClipboardRing Edit.Copy- CTRL + SHIFT + Copies to clipboard the list of ParameterTip ALT + Cre.sarpetam Edit.Paste- CTRL + SHIFT + Pastes in the editor the list of ParameterTip ALT + Petem.srarap
File.CopyFullPath <unassigned>Copies to clipboard the full path of the selected file. Edit.HideSelection CTRL + M,Collapses current selection to an CTRL + Houtlining region. Edit.Toggle- CTRL + M, LToggles all previously collapsed AllOutliningoutlining regions between collapsed and expanded states. Edit.Toggle- CTRL + M, MToggles the currently selected  OutliningExpansioncollapsed region between the collapsed and expanded state. Edit.Format- CTRL + K, For the current selection Formats Selection CTRL + E, Faccording to the indentation and code formatting settings specified on thetingFormatpane underTools | Options | Text Editor | C/C++. Edit.<Direction> SHIFT + ALT +Creates a column selection instead ExtendColumn <ARROW KEY>of a stream selection.
Microsoft®Visual C++®Default Key Bindings
File File.NewProject CTRL + SHIFT + NCreates a new project. File.OpenFile CTRL + OOpens an existing file. File.OpenProject CTRL + SHIFT + OOpens an existing project. Project.AddNew- CTRL + SHIFT + AAdds a new item to the project. Item Project.Add SHIFT + ALT + AAdds an existing item to the -ExistingItemrpjoce.t File.Open- <unassigned>Opens the folder containing the file ContainingFolderin the editor. Build Build.BuildSolution F7orBuilds the solution. CTRL + SHIFT + B Build.Rebuild- CTRL + ALT + F7Rebuilds the solution. Solution Build.Cancel CTRL + BREAKCancels the build process. IntelliSense Edit.CompleteWord CTRL + SPACEBARCompletes the current word or orALT + RIGHTshows the IntelliSense®completion ARROWlist. Edit.ParameterInfo CTRL + SHIFT +Displays the name, return value, and SPACEBARparameters of the function call. Edit.ListMembers CTRL + JorShows only members in the CTRL + ALT + TIntelliSense completion list. Edit.QuickInfo CTRL + K, CTRL + IDisplays the complete declaration of the identifier under cursor.
Bookmarks Edit.Toggle- CTRL + K, CTRL + KToggles a bookmark on the BookmarkorCTRL + F2current line. Edit.NextBookmark CTRL + K, CTRL +Moves to the next bookmark. NorF2 Edit.Previous- CTRL + K, CTRL + PMoves to the previous bookmark. BookmarkorSHIFT + F2 Edit.NextBook- CTRL + SHIFT + K,Moves to the next bookmark in the markInFolder CTRL + SHIFT + Ncurrent folder. Edit.Previous- CTRL + SHIFT + K,Moves to the previous bookmark in BookmarkInFolder CTRL + SHIFT + Pthe current folder. View.Bookmark- CTRL + K, CTRL + WShows theBookmarkswindow. Window Edit.ToggleTaskList- CTRL + K, CTRL + HToggles Task List shortcut. Shortcut
Edit.NavigateTo CTRL + COMMA (,)Displays theNavigateTowindow, which allows quick navigation to files, types, and members. The dialog is populated with the symbol at the cursor location.
Edit.GoToBrace CTRL + ]Moves the cursor location to the matching brace in the source file. Edit.FindSymbol ALT + F12Displays theFind Symbolpane of theFind and Replacedialog box. Window.MoveTo- CTRL + F8Sets the focus to the navigation bar. NavigationBar Edit.GoToNext- F8orF4Navigates to the next find result. Location Edit.GoToPrev- SHIFT + F8or Navigates back to the previous Location SHIFT + F4result. View.Synchronize- <unassigned>Synchronizes the class view with the ClassVieweditor. Edit.GoToDefinition F12Goes to definition.
View.CodeDefini- CTRL + \, DorBrings up a window that is tionWindow CTRL + SHIFT + Vconstantly updating with the definition of the selected symbols. Edit.GoTo- CTRL + F12Goes to declaration. Declaration Edit.FindAll- <unassigned>Searches all references to the Referencescurrent symbol. View.Navigate- CTRL + HYPHEN (-)Moves to the previously browsed Backwardline of code. View.Navigate- CTRL + SHIFT +Moves to the next browsed line of Forward HYPHEN (-)code. Tools.GoTo- CTRL + /Allows running of commands from CommandLinetheFindtext box.(For a list of available commands see “Command Aliases” below.) Window.ShowEz- CTRL + ALT +Shows a list of files currently MDIFileList DOWN ARROWopened in the editor. Windows View.Solution- CTRL + ALT + LDisplays theSolution Explorer Explorerwindow. View.Properties- ALT + ENTERDisplays thePropertieswindow. Window View.Output CTRL + ALT + OorDisplays theOutputwindow. ALT + 2 View.ErrorList CTRL + \, EDisplays theError Listwindow. View.ZoomIn, CTRL + SHIFT +Increases or decreases the view View.ZoomOut PERIOD (.)andsize of the contents in the editor. CTRL + SHIFT + COMMA (,)
View.CallHierarchy CTRL + ALT + KDisplays theCall Hierarchy window, which lists the callers and callees to a method.
Window.CloseTool- SHIFT + ESCCloses the current tool window. Window Project.Properties ALT + F7Displays theProject Properties dialog box. View.ClassView CTRL + SHIFT + CDisplays theClass Viewwindow. View.Command- CTRL + ALT + ADisplays theCommandwindow. Window(For a list of available commands see “Command Aliases” section.)
Debugging Debug.Start F5Launches the application under the debugger.
Debug.StartWith- CTRL + F5Launches the application without outDebugginginvoking the debugger.
Debug.Stop- SHIFT + F5Stops debugging.  Debugging Tools.AttachTo- CTRL + ALT + PDisplays theAttach to Process Processdialog box. Debug.DetachAll <unassigned>Detaches from all processes. Debug.BreakAll CTRL + ALT +Breaks all executing threads. BREAK Debug.BreakAt- CTRL + BCreates a new function breakpoint. Function Debug.Toggle- F9Toggles breakpoint at current line. Breakpoint Debug.StepInto F11Executes next statement and follows execution into method calls. Debug.StepOver F10Executes next statement. Debug.StepOut SHIFT + F11Executes the remaining statements of the currently debugged function. Debug.RunTo- CTRL + F10Runs the application until it reaches Cursorthe statement under the cursor. Debug.Quick- CTRL + ALT + QorDisplayskWatchuQciwindow. Watch SHIFT + F9 Debug.SetNext- CTRL + SHIFT +Sets the current statement to be the Statement F10next executed statement. Debug.ShowNext- ALT + NUM *Shows the next statement. Statement Debug.Exceptions CTRL + ALT + EShows thensxEectpoidialog box.
Debug.Toggle- CTRL + F11Toggles between disassembly and Disassembly User Codeview. Debugger Windows Debug.Threads CTRL + ALT + HDisplays theThread Listwindow. Debug.Immediate CTRL + ALT + IDisplays theediateImmwindow.
Debug.Locals CTRL + ALT + V, LDisplays theLocalswindow. orALT + 4
Debug.CallStack CTRL + ALT + CDisplays theCall Stackwindow. orALT + 7 Debug.Autos CTRL + ALT + V, ADisplays theAutoswindow. Debug.Break- CTRL + ALT + BDisplays the list of breakpoints. pointsorALT + F9 Debug.Disassembly ALT + 8Shows the disassembly code. Debug.Modules CTRL + ALT + UDisplays the list of modules. Debug.Processes CTRL + ALT + ZorDisplays the list of debugged CTRL + SHIFT +rpcosees.s ALT P +
Debug.Memory1 CTRL + ALT + M, 1Displays theMemorywindow. Debug.Watch CTRL + ALT + W, 1Displays the list of watches. orALT + 3 Command Aliases These commands can be run in the Command window (CTRL+SHIFT+A) as well as in the Command line (CTRL+/). Debug.Print ? <expression>Evaluates expression and prints the result to theCommandwindow. Debug.Quick- ?? <expression>Evaluates expression in the Watch QuickWatchwindow. Debug.Autos autosDisplays theAutoswindow. Debug.Breakpoints blDisplays theBrsointeakpwindow. Debug.Toggle- bpToggles breakpoint on current line. Breakpoint Debug.CallStack callstackDisplays theCall Stackwindow. Debug.ListMemory d [/Count:<n>]Lists the content of the memory at the <address> specified address (list only n elements). Debug.ListMemory db <address>Lists the content of the memory as /Format:OneBytean array of bytes. Debug.ListMemory dd <address>Lists the content of the memory as /Format:FourBytesan array of longs. Debug.Disassembly disasmSwitches to disassembly mode. Debug.Evaluate eval <statement>Evaluates and displays the given Statementmenttates. Debug.Start g [<address>]Starts debugger. Optionally suspends execution at the provided address. Tools.Immediate- immedDisplays theIiatemmedwindow. Mode Debug.ListCallStack k [Thread:<n>]Prints the call stack or sets thread’s [<frame>]current frame to the specified frame. Debug.Locals localsDisplays theLocalswindow.
Tools.LogCommand log [<filename>]Starts logging all input and output WindowOutput [/off]from theandoCmmwindow./off stops logging. Debug.SetRadix n [hex|dec]Sets or returns the numeric base used to display integers.
View.WebBrowser nav <url> [/new]Displays the internal Web browser. [/ext] /newwill create a new tab./extwill open the external browser. File.NewFile nf [<filename>]Creates a new file with the specified name. File.OpenFile of <file>Opens an existing file and allows [/e:<editor>]specifying of the editor type. File.OpenProject op [<projname>]Opens an existing project.
Debug.StepOver p Debug.StepOut pr Debug.Stop- q Debugging
Executes next statement without following execution into method calls. Executes the remaining statements of the currently debugged function. Stops debugging.
Debug.ListRegisters rPrints the register values. Debug.RunToCursor rtcRuns the application until it reaches the statement under the cursor. Tools.Shell shell [dir:<dir>]Launches an application with the <path> [<args>]specified arguments. Debug.StepInto tExecutes next statement and follows execution into method calls. Debug.Threads threadsDisplays theThreadswindow. Debug.List- uLists the disassembly for the next Disassemblystatemstne.
Debug.Watch watch Debug.List- | Processes Debug.ListThreads ~ Debug.ListCallStack *k ~ /AllThreads
Displays theWatchwindow. Lists the debugged processes to the Commandwindow. Lists the threads in the debugged process to theCommandwindow. Prints the call stack for all threads in the debugged process.
Notes:These key bindings are only available through theVisual C++ Development Settings. To change these settings, go toTools | Import and Export Settingsand selectReset All Settingsthen selectVisual C++ Development SettingsYou could also import only the key bindings. by selectingImport Selected Environment Settingsinstead ofReset All Settings. To customize the key bindings for these commands, go toTools | Options | Environment | Keyboard. More information on the available command aliases and their parameters is available on MSDN®:pt/:m/dsthsoft.comn2.micro/ en-us/library/c785s0kz.aspx
© 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, IntelliSense, MSDN, Visual C++, Visual Studio, and the Visual Studio logos are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.
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