"Wake Up Being Better" from Success Never Sleeps Series by Shawn Ryan Randleman

"Wake Up Being Better" from Success Never Sleeps Series by Shawn Ryan Randleman


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"Wake Up Being Better" from Success Never Sleeps Series by Shawn Ryan Randleman



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Publié le 28 novembre 2017
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“Wake Up Being Better" The Success Never Sleeps Series
By Shawn Ryan Randleman “Solution Guru”
Good Day #Smartpreneurs! A few years ago I had a client ask me "Why is it that you seem to be happy all the time? Know matter what, even when things are going wrong, you stay positive!" I laughed because I have my negative moments a lot, but I shared with him something I heard from Will Smith which change my prospective on life’s problems.Let me explain how it change my prospective…
WORK In your job or business your going to have some bad times, no matter how experience you are. Every company goes through rough times! In these rough times you must use all of your knowledge and connections to excel. You must stay away from the people in your life who pour fuel on the situation. You can not let "today's mishaps" effect “tomorrow's positive actions.” I realize by staying focused on the positive outcomes, keeps me happy during hard times in business.
LIFE In life your relationships with family and friends have a major effect on your moods day-to-day. It's important especially with close relationships to fix what every issues you have politely and quickly.Your household issues can seriously effect you job and even more when your running a business! Even if you don't fix the issue, make sure you wake up each morning seeking to find a positive motivating solution towards the problem. This mindset keeps me happy with my friends and family despite the magnitude of the issues.
BALANCE In closing, Happiness is a choice! You can not allow people to steal your joy in life! Will Smith said it best... "I wake up every morning believing that today will be better than yesterday”. I personally use this advice's in most situations, in other words..."In every moment, I believe that the next moment, will be better then the last moment"...Let me explain this further, please listen to My 2 Minute Podcast
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