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The chemistry of combustion

130 pages
Chemical Monographs UC-NRIUF OFCHEMISTRY COMBUSTION FRIENDNEWTON J. Van NostrandD, Company CHEMICAL MONOGRAPHS EDITED BY A. C. F.I.C.GUMMING, O.B.E., D.Sc., The of Combustion Chemistry CHEMICAL MONOGRAPHS EDITED BY A. C. F.I.C.GUMMING, O.B.E., D.Sc., THE of is so that it isChemistry rapidprogress a matter of tobecoming ever-increasing difficulty abreast of the modern of thedevelopmentskeep The volume of literature is soscience. periodical enormous that few can to far lessread,hope all that is Theassimilate, published. preparation of summaries has therefore become a andnecessity, has led to the of various well-known publication devoted to the abstraction ofjournals original papers. For obvious these do notreasons, however, fully the wants of advanced students and researchsupply and it is now thatworkers, generally recognised on are also needed.monographs special subjects This of is intended forseries monographs primarily Advanced and Honours students. As each mono- is written an author withgraph by special knowledge of the and references are it issubject, copious given, that the series will useful also to thosehoped prove in research.engaged The volumes are :following ready OF ZINC AND MAGNESIUM.THE ORGANOMETALLIC COMPOUNDS Head of theHENRY Ph.D.,By WEEN, M.A., D.Sc., atof Pure and the Muni-Applied ChemistryDepartment Belfast.Technicalcipal Institute, THE CHEMISTRY OF DYEING. JOHN KERFOOTBy WOOD, D.Sc., on of Tech-LecturerF.I.C.
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