The drink traffic and its evils : an urgent plea for legislative action

The drink traffic and its evils : an urgent plea for legislative action


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^ J^^ *f?-; u n^ "^*^^^^^ : : ';: / THE DRINK TRAFFIC AND ITS EVILS PLEAAN URGENT FOR LEGISLATIVE ACTION. By WILLIAM HOYLE, AUTHOR OF "OUR NATIONAL RESOURCES, AND HOW THEY ARE WASTED," ETO. iPRiOE onsTE r>EiTisr"sr- MANCHESTER JOHN HEYWOOD, DEANSGATE AND RIDGEFIELD THE UNITED KINGDOM ALLIANCE, JOHN DALTON STREET. LONDON JOHN HEYWOOD, 11, PATERNOSTER BUILDINGS; ;ALLIANCE OFFICES, 52, PARLIAMENT STREET NATIONAL TEMPERANCE PUBLICATION DEPOT, 337, STRAND. 18S2. The Drink Traffic and its Evils : an Urgent Plea for Legislative Action. the 1881twelve years ending —that is, from 1870 toDURING inclusive the amount1881 — of money spent upon intoxicating liquors in the United Kingdom was being£1,609,241,534, an average of per annum. In 1870 the£134,103,461 amount thus spent was £118,836,284, and the expenditure rapidly rose until in 1876 it reached £147,288,669, the highest amount ever reached. After 1876 it dechned, and last year—1881—it had fallen to £127,074,460. Taking the population of the United Kingdom as averaging during the period referred to, it33,000,000 gives a yearly expenditure 3:^d. per headof£4 Is. for the entire population, or a total for the twelve years for each individual of £48 15s. 3d. If we take the expenditure by families, and reckon five persons for each house, it gives yearly family expenditurea upon drink of £20 6s. 4jd., or a total for the twelve years of £243 16s. 3d.



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