Trees for town and city streets

Trees for town and city streets


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IRLF B 3 flS3 FOR TOWN AND CITYTREES STREETS By F. L. Mulford 1 BULLETIN 1E08FARMERS U.S.D.A FORESTRY LIBRARY ; Farmers'Bulletin 1208 oFUnited States Department Agriculture TREES IMP > ,LIBRARY trees that will withstand the ad-vigorous ONLY verse conditions of a should be on city planted its streets. widthThe habit of should be suited to thegrowth beof the and the should of astreet, foliage pleasing texture. Trees that bear or nuts areflowers, fruits,showy not desirable for street Some treesusually planting. also because their rootsare objectionable penetrate defective others have a tend-sewers; they to heave sidewalks.ency Oaks are more forprobably generally satisfactory street than other of fol-trees,planting any group lowed elms andclosely by sycamores. Palms do not make shade some-trees,good though times for formal effects. The silver andappropriate ash-leaved and the are oftennotmaples poplars satisfactory. This bulletin describes the trees that areprincipal used street infor the United States.planting Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry WM. A. ChiefTAYLOR, D. C. 1922Washington, March, ANDTREES FOR TOWN CITY STREETS. F. L. MULFOBD, Horticultural andHorticulturist, of Pomological Investigations.Office CONTENTS. Page. Page. Kinds of trees suitable for streets-- 3 of street trees Contd.



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