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The bedroom and boudoir

146 pages
topresentedlibraryof tbeof TorontoTHE BEDROOM AND BOUDOIR.THEBEDROOM AND BOUDOIRBYLADY BARKER.LONDON:MACMILLAN AND CO.1878.The Translation and oduction is Reserved.[ of Repi ]RightFIFTH THOUSAND.LONDON: R. AND PRINTERS.CLAY, SONS, TAYLOR,PREFACE.much attention can bescarcely^^^.^OOffl on our roomsexpended sleepingin order that we have themmayand cheerful. It is im-convenientwholesome,to over-estimate the value ofpossible refreshingto to those whosleep busy people, particularlyare to do much brainwork. In theobligedwe be foundwill,following pages hope, manyhints with to the as well asregard' sanitarythe ornamental treatment of the bedroom.W. LOFTIE.J.CONTENTS.PAGECHAPTERiI. AN IDEAL BEDROOM ITS WALLSCARPETS AND DRAPERIESII. 1526III. BEDS AND BEDDINGIV. WARDROBES AND CUPBOARDS 44V. FIRE AND W^ATER. 57VI. THE TOILET 70VII. ODDS AND OFENDS DECORATION 80VIII. THE SICK ROOM 94IX. THE SPARE ROOM noLIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS.A CORNER WARDROBE FrontispieceDUTCH BEDSTEAD 27BEDSTEAD AND TOILET STAND........ 30OAK BEDSTEAD 32CHILDREN'S BEDSTEADS 37AN INDIAN SCREEN <. .. 41WARDROBE . ........ 45LOCK-UPANTIQUE ............ 48BUREAU; 49TRAVELLING CHEST OF DRAWERS 51.CHINESE CABINET . . . 55FIRE-PLACE . . . . ........... . 58CHAIR AND TABLE 59BEDSIDE , . 62TABLEFIRE-PLACE 63CANDLESTICK . . 65FRENCH 66WASHING-STAND '....''.CHINESE . 67CORNER-STAND 68xii LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS.PAGESHRINE "A LA DUCHESSE" , 71TOILET TABLE ...
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topresented library of tbe of Toronto THE BEDROOM AND BOUDOIR.