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The Indian Stage Vol IV

359 pages
THE BOOKWASDRENCHED>CO3CO= CQ -^5 tyW&-jTitlcvlujU^ AJfcv^before the datebook should be on orThisreturajdbelow.last markedTHE INDIAN STAGEVOL. iv.SIRISH NATYA SANSAD SERIES.BYDAS GUPTAHEMENDRANATHFirst Girish CalcuttaLecturer, University,Author of Bankim Chandra,Deshbandhu C. R. Das,Girish Girish Chandra etc.Prativa,DedicatedtoWifeMySreemati KIRAN BALA DEVIWhose Devotion and haveCo-operationbeen a toalways great help my literary pursuits.Author.Published byM, K. Das B.A.Gupta,Eussa124/5B, Road, Kalighat,Calcutta.Printed byMr. S, R. SenTRUTH PRESSNandan Road3,Calcutta.FOREWORD.The of the Indian is nowhistory Stage completefor the Ten the orientalistpresent. years ago, greatDr. Joban Van Manen who honoured the writer witha introduction to the first in itmasterly Volume, gavea of the contents of thesynopsis ones,succeedingand I thank stars that I have been able tomy bringout a connected from thehistory pre-historic perioddown to the How far I have been suc-present day.cessful in it is for readers tomy endeavour, my judge.I can not however bid ferewell to readersmywithout to the famousexpressing my deep gratitudeMr. Sachchidandabusiness-magnate Bhatfcacharyawhom I have the of claim-andproud unique privilegea former student of now a famousmine,ing perso-for the ofnality, equally distinguished great qualitiesboth ...
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THE BOOKWAS DRENCHED >CO 3 CO= CQ -< OSMAN'A UNIVERSITY LIBRARY &&S 7-No.Call No. Accessionn^Pj^ff .V3-2-D 1-M_ " Author rJS>^5 tyW&-j Titlc vlujU^ AJfcv^ before the datebook should be on orThis returajd below.last marked THE INDIAN STAGE VOL. iv. SIRISH NATYA SANSAD SERIES. BY DAS GUPTAHEMENDRANATH First Girish CalcuttaLecturer, University, Author of Bankim Chandra, Deshbandhu C. R. Das, Girish Girish Chandra etc.Prativa, Dedicated to WifeMy Sreemati KIRAN BALA DEVI Whose Devotion and haveCo-operation been a toalways great help my literary pursuits. Author. Published by M, K. Das B.A.Gupta, Eussa124/5B, Road, Kalighat, Calcutta. Printed by Mr. S, R. Sen TRUTH PRESS Nandan Road3, Calcutta.