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The New Hampshire genealogical record : an illustrated quarterly magazine devoted to genealogy, history, and biography : official organ of the New Hampshire Genealogical Society

270 pages
THE NEW HAMPSHIREGENEALOGICAL RECORD.An Illustrated Quarterly MagazineTODEVOTEDHISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY.GENEALOGY,Official Organ of the New Hampshire Genealogical Society.The of an exact of the Records ofpublication transcript GenealogicalNew is the of theHampshire special province magazine.III.VOL.July 1905—April 1906.N. H.DOVER,CHARLES W. Editor and Publisher.TIBBETTS,1906.CONTENTS OFVOLUME III.July 1905—April 1906.137A Letter from Rev. Joseph GerrishAllotment of Seats in the Ports-Meeting-House,172N. 1693mouth, H.,65American Revolutionary Naval Service 19,65The Continental 19,RaleighFrigate190Book Notices 140,46, 92,189Donations 48, 96, 139,177Epping Town Records 113,177and Deaths 113,Births, Marriages31Friends Monthly Meeting. .N.Records, Dover, H.,31RecordsFamily193Index of Names185In Memoriam185Rev. SamuelMyron Dudley145Journal of Rev. John 1678—1709Pike, 77, 97,167Kingston First Church Records 37, 86, 129,37DeathsKingston16739, 86, 129, Marriages187New Hampshire Genealogical The . . .Society,of Librarian 187ReportOfficers of the 1906—1907 188Society,188Library Building154Newington Church Records 1, 57, 105,154105,Baptisms 57,1MarriagesNorth H 49Church N.Portsmouth,Records,49List of 1671—1697Members,Admissions to North 1693—1697 51Church,North Church 53BaptismsList of 541699 ".Members,Parish Register Society of Dublin 76Pioneers 45Piscataqua186Queries 46, 92, 142,Rye Genealogical Records 191191and DeathsBirths, ...
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THE NEW HAMPSHIRE GENEALOGICAL RECORD. An Illustrated Quarterly Magazine TODEVOTED HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY.GENEALOGY, Official Organ of the New Hampshire Genealogical Society. The of an exact of the Records ofpublication transcript Genealogical New is the of theHampshire special province magazine. III.VOL. July 1905—April 1906. N. H.DOVER, CHARLES W. Editor and Publisher.TIBBETTS, 1906. CONTENTS OFVOLUME III. July 1905—April 1906. 137A Letter from Rev. Joseph Gerrish Allotment of Seats in the Ports-Meeting-House, 172N. 1693mouth, H., 65American Revolutionary Naval Service 19, 65The Continental 19,RaleighFrigate 190Book Notices 140,46, 92, 189Donations 48, 96, 139, 177Epping Town Records 113, 177and Deaths 113,Births, Marriages 31Friends Monthly Meeting. .N.Records, Dover, H., 31RecordsFamily 193Index of Names 185In Memoriam 185Rev. SamuelMyron Dudley 145Journal of Rev. John 1678—1709Pike, 77, 97, 167Kingston First Church Records 37, 86, 129, 37DeathsKingston 16739, 86, 129, Marriages 187New Hampshire Genealogical The . . .Society, of Librarian 187Report Officers of the 1906—1907 188Society, 188Library Building 154Newington Church Records 1, 57, 105, 154105,Baptisms 57, 1Marriages North H 49Church N.Portsmouth,Records, 49List of 1671—1697Members, Admissions to North 1693—1697 51Church, North Church 53Baptisms List of 541699 ".Members, Parish Register Society of Dublin 76 Pioneers 45Piscataqua 186Queries 46, 92, 142, Rye Genealogical Records 191 191and DeathsBirths, Marriages Stratham Genealogical Records 16111, 121, and Deaths 161Births, 11, 121,Marriages 189Wants 137, nk\vin<;t<>n CHURCH. < 1 < Ibefore in 1712. The15,July 1713; probably stepping(Erected will cul in thestone be noticed in front of the arechurch; steps <>n ihf side next the not seen in this It wasstone church, picture. usedthis stone that the in and frompeople mounting dismounting when caiue to church. It was used fortheir horses they many before the advent of in this vicinity.)years carriages