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Gender Equality Magazine Magazine of the medium-term Community action Programme on equal opportunities for women and men (1996-2000) No 10 - 2001 Employment & social affairs European Commission Contents Gender Equality Magazine No 10 INTERVIEW 3-4 Marie C. Donnelly, the new head of the European Commission's Equality for Women and Men Unit Gender Equality Programme adopted 5-7 Extracts from the Council's decision on the Gender Equality Programme INTERVIEWS 8-12 »Margareta Winberg, Sweden's Minister for Gender Equality Affairs Sweden's fourth "E ", equality »A new step in Community efforts to combat poverty and social exclusion »Fighting trafficking and sexual abuse »Educating for gender equality GENDER EQUALITY NEWS UPDATE 13-14 »Equal Treatment Directive: Changes too weak »French Presidency spotlights equality »Call to end female genital mutilation »Fundamental Rights Charter agreed »Political agreement on two EU anti-discrimination measures Summit ï; New impetus for an economic and social Europe DOSSIER 16-18 More jobs for women PROGRAMME NEWS 19-20 »Women Parliamentarians hold talks on equality »Looking at gender »Women change power »Progress made in equality »Watching the law PROJECT INTERVIEWS 21-23 Changing attitudes: a mission being achieved Magazine of the Medium-term Community action Programmeon Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (1996-2000) Editor in chief Marie C.



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