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Apprenticeships in the Netherlands

88 pages
COMMISSION OFTHE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Apprenticeships in the Netherlands SOCIAL POLICY SERIES-COMMISSION OFTHE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Apprenticeships in the Netherlands By W. C. S. LAMAN TRIP COLLECTION STUDIES Social policy series No 35 BRUSSELS, July 1977 This publication is also available in Dutch A bibliographical slip can be found at the end of this volume © Copyright ECSC-EEC-EAEC, Brussels-Luxembourg, 1978 Printed in Luxembourg Catalogue number: CG-SN-77-035-EN-C CONTENTS Page Chapter I Introduction 5 Chapter II Legal basis 9 Chapter III Supervision 1C Chapter IV Previous education1 - The 1973 Decree on Secondary Education 12 - Examinations3 - Progress through the apprenticeship system4 Chapter V Organization of thep system 15 A. National (training) bodies. 1B. Regional bodies 18 C. Counsellors 21 D. General education and vocationally oriented 25 education Chapter VI The apprenticeship contractChapter VII Programmes 32 Chapter VIII Practical aspects of training 34 - Apprentice supervisor - practical instructor 3- Apprenticeship record book8 Chapter IX General and vocationally oriented education 39 - Syllabus 3- Theory and practice 41 - Developmental training2 - Compulsory part-time schooling of two days 43 - Block-release courses4 Chapter X Examinations5 - External candidates- Examination board 46 - Practical implementation8 - Future outlook9 Chapter XI Financing of scheme 50 A. GovernmentB.
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