Key facts and figures about Europe and the Europeans
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Key facts and figures about Europe and the Europeans


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Activities of the European Union
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Key facts and figures11/10/05 13:02 Page81
You can find this booklet and other short, clear explanations about the EU online
European Commission DirectorateGeneral for Press and Communication Publications B1049 Brussels
Manuscript completed in May 2005
Cover and illustrations: Zack
Cataloguing data can be found at the end of this publication.
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2005
ISBN 9289495510
Catalogue No: NA6705686ENC
© European Communities, 2005 Reproduction is authorised.
Printed in Belgium
Other information on the European Union
Information in all the official languages of the European Union is available on the Internet. You can access it through the Europa server:
there are hundreds of local EU information centres. You can can find the address of the centre nearest you at this website: . .comm/relays/index_en.htm EUROPE DIRECT is a service which answers your questions about the European Union. You can contact this service by freephone: 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11(or by payphone from outside the EU:+322299 96 96), or by electronic mail via You can also obtain information and booklets in English about the European Union from: EUROPEAN COMMISSIONEUROPEAN PARLIAMENT REPRESENTATIONS OFFICES Representation in Northern Ireland Representation in IrelandWindsor HouseOffice in Ireland 18 Dawson Street9/15 Bedford Street European Union House Dublin 2Belfast BT2 7EG 43 Molesworth Street Tel. (3531) 634.11.11Tel. (4428) 90 24 07 08 Dublin 2 Fax (3531) 634 11 12Fax (4428) 90 24 82 41 Tel. (3531) 605 79 00 Internet: www.euireland.ieInternet: Fax (3531) 605 79 99 Email: euieinfo Internet: Information services in the United States Email: Representation in the United Kingdom2300 M Street, NW  3rd Floor 8 Storeys GateWashington DC 20037 United Kingdom Office London SW1P 3ATTel. (202) 862 95 00 2, Queen Annes Gate Tel. (4420) 79 73 19 92Fax (202) 429 17 66 London SW1H 9AA Fax (4420) 79 73 19 00/10Internet: Tel. (4420) 72 27 43 00 Internet: 222 East 41st Street, 20th FloorFax (4420) 72 27 43 02 Representation in WalesInternet: York, NY 10017 2 Caspian Point, Caspian WayTel. (212) 371 38 04Email: Cardiff CF10 4QQFax (212) 688 10 13 Tel. (4429) 20 89 50 20Internet: www.eurunion.orgOffice in Scotland Fax (4429) 20 89 50 35 The Tun, 4 Jacksons Entry, Internet: Holyrood Road Edinburgh EH8 8PJ Representation in Scotland Tel. (44131) 557 78 66 9 Alva Street Fax (44131) 557 49 77 Edinburgh EH2 4PH Internet: Tel. (44131) 225 20 58 Email: Fax (44131) 226 41 05 Internet: There are European Commission and Parliament representations and offices in all the countries of the European Union. The European Commission also has delegations in other parts of the world.
Key facts and figures11/10/05 13:02 Page83
Key facts and figures about Europe and the Europeans
The European Union (EU), with 25 member countries, covers a large part of the continent of Europe. When two more coun tries join in 2007, the EU will have a population of nearly half a billion.
The European Union aims to be a fair and caring society. All EU countries are committed to peace, democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights, and they work together to promote these values in the wider world.
To become more competitive and prosperous, the EU is creat ing new and better jobs and giving its citizens new skills. In partnership with its near neighbours, the EU is working to spread prosperity and democratic progress beyond its borders.
Using charts, graphs and entertaining illustrations, this booklet sets out the basic facts and figures about the European Union. It draws interesting comparisons between its member states and, sometimes, with other major economies.
The countries that are candidates for EU membership are also included, in a separate section.
European Union
Key facts and figures about Europe and the Europeans
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