Notice Enregistreur à cassette stéréo Radio Philips  AZ1024/12
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Notice Enregistreur à cassette stéréo Radio Philips AZ1024/12


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AZ1024_A  2007.7.27  17:00 CD Soundmachine Page 1Register your product and get support manualAZ1024
AZ10241_A  76543329^%2007.7.27  17:00 8   xRP41 a gMUe2-  C -2ECLLS18$#0!@
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AZ1024_A  English2007.7.27  17:00  Page Congratulations on your purchase andwelcome to Philips! To fully benefit from the support thatPhilips offers,register your product Accessories– AC power cord Top/front panels(see 1)1OPEN/CLOSE–opens/ closes the CD.rood2§ ∞SKIP –selects the next/previous track – searches forwards/backwards (press andhold the button) within the current track39STOP –stops CD playback;–erases a CD program;42 ; PLAY/PAUSE- starts or pauses CDplayback 5REPEAT–repeats a track/CD program/entire CD.6PROG.programs tracks 7DBB– turns the bass enhancement on/off 8Telescopic antenna- improves FM reception 9LED Display–shows the CD functions4Back/bottom panels (see 1)0VOL–adjusts volume level !Source selector:CD,TUNER,OFFselects CD or radio source of sound –power off switch@Battery door - open to insert 8 x 1.5V R-14/ UM-2/ C-cells#TUNING– tunes to radio stations $BANDselects MW,FM or FM ST.wave-dnab%AC MAINS~- inlet for power cord.^p– 3.5 mm stereo headphone socket 1 2    Controls/Power SupplyHelpful hints:The speakers will be mutedwhen headphones are connected to the set.CAUTIONUse of controls or adjustments orperformance of procedures otherthan herein may result in unsafeoperation.This set complies with the radiointerference requirements of theEuropean Union.Power Supply Whenever convenient,use the power supplycord if you want to conserve battery life.Make sure you remove the plug from the setand wall outlet before inserting batteries.Batteries (not included)Open the battery door and insert8batteries,type R-14,UM-2 or C-cells,(preferablyalkaline) with the correct polarity as indicatedby the "+" and "" symbols inside the com-partment.(see 1)Replace the battery door,making sure the bat-teries are firmly and correctly in place.The set isnow ready to operate.Incorrect use of batteries can cause electrolyte leakage and will corrode the compartment or cause the batteries to burst:Do not mix battery types:e.g.alkaline with car-bon zinc.Only use batteries of the same typefor the set.When inserting new batteries,do not try to mixold batteries with the new ones.Remove the batteries if the set is not to be usedfor a long time.Batteries contain chemical substances,sothey should be disposed of properly.
AZ1024_A  2007.7.2Power Supply1  2 347  17:00  Page 5Using AC powerWARNING:Always check you have completely switched off the set,beforeyou change or disconnect power supply.Check if the power voltage,as shown onthe type plate located on the bottom of the set,corresponds to yourlocal power supply.If it does not,consult yourdealer or service center.Connect the power cord to the ACMAINS~ inlet and the wall socket.The set isnow connected and ready for use.To switch the set off completely,withdraw thepower cord from the wall socket.Install the unit near the AC outlet and wherethe AC power plug can be easily reached.Disconnect the power cord from the wallsocket to protect your set during heavy thun-derstorms.Children could seriously injurethemselves as the free end of the cable maystill be live if only the connector is removedfrom the MAINS socket at the back of the.tinuThe type plate is located on the bottom of the set.Helpful hints:To avoid unnecessary energy consumption,always adjust the Source selectorto OFFafter using the set.General Operation/TunerGeneral operationSwitching on and off and selecting thefunction 1 To select your sound source,adjust theSource selectorto:CDor TUNER.2To switch off the set,adjust the Source selectorto OFFposition.Adjusting volume and sound Adjust the sound with the VOLUMEandDBBcontrols.Radio reception1 Adjust the Source selectorto TUNER.2 wAadvjuesbt anBdA,NMDWt,oF sMel eocrt  FyoMu rS dTe.sired FM ST.LED will light up when radio isreceiving stereo broadcast.3Turn TUNINGto tune to a station.Helpful hints:To improve radio reception For FM,extend,incline and turnthe telescop-ic antenna for best reception.Reduce itslength if the signal is too strong.To tune to a weak FM station,adjust BANDto FM(mono).ForMW,the set uses a built-in antenna.Direct this antenna for best reception byturning the whole set.
AZ1024_A  2007CD Player.7.27  17:00  Page 6Playing a CD This CD player plays Audio Discs includingCD-Recordables (CD-R) and CD-Rewritables(CD-RW).cMoPm3,puCteDr- RCODsM ,arCeD n-Io,tC pDoVs,siVblCe Df,oDr VplDay obrack.IMPORTANT!tCeDcsh nenocloodgieeds wbiyt hsocmope yrreicgohrtd  pcroomtpeacntiieos nmaybe unplayable by this product.1Adjust the Source selectorto CD.2tOhep epnr itnhtee dC sDid de ofoarc,inagn du ipn,stehretn  a prCeDss  wthiteh CDdoor gently to close.Display shows --,and later the totalnumber of tracks.(see 2)3Press2; to start playback.PLAY/PAUSE LED lights up.4To pause playback,press2;.PLAY/PAUSE LED flashes.5To resume,press2;again.6To stop CD playback,press9.Helpful hints:CD play will also stop when:you open the CD door;you select TUNERor OFFsound source;the CD has reached the end.Selecting a different track Press / §SKIP once or repeatedly untilthe desired track number appears in the dis-.yalpIn the pause/stop position,press2;to startplayback.Finding a passage within atrack 1During playback,press and holdor§ .The CD is played at high speed and withreduced volume.2When you recognize the passage you want,releaseor§to resume normal playback.Helpful hints:When your searching reaches the end of thelast track,the CD goes to stop mode.Programming track num- srebYou may store up to 20 tracks in the desiredsequence.If you like,store any track morethan once.1In the stop position,press activate programming.0”flashes.(see 3)PROG LED also flashes.2Pressor §to select your desired tracknumber.3Press store the desired track number.0”flashes for you to program the nexttrack.4Repeat steps 2 to 3to select and store alldesired tracks in this way.If you attempt to store more than 20tracks,no track can be selected and thedisplay shows flashing --.5To play your program,press2;.PROG LED flashes during playback.Helpful hints :When playback of your program comesto the stop position,your set will returnto normal playback.To re-enter programmode,press PROG in the stop position.
AZ1024_A  2007CD Player.7.27  17:00  PageErasing a programYou can erase the contents of the memory:ybpressing9; – selecting TUNERorOFF;– opening the CD door. 7123REPEAT play modeYou can play the current track or the wholedisc repeatedly,and combine REPEAT modeswith PROG (PROGRAM).To select play mode,pressREPEAT once or.eromREPEAT LED flashes plays the cur-rent track continously.REPEAT LED lights up repeats theentire CD/program.Press2;to start playback if in the stop/pauseposition.To return to normal playback,press REPEATrepeatedly until the REPEAT LED lights off.You can also pressto cancel your play.edom9
AZ1024_A  2007.7.27  17:00  Page 8Maintenance & safety (see 4)CD player and CD handling If the CD player cannot read CDs correctly,use a cleaning CD to clean the lens beforetaking the set to repair.The lens of the CD player should never betouched!Sudden changes in the surrounding temperature can cause condensation on thelens of your CD player.Playing a CD is thennot possible.Do not attempt to clean thelens but leave the set in a warm environmentuntil the moisture evaporates.Always close the CD-tape door to avoid duston the lens.To clean the CD,wipe in a straight line fromthe center towards the edge using a soft,lint-free cloth.Do not use cleaning agents asthey may damage the disc.Never write on a CD or attach any stickersto it.Safety information Place the set on a flat,hard and stable surfaceso that the system does not tilt.Where the MAINS plug or an appliance cou-pler is used as the disconnect device,the dis-connet device shall remain readily operable.Do not expose the set,batteries,CDs tohumidity,rain,sand or excessive heat causedby heating equipment or direct sunlight.The apparatus shall not be exposed to drip-ping or splashing.Adequate ventilation with a minimum gap of15cm (6 inches) between the ventilationholes and surrounding surfaces is necessaryto prevent heat build-up.Do not cover the ventilation openings withitems such as newspapers,table-cloths,cur-tains,etc.No objects filled with liquids,such as vases,shall be placed on the apparatus.No naked flame sources,such as lighted can-dles,should be placed on the apparatus.The mechanical parts of the set contain self-lubricating bearings and must not be oiledor lubricated.To clean the set,use a dry cloth.Do not useany cleaning agents containing alcohol,ammonia,benzene or abrasives as these mayharm the housing.
AZ1024_A  2007.7.27  17:Troubleshooting00  Page 9If a fault occurs,first check the points listed below before taking the set for repair.If you are unable to remedy a problem by following these hints,consult your dealer or service centre.WARNING:Do not open the set as there is a risk of electric shock.Under no circumstances should you try to repair the set yourself,as this willinvalidate the guarantee.Problem Possible cause•RemedyNo sound /powerVolume not adjusted•Adjust the VOLPower cord not securely connected•Connect the AC power cord properlyBatteries dead/ incorrectly insertedInsert (fresh) batteries correctlyHeadphones connected to the set•Disconnect headphones.CD contains non-audio files•Press,§once or more to skip to a CD audiotrack,instead of the data file.Display does not function properly / Noreaction to operation of any of thecontrols Electrostatic discharge•Switch off and unplug the set.Reconnect after afew seconds.Severe radio hum or noise Electrical interference:set too close to TV,VCR or com-puter.Increase the distance.Poor radio reception Weak radio signal •FM:Adjust the FM telescopic antenna.--indication No CD inserted•Insert a CDCD badly scratched or dirty•Replace/ clean CD,see MaintenanceLaser lens steamed upWait until lens has clearedCD-R/CD-RW is blank or not finalized•Use a finalized CD-R/CD-RW or suitable CDAudio disc only.:etoNMake sure the CD is not encoded withCopyright protection technologies,as somedo not conform to the Compact Disc stan-.dradThe CD skips tracksCD damaged or dirty•Replace or clean CDProgramis active•Quit programmodeNote:A CD badly scratch or dirty may result inimproper operation.
AZ1024_A  2007.7.27  17:00  Page 10Important notes for users in the U.K.Mains plugThis apparatus is fitted with an approved 13 Ampplug.To change a fuse in this type ofplug proceed as follows:1.Remove fuse cover and fuse.2.Fix new fuse which should be a BS1362 3Amp,A.S.T.A.or BSI approved type.3.Refit the fuse cover.If the fitted plug is not suitable for your socket outlets,it should be cut off and anappropriate plug fitted in its place.If the mains plug contains a fuse,this should have avalue of 3 Amp.If a plug without a fuse is used,the fuse at the distribution boardshould not be greater than 3 Amp.Note:The severed plug must be disposed of to avoid a possible shock hazard should itbe inserted into a 13Amp socket elsewhere.How to connect a plugThe wires in the mains lead are coloured with the following code:blue = neutral (N),brown = live (L).As these colours may not correspond with the colour markings iden-tifying the terminals in your plug,proceed as follows:Connect the blue wire to the terminal marked N or coloured black.Connect the brown wire to the terminal marked L or coloured red.Do not connect either wire to the earth terminal in the plug,marked E (ore) orcoloured green (or green and yellow).Before replacing the plug cover,make certain that the cord grip is clamped over thesheath of the lead - not simply over the two wires.Copyright in the U.K.Recording and playback of material may require consent.See Copyright Act 1956 andThe Performer’s Protection Acts 1958 to 1972.
AZ1024_A  2007.7.27  17:00  Page 11Environmental informationAll unnecessary packaging material has been omitted.The packaging can be easily separatedinto three materials:cardboard,polystyrene and plastic.Your set consists of materials which can be recycled if disassembled by aspecialized company.Please observe the local regulations regarding thedisposal of packaging,dead batteries and old equipment.Disposal of your old productYour product is designed and manufactured with high quality materi-als and components,which can be recycled and reused.When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached toa product it means the product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC.Please inform yourself about the local separate collection system for electricaland electronic products.Please act according to your local rules and do not dispose of your old productswith your normal household waste.The correct disposal of your old product willhelp prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and humanhealth.