Tutorial - Embed the YouScribe reader in your blog or website

Tutorial - Embed the YouScribe reader in your blog or website


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All you need to know to embed easily a publication in your website or blog!



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Embed the YouScribe reader in your blog or website
Do you want to support an author by promoting their publication on your website?
Do you want to insert a document into an article on your blog?
Do you want to distribute the newsletter or the webzine of your association directly on its website?
Are you a publisher and do you want to put an extract of your publications on your website for free viewing?
You can very easily embed a publication in your website or blog (at the moment, only Wordpress and Blogger),
directly in the YouScribe reader.
Your readers will also be able to view it without having to download it.
The features remain the same: it is still possible to download and print (if these options are permitted on
Customise the reader for better integration
At the top of the reader, click on the button
. In the box which unfolds, you can choose your
options for integration. They correspond to the way in which the reader will appear on your website/blog.
(If you do not want to personalise it, you can directly copy the code displayed into the reader).
Reader size
: customise the dimensions (in pixels) of the reader as it will appear on your blog or
website. By default, its size will be identical to that of the display on YouScribe.
First page displayed
: which page of the document do you want to display first on your website? If this
is not the first, indicate that here.
Once you have selected your options, click on the code to select it and copy it by right clicking. Then, paste
it into the drafting interface of your website or your blog, and publish your article.
Once the article has been published, the document appears in the reader, exactly as on YouScribe!