An Action A Day
112 pages

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112 pages

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“An Action A Day Keeps Global Capitalism Away,” according to Mike Hudema, describing his action guide for the 21st century. This lively, challenging, and decidedly fun book is designed for activists and concerned citizens who want to change the world. Hudema introduces readers to a variety of issues, including social action, organizing, theatrical action, civil disobedience, and using the media.The book contains fifty-two tried and tested actions, one for every week. Each action includes a rationale–what you need to pull it off, and examples of where it could be used. From Radical Cheerleading, to Fishing in the Sewers, and Gas Mask Car Shopping, there’s something for everybody.



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Date de parution 05 mai 2004
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EAN13 9781897071878
Langue English
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Finally, fun in doing revolution. How else can it sustain itself and seduce participation? My only recommendation is Mary Poppins s, make maximum fun in every event. It s good for you even if you go to jail. WHEE!
Unless we change there is no hope.
-Patch Adams, MD, Arlington, Virginia
keeps global capitalism away
An Action a Day
2004 by Mike Hudema
First published in Canada in 2004 by
Between the Lines
401 Richmond Street West, Studio 277
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be photocopied, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise, without the written permission of Between the Lines, or (for photocopying in Canada only) Access Copyright, 1 Yonge Street, Suite 1900, Toronto, Ontario, M5E1E5.
Every reasonable effort has been made to identify copyright holders. Between the Lines would be pleased to have any errors or omissions brought to its attention.
Some activities outlined in this book could, in certain circumstances, involve violations of federal criminal laws, provincial laws, or municipal bylaws, or expose activists to liability in civil actions. Readers are advised to seek legal advice before undertaking any activity that entails a risk of legal consequences. The publisher assumes no liability for the consequences of any activity undertaken by readers.
Cataloguing data available from Library and Archives Canada
ISBN 978-1-897071-87-8 (epub)
ISBN 978-1-896357-90-4 (print)
ISBN 978-1-771130-49-3 (pdf)
Cover and text design by Jennifer Tiberio Front cover photograph by Joseph Tohill
Between the Lines gratefully acknowledges assistance for its publishing activities from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Government of Ontario through the Ontario Book Publishers Tax Credit program and through the Ontario Book Initiative, and the Government of Canada through the Book Publishing Industry Development Program.
This book is dedicated to Karena Munroe and Tooker Gomberg.
Karena, there is no way that this book would ever have been completed without you. Most of the actions in this book are a direct result of the work you have done or the directions in which you have pushed me.
Tooker, I can t even begin to say how much you have done to help this planet. I can only hope that people use this book with the same flair and passion that you brought to this world.
If not now, when? If not here, where? If not you, who?
Introduction, by Mike Hudema and Shannon Phillips
Things to Think about and Discuss before Taking Action
1 Radical Cheerleading
2 Radiohead
3 Sidewalk-Chalking
4 Soapboxing
5 What Will You Work For?
6 Corporate Welfare
7 The Buddha Walk
8 Critical Mass
9 Reclaim the Streets
10 Information Booth
11 Voicing Homelessness
12 Fishing in the Sewers
13 Gas Mask Car-Shopping
14 Radioactive Garbage-Picking
15 Corporate Aid Concert
16 Giant Cheques
17 Watching TV?
18 Alarm Clock Wake-Up
19 Time for a Funeral
20 Die-In or Sleep-In
21 Billboard Liberation
22 Stop Sign Reclamation
23 Out of Order
24 Tent-In
25 T-Shirt-Making (Ask Me about East Timor)
26 Mock Protests
27 Pie-Slinging
28 Puppet-Making
29 Same-Sex Kissing Booth
30 Bring Your Own Security
31 Earboy
32 Media Hoax
33 Candlelight Vigil
34 Plant-In/Guerrilla Gardening
35 War of the Corporations Radio Play
36 Wrestling Match
37 The Power of Song
38 Mural Painting by Number
39 Garden Car
40 Singing Trees
41 Corporate Whore
42 Lobbying
43 Letter-Writing, Petitions, and Writing Ladders
44 Create a Zine
45 Boxes of Apathy
46 Free Stores
47 Corporate Crime Fighters
48 Boycotts
49 Edible Ballots
50 Mock Awards
51 Occupations
52 Blockades
Appendix: Ten Commandments for Changing the World, by Angela Bischoff and Tooker Gomberg
Additional Resources
WHAT YOU SEE BEFORE you in this book is a collection of actions performed over a period of several years in Alberta. The ideas are not mine; in some cases the basic ideas have been around for decades, if not a century or more (as in boycotts, for instance); many are new twists on old themes, and in many cases in their present form they are creations of amazing political organizers in Edmonton, and especially the women among them. I simply had the time to collect the actions and write them down, and decided that it would be good for a man to do some secretarial work for a change.
The Edmonton groups involved in carrying out these and other actions are EARTh (Emergency Access Route Theatre), the T.W.A.T. (True Wimmin Against Totalitarianism) team, EcoCity, FUNK (Fighting Unaccountable Naughty Korporations), the University of Alberta Students Union MAC (Mobilization and Action Committee), and SWAG (Student Worker Action Group). But the real credit for this book should go to a number of women who were instrumental in formulating, producing, directing, and carrying out many of the wonderful actions to be found in these pages.
Karena Munroe was the inspiration and driving force behind several of the actions. She was the director of EARTh, the main co-ordinator of FUNK, and one of the many incredible members of the T.W.A.T. team. Her brilliant mind, unswerving dedication, and ability to never back down from a fight or call sexism when she sees it should be a message to us all.
Sophie Ares-Pilon is another member of the T.W.A.T. team. As a member of FUNK she shouted (in both official languages) the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to rows of riot cops firing tear gas and rubber bullets in the streets of Quebec City. She is full of energy and lights up every room she enters.
Haley Dawn Nelson was a writer, director, and actor in EARTh. As a member of FUNK, she took to the streets as Mickey Mouse; she is an accomplished singer, writer, and mother.
Shannon Phillips, another member of FUNK, worked as the researcher at the University of Alberta Students Union. It would not have been possible to put this book together without her. She pushed me to write it, edited my work, and contributed to its content, including the Introduction. I owe her a heavy debt, not only for her help with this project, but also for being my friend and showing me that there are several ways in which we need to fight-and for being someone who is engaged in those fights.
Amanda Crocker, from Between the Lines, helped out in a couple of ways. For one thing, she put together the section on resources that appears at the end of the book. For another, working with the people at the Catalyst Centre, Toronto, she also contributed the list of Things to Think about and Discuss before Taking Action. I want to thank her and the Catalyst group-Matt Adams, Chris Cavanagh, Christine McKenzie, and Corvin Russell-for coming through in the crunch. Thank you as well to Jennifer Tiberio for the great design, Jacob Rolfe for his terrific illustrations, and Robert Clarke for his superb editing skills.
Ultimately, this book is dedicated to the work of all the activists who have come before and those who will come after. It is you who dare to stand against the storm and participate in the formation of a different vision. Whether you are a concerned parent fighting for funding, or an indigenous activist in Chiapas, my heart and thoughts are with you all.
by Mike Hudema and Shannon Phillips
A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY DOESN T just condone political action. It demands it. And political action can take a variety of forms. It might simply be chalking a political message on the sidewalk. Then again it might be the tens of thousands of people who moved into Quebec City in April 2001 to protest the Summit of the Americas. It could be creating gigantic puppets for an MP s visit, or it could be a roadside blockade. Political action includes Greenpeace militants climbing to the top of a building to drop a banner. It could include a pensioner in a tiny one-bedroom apartment writing a letter to her local MP; or someone writing a critical letter to the editor of the local newspaper. It will almost certainly be actions that have not yet been dreamed of, that we can now only imagine.
This book draws together a mix of some of the most successful and doable actions taken over recent years-from our fun number 1, Radical Cheerleading, to our very serious number 52, Blockades. The book is aimed at activists, or budding activists, and people who simply want to know what it is that is happening out there on the streets-but it is definitely not meant to be all things to all people. For example, it will not give you a guide to how to incorporate yourself as a society or how to write for grants-two things that will put you on the road to long-term funding and organizing. The book will not give you tidbits of research for your pamphlet or even a framework of analysis-this you can develop on your own time. Above all, the book is by no means intended to replace all the vital and hard work and thought that goes into political action on an everyday basis- all the ongoing work that is required to really make a difference in the world. What it does, we believe, is simply add another tool to the activist s toolbox.
It also does not (and here we hope we won t be accused of false advertising

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