Natural Curiosities
253 pages

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Natural Curiosities , livre ebook


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253 pages

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Reflecting their owner’s taste and serving as an impressive exhibition space for visitors, cabinets of curiosities were a place of interest in the houses of the wealthy in the 16th an 17th centuries.
Displaying rare vegetable and animal species and fossils, these cabinets were always dedicated to science and knowledge. By collecting uncommon and beautiful objects in nature, rich noblemen were able to build a microcosm expressing the diversity of God’s creation.



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Author: Alfred Russel Wallace

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ISBN: 978-1-78160-980-4
“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

— Lao Tzu
Table of contents

Alfred Russel Wallace On the Law Which Has Regulated the Introduction of New Species (S20: 1855)
On the Tendency of Varieties to Depart Indefinitely from the Original Type (S43: 1858)

Aubergine (Solanées), Basilius Besler

Bee Hive s, Albertus Seba
Beetles , Grasshoppers and katydid s, Albertus Seba
Bird Nest s, Albertus Seba
Boine snake , Snakes from America (according to Seba) , Fat dormouse , “Nut from India” (Seba) , Laurel famil y, Albertus Seba
Boine snake , Snake from Mexico (according to Seba) , Morning-glor y, Albertus Seba
Bonaparte’s Gul l, John James Aubudon
Bulldog bat , Seba’s short-tailed bat , Bats , Black-headed oriole (Audubon’s Oriole) , Snake from America (according to Seba ), Albertus Seba
Butterflies and moths from Eurasia and Americ a, Albertus Seba
Butterflies from Africa, Central and South America and the Molucca s, Albertus Seba
Butterflies from the Malay Archipelago, New Guinea and Australi a, Albertus Seba
Butterflies from tropical Central and South Americ a, Albertus Seb a

Carnation coral , Black cora l, Albertus Seba
Chambered nautilus/Pearly nautilus (etched) , Paper nautilu s, Albertus Seba
Chelicerates , Aculeate hymenopteran s, Albertus Seba
Cnidarians , Ocular corals , Star coral , Staghorn coral , Needle cora l, Albertus Seba
Cniderians , Orange gorgonian , Sea whip , Violescent sea whip , Feathery black coral , Caulerp a, Albertus Seba
Cnidarians , Sea whip , Violescent sea whi p, Albertus Seba
Cnidarians , Smooth flower coral , Large flower corals , Open brain coral , Plate coral , Brain coral , Brain corals , Finger cora l, Albertus Seba
Cockchafers , Longhorn beetle s, Albertus Seba
Coconut/Robber crab , Norway lobster , Palaemonid shrimps , Spiny lobster , Common shrimp , Amphipo d, Albertus Seba
Colocynth [Bitter Apple] (Cucurbitaceae), Basilius Besler
Common boa , Boine snak e, Albertus Seba
Common cobra , Snake from Nova Hispania , Albertus Seba
Common cobra , Sunflower famil y, Albertus Seba
Crocodil e, Lizar d, Albertus Seba
Crocodile s, Albertus Seba
The curiosity cabinet of the Dimpfel family , Joseph Arnold

D /E
Daphne Turning into a Laurel Tre e, Abraham Jamnitzer
Drawings etched into the mother-of-pearl plates of Nautilu s, Albertus Seba
Emerald Tree Bo a, Albertus Seba
Emperor Rudolf II as Vertumnus , Giuseppe Arcimboldo )

Fantasy animal , Flying drago n, Albertus Seba
Finger sponge , Staghorn sponge , Sponge oceanopia , Breadcrumb sponge , Hornwrac k, Albertus Seba
Forster’s Tern and Trudeau’s Tern , John James Audubon
Frogs , Lizard , Snake , Albertus Seba
Giant toad , Lizar d, Albertus Seba
Goble t, Nikolaus Pfaff and an unknown goldsmith t
Golden Ow l, Gottfried Döring
Gorgon’s head , Sand dollars , Sea urchins , Hatpin urchi n, Albertus Seba
Gorgon’s heads , Feather stars , Common brittle stars , Brown brittlesta r, Albertus Seba
Hemipterans and Grasshopper s, Albertus Seba
Grass snake , Giant anteater , Tree groundsel , l ong horned beetl e, Albertus Seba
Grass snakes , Skink , Heath famil y, Albertus Seba
Greater Flaming o, John James Audubon
Greater flamingo , Pigeons & doves , Kingfishe r, Albertus Seba
Greek tortoise , Red-footed tortoise , Star tortoise , Tortoise , Painted turtle , Beaked cape tortoise , Spotted turtle , Cope turtle , Hawksbill turtl e, Albertus Seba
Green iguanas , Agama s, Albertus Seba

H /I
Head of a Hippopotamus
Hedgehogs , Albertus Seba
House Wre n, John James Audubon
I nsects and insect larvae, chiefly grasshopper s, Albertus Sepa

The Librarian, Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Lithodid crab , Elbow crabs , Carapaces of crab s, Albertus Seba
Lizards , Snake from Brazil , Albertus Seba
Long-tailed porcupine , Asian paradise-flycatcher (dark version) , Red diamond rattlesnak e, Albertus Seba
Mediterranean grasshoppers , Praying mantid s, Albertus Seba
M ollusc shells arranged as ornaments or garlands with pictorial motif s, Albertus Seba
Monitors , Agama , Lizards and anoles , Snake from Ceylon , Albertus Seba
Monitors from South East Asia , Dwarf caiman s, Albertus Seba
Moray eels , Banded knifefish , Chainlink moray eels , Coral s, Albertus Seba
Moss animal , Narrow-leaved hornwrack , Breadcrumb sponge , Pipe sponge/Chimney sponge , Lettuce coral , Spong e, Albertus Seba

N /O
Nautilus f orming the b ody of a Swan
Neptune Riding a Turtle
Noble pen shells and other pen shells, hammer oysters and tree oysters from the Mediterranean Sea, Indo-Pacific and West Atlanti c, Albertus Seba
Northern Fulma r, John James Audubon
Ornam ents made with mollusc shells, depicting a stylised fac e, Albertus Seba

Pepper called “Cherry” (Solanaceae ), Basilius Besler
Pepper with long, yellow fruits (Solanaceae ), Basilius Besler
Poisonous cone shells, chiefly from the Indo-Pacifi c, Albertus Seba
Precious coral s, Albertus Seba
P uffer fish from tropical waters, which inflate themselves when threatene d, Albertus Seba
Purple Marti n, John James Audubon
Python , Lesser anteater , Silky anteater , Ruby-topaz hummingbird , Heat h, John James Audubon
Red-flowered Canna Lily (Cannaceae ), Basilius Besler
Red-fruited upward-facing Pepper (Solanaceae ), Basilius Besler
Rocks, Trees, Holy Women and the Crucifixion of Jesus and the Two Felons or Coral Crucifix
Royal pytho n, Albertus Seba
Royal python , Reticulated python (pale specimen) , Scarlet ibis , Rufous-tailed sham a, Albertus Seba

Scallops from the West Atlantic and the Indo-Pacifi c, Albertus Seba
Scyllarid , Stomatopods , Land crabs , Box crabs , Swimming crab , Elbow crab , Spider cra b, Albertus Seba
Sepias , Arrow squids/Flying squids , Sepia eggs , Cuttlebones of Sepi a, Albertus Sepa
Shell Portrait of a Woman
Slate pencil sea urchins , Long spined sea urchin , Hatpin urchins , Black sea urchin , Mine urchin s, Albertus Seba
Snake from America , Birds from America , Albertus Seba
Snake from Asia , Monitor , Flying Dragon , Snakes from Peru , Heath famil y, Albertus Seba
Snake from Asia , Emerald tree boa , Spangled cotinga , Yellow-backed oriole , White-crowned manakin , Skeleton of a bir d, Albertus Seba
Snake from Ceylon , Rat , Shrew , Adder/Common viper , Snake from Surinam , Lizard s, Albertus Seba
Snakes from Ambon , Africa and America , Albertus Seba
Snakes from America , Albertus Seba
Snakes from America , Guava , Lizard , Mygalomorph spide r, Albertus Seba
Snakes from America , Slender boa , Melastoma famil y, Albertus Seba
Snakes , Bird from Ambon , Lizard s, Albertus Seba
Snakes from Ceylon , Nose-horned vipe r, Albertus Seba
Snake from India , Snake from Ceylon , Orchids , Orchid family , Wood sorrel , Laurel famil y, Albertus Seba
Snakes from Surinam , Snake from Brazil , Albertus Seba
Southern common opossu m, Albertus Seba
Spider wasps , Fly , Hymenopterans , Ants , Velvet-ant , Chelicerates , Web spiders , Tailless whipscorpion , Wind scorpio n, Albertus Seba
Spindle shells and helmet shells from the Indo-Pacific and the Caribbean, and land snails from Africa and South Americ a, Albertus Seba
Spindles, crown shells and turrid shells from tropical sea s, Albertus Seba
Starfish , Common cushion star , Common sun star , Red comb stars , Sand star s, Albertus Seba
Squamat a, Albertus Seba
Squamata from South America , Green iguan a, Albertus Seba
Squash (Cucurbitaceae), Basilius Besler
Squids , Arrow squids/Flying squids , Sea mic e, Albertus Seba
Squirrel monkey , Three-toed tree sloth , Camphor tree , Two-toed tree sloth , Common viper , Snake from Ceylon , Albertus Seba
Sweet Pepper called “Tomato” (Solanaceae ), Baisilius Besler

Toad , Lizard , Snake from Virginia , Caper famil y, Albertus Seba
Toad , Longsnout batfish , Sargassumfishes , Marine snails , Albertus Seba
Taro (Araceae), Baisilius Besler
Triton Carrying a Shell Bowl
Triton trumpet s, Albertus Seba
Tropical butterflies and moths from Americ a, Albertus Seba
Tropical coral fish from the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific, Albertus Seba
T ropical moth s, Albertus Seba
T rop ical moths from South-East Asia and tropical Americ a, Albertus Seba, Albertus Seba
Trumpeter Swa n, John James Audubon

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