Guide to Reflective Thinking on University Learning Strategies : Actualizing my Intellectual Potential
90 pages

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Guide to Reflective Thinking on University Learning Strategies : Actualizing my Intellectual Potential , livre ebook


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90 pages
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Each section of this guide includes a brief introduction to the list of strategies (affective, personal resources management, information management); a guide to reflective thinking consisting of statements of understandings, attitudes and strategies associated with succesful university studies; and more detailed explanations, advice and models._x000D_



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Date de parution 20 mars 2011
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Guide to Reflective Thinking on University Learning Strategies
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François Ruph
Guide to Reflective Thinking on University Learning Strategies Actualizing my Intellectual Potential 2nd edition
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Ruph, François
Guide to reflective thinking on university learning strategies: actualizing my intellectual potential
Translation of:Guide de réflexion sur les stratégies d'apprentissage à l'université.
Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 978-2-7605-2922-9
1. Study skills. 2. Learning strategies. I. Title. LB2395.R8613 2011 378.1'70281 C2011-940177-0
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Table of Contents abl of Contents
Actualizing my Intellectual Potential
Guide Overview
Identifying my Potential to be Actualized
Chapter 1 Developing a Strong Sense of Competence
Chapter 2 Increasing my Motivation to Enjoy Studying
Chapter 3 Improving my Stress Management
Chapter 4 Learning to Better Control my Impulsivity
Chapter 5 Improving my Attention and Concentration
Chapter 6 Learning to Memorize Better
Chapter 7 Improving my Organization, Planning and Resources Management
Chapter 8 Learning to Better Use Information
Chapter 9 Learning to Communicate my Ideas Better
Chapter 10 Improving my Problem-solving Skills
Appendix 1. Synoptic Overview: Example 2. Essay Term-assignment Task Planning: Example 3. Course Material Organization: Example 4. Note Taking Organization: Example 5. Stress Management Internal Dialogue Memory Tool: Example 6. Memory Function Notes Mapping: Example 7. Written Assignments: Methodological Checklist
1 1
69 70 7 1 72 73 74 75
Acknowledgments cknowledgments
I would like to start by thanking Martine Ayotte, then director of
Client Relations Services at Université du Québec en Abitibi-
Témiscamingue (UQAT), for encouraging me to write this guide.
This work condenses some twenty years of involvement with stu-
dent groups into a series of tips and strategies for a 45-hour cred-
ited course entitled the “Cognitive Efficiency Workshop.” This
course on cognitive psychology applied to university studies is
compulsory in some programs and optional in others, and has
enjoyed continued success with students from all disciplines and
performance levels.
I also wish to thank UQAT management for providing me, in the
early years of the Cognitive Efficiency Workshop, with conditions
conducive to experimentation and running the educational activi-
ties of this very original course. This guide is the Workshop’s pri-
mary reference document.
I would also like to thank the students themselves for their sincere
journal writings on their university experience and, in their end-of-
session assessments, on how the workshop has affected the way
they manage their education. These stories are examples of the
barriers to learning that students may face, and of ways to suc-
cessfully overcome them.
Finally, I wish to thank my colleagues who, as professors or lectur-
ers, took over the workshop by adding their own personal touch
to it, while the diversity of their students’ testimonies helped
to enrich our underlying knowledge of strategies for university
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