How to Graduate With University First Class Degree Honours
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How to Graduate With University First Class Degree Honours , livre ebook


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44 pages

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To graduate with first class, you will need to pass all your continuous assessment tests, examinations and miscellaneous questions with excellent marks and this book will show you just how to.



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Date de parution 21 décembre 2018
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How to Graduate With University First Class Degree Honours
Segun Adebajo
Copyright 2018 by Segun Adebajo.
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T HE TRIGOPLANAR SHAPED Intelligent Universe [knows we are coming ] as Documented in this Lecture may not be found in a single volume such as Articulated by the author. The scattered submissions and postulations as discussed by scholars in recent centuries are not as concise theories as submitted in this Lecture for public discuss.

Admonitions to all students and professionals are moral sermons and instructive commands that changes lives from profligate developed character to a fulfilling successful career . This Lecture informed and counsels the living and admonishes all deadwoods. It gave recites for the ever increasing populations of successful students and fulfilled professionals.
United state sovereign nations amalgam praxis are historic constitutional developments by democratic selections and victories at electoral polls of superior arguments in the managements of forever emergent several and collective crises of development some of such crises as corruptions, violence of agitations by riots and domestic communal intra boundaries dispute, including across the border violence of criminal insurgencies. All these are thoroughly managed by solicited global truce and PEACE missions input of leaders of thought.
The historic management of the given solutions to economic sodoms and breakdown to political gomorah social dislocations are given ventilations by experts .The corrective regrets of villains and the submissions of dying heroes in power struggles including the gallantories of debative contests superior arguments experimented valued thoughts provocatives as opposed to the empty promises by the purchases of power and complete overthrows by military corrective regimes. These gave venoms to electoral highly competitive debative contest on all contemporary issues before and in post electoral victories tenures. All these necessitated electoral stringent laws, constitutional provisions and legislative check and balances to moderate all comer aspiring candidates excesses.
Every tenure leadership self made hurdles and unforeseen obstacles such as enumerated in this Lecture powered the Rule of law and challenged the Justice Department to deploy sincere/ honest Justiciaries to determine with historic legal Precedences landmarks verdicts on all several and collective errors of injustice. This Lecture excellent policy measures, projects and programes enabling prospects for the private and public professional global sectioral divides. The Lecture outlines appreciates all leaders of thoughts constructive evidence with no cognisance given to disobedient profligate Tyrants leaders
The author explained all thoroughly researched instructive theories of the organized intellectual global diplomatic community and posits on given articulated solutions to infrastructural mayhems of retrogressives civic disorders by policy errors of implementation


To graduate with first class, you will need to pass all your continuous assessment tests, examinations and miscellaneous questions with excellent marks and at least 8A, 2B in ten courses you registered every semester.
Multiply each course unit point with your score grade point from the first semester to your final semester examination results. Add the total number in every semester result together and divide by the course units you registered and pass in every semester. (see below calculations of the first semester result GPA)

To be a first class material is not done overnight. It is a gradual character development and ability to concentrate on your studies.
You must be studious and willingly persevere in your studies. Most first class brilliant students adapt and culture themselves in readings and repeated readings in order to have a mastery of their studies with higher and higher proficiency. You are not an exceptional case!!!.
This essay on academic success motivational instructions may not give you first class honours certificate. If you do not apply its logical conclusions. The essay will definitely give you tested tips on how you can improve on your studies, and provides the necessary backup motivational instructions you can follow to pass your continous assessments tests and examinations.
You can indeed improve on your academic performance with these instructions that will enable you to pass above the average pass marks.
Most student poor performances in tests and examinations are caused by poor orientations and time wasting indulgence in activities that derail them from their studies.
You need to manage your everyday hours. The tested tips below will motivate you and improve your performance in your courses continous assessment tests and examinations. If you diligently follow the tips below, you are guaranteed excellent performances with no carry-over or failure.

Every body alive has the innate intelligent quotient that can enable them to succeed in their examination, you are not an exceptional case!!!
Your brain is made up of about 2 trillion neuron cells. All information the brain can store with easy recall page by page, words for words including photographs and graphics is estimated by neurosurgeons to be 1.2 million volumes of books.
You cannot possibly use all your neuron cells if you live to 200 years. A baby born today has more neurons cells than the adult, why?!
For information to be permanently recorded and stored in your brain, the recording neurons cells must receive such information and die to form a network of permanent wiring.

Your neurons cells must have the information of your studies materials transferred to it by repeated reading and re-reading. You must practice your continuous assessment and miscellaneous questions including past questions and practical assignment.
This will make your neuron cells to fully assimilate your comprehensive studies information and die properly for your easy recalls.
You therefore must be studious and diligently read over and over again your study material every day before all tests and examinations.
You cannot cheat nature. It is what the neuron cells received that you will recall. If you read scantily, your brain will store scantly information.
The more you work hard at your studies repeatedly, the more you impressed all information read on your recording neuron cells to die properly and store all such information it received repeatedly.
You fail to recall information because the neuron cells did not die properly to store what you read.
There are neurogenic psychotic chemical inhibitors that the brain secrets that can disenmbered the information received by the neuron cells.
There are also neurogenic anti-psychotic chemical enhancers that powers your neuron cells to receive and store the information you studied properly.
The neurogenic psychotic chemical inhibitors are triggered by substances abuses and distractive activities. When you are reading and paying attentions to several factors such as music, alcohols, home videos, gossips and hot verbal exchanges including bad oral, body environmental hygiene. All this done simultaneously with your studies will be saved together by your neuron cells as they dies. Such neuron cells in given circumstances has little space to store what you read by 20% while 80% space simultaneously store all your distractive activities.
The 80% are so called your brain neurogenic psycholtic inhibitors that makes you recall only the 20% space in your dead neuron cells.
The neurogenic anti-psychotic chemical enhancers facilitates the use of the full capacity of your brain cells. You need to concentrate on one activity a time to give 100% room for your every activity in your dead neuron cells everyday.
The adage, work hard when you need to work and play to your full satisfaction a relaxations is good for your brain.
Your two trillion neuron cells control all cells in your body and all your senses of smell, touch, optical vision, tastes, balance, digestion, respiration, excretion and all that makes you a biological species.
The two trillion cells in your whole life time cannot be exhausted, if you have ten Ph.ds and rule over the entire global sectors professional divide.
Why not concentrate and apportions your two trillion cells in careful imaginations, material information studies, extra-curricular activities, work and a professional career.
Learn to concentrate on one thing at a time. If you must study do it without any distractions and if you must work or play also do it with same vigour and not both at the same time.
1. Attend all lectures, tutorial and practical continuous assessment sessions.
2. Jot down and copy notes by yourself while in class for easy comprehension and assimilation. You may not be psychologically disposed to full comprehensions and assimilations if you copy notes from your fellow students.
3. Collate all your registered subject courses study materials reference textbooks and make all relevant.
4. Go through all your study materials information so collated. This will proof difficult initially but with your patience, perseverances and maximum concentrations without any distractive extracurricular activities while you study, your neuron cells will be able to store what you study as permanent wirring of dead neuron cells in your brain memory. Do not allow your study material information to pile-up, read them over and over again during lectures free hours and weekends from the beginning to the end of every semester examination.
5. Draft a study time table with reservations for your quiet time and extra-curricular activities that give room for your thorough relaxations and social activities.
6. You must read all your subject courses so registered over and over again at least fifty times from the beginning to the end of every semester examinations for easy recalls of what you studied with higher and higher proficiencies, updates and mastery of the details of your courses of study outlines to enable you with vast reservoir of knowledge and Information to tackle all simple and difficult questios.
Always answer the questions you know very well to safe time to enable you tackle the more complex questions.
Jot down the points and sub-points answers to every questions of your choice. Develop the sub-points into sentences made up of 2 to 3 sub-points per paragraph.
You will be surprised by the volume of paragraphs as answers to your preferred questions.
If you follow the above instructions you will be able to recall 70% of what you studied vigorously.
Avoid all mentally lazy course mates and peer groups with dangerous pedigree for substance abuse indulgences.
Take to instructive education of your parents, advisers and religious leaders to stabilize your brain for serious academic and life challenges
The University is the Zenith of career Education. University passed on instructive commands to their wards. And instills professional ethics and career ethos in all global sectoral divides.
University instructors collates all relevant subjects topics in all courses for students scholarships training and retraining.
All serious University Administrators painstakenly review/updates their course curicullums and upgrades study materials with the best available research methodologies for students and lecturers usages to make learning more easy and comprehensive.
All universities are very caring of their Academic, non academic staff and students with room for the public solicited consultations in all expert resolved crises of economic and industrial enterprises development including all leaderships managed crises of political and social development.
Universities from prehistoric ages had metamophorsed to great Citadel of learning the epics of knowledge in all discipline and the managements of intellectual information required by every generation for commercial and all nation managements of Gross domestic products.
The best of every generation service product and goods produces are products of Universities capitulated Researches.
University graduands are much needed in all related academic institutions as Teachers, Instructors and Administrations. They forever facilitates all government corporate and acorporated intellectual consults as solicited experts advisories to nurture economic growth from stagnations to even spread developments, including political stabilities, disputes mediations, human resources and capital development.
At University standard of educational prerequisite are measured by the capacity to do the above and what are listed in its SUPPLIES for its augumentations of knowledge discharged and the confidence reposed by public patronages of its advertised intellectual information
An average University has dozens of excellent Professors, hundreds of Ph.D /M.Sc/B.Sc graduate assistants and hundreds non-academic staff.
As IVORY Towers, all Universities thoroughly upgrades the knowledge scopes taught to their wards and in their public consult services.
Universities are modern ages civilizations gardens of Eden and a Universe city of Knowledge. Their libraries offers all updated and collated information taught by lecturers. Students are advised to corporate fully with their University Academic and non academic staff.
Do not constitute yourself as factors that will derail and confuse your university programme. Have deep respect for your university administrators and avoid all doubts in all educational and intellectual practical instructions instilled in your degree programmes to prepare you for leaderships and a rewarding professional career after your graduations.
A university is measured by what it listed in its supplies as it affordable study materials such as volumes of books in its general, researches, departmental and reserves LIBRARY NETWORK for the exclusive preserves usages by its academic staffers and students including permitted members of the general public.
Other supplies necessarily must includes regularly updated and upgraded Teaching Aids such as laboratories Equipments, stationeries for the Administrative and Teaching staffers in all faculties Units Departments.
All Universities basically listed prioritized facilities as infrastructural needs includes lecture theatres, Auditorium, Classrooms, furniture, mechanical, Electrical and electronic installations in a host of buildings for use as General Administrative blocks and dozens of facilities Buildings for Units Departments offices and Teaching facilities.
Others includes students Affairs Hostels, Power and Water Plants, staffers water/ schools and long lists of conducive environment for all students and staffers training and retraining : consult services and the piled-up thorough researches updated solutions to all crises and errors as may be solicited by the public for further and endless impacted knowledge transfers in the University Educational intelligence studies.
Such elaborate details of a University supplies as listed above powered the University to forever find solutions to public solicited researches for commercial and economic concerns, including the national leadership navigations of the global polity from stagnations of self made hurdles and unforeseen obstacles giving way to blessed assurances of enabling developmental pre-requisites of growth, stabilities, unity of purpose and collective peace/progress.
All universities has painstaking landscape horticultural displays in all its basic infrastructures and critically maintained their infrastructural networks installations
Universities havent completed all regulatory powers/ supervisory federal Ministry of Education in its functional Teaching curriculum mandatories commits excess funds into its reserves
Such reserves funds are used for furniture updates and the replacement of every outdated or old installations which includes colossal wastes managements in its environmental sanitations measures.

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