Activities & Games for kids to do everywhere
52 pages

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Activities & Games for kids to do everywhere


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52 pages

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Activities and Games for kids to do everywhereCreate magic for your kids! How to play everywhere with your children?Are your children getting bored in front of the TV or with their gaming console?Do you want some ideas with playful or educational activities?This little Kids Experience book “Activities & Games for children to do everywhere” will help you!Discover different categories of games and activities for all ages, get some funny and creative ideas 🙂We organize parties for more than ten years so take advantage from our experience in the organization of birthdays events and parties for children of all ages.Playing or inventing an activity tailored for your child is a magical time to share. It is also an opportunity to create unforgettable memories for both her or him, but also for you 🙂We wish to share with you our useful knowledge, our tips to help you successfully play games or create activites that work everywhere!What are you going to find in this Kids Experience practical guide : “Activities & Games for children to do everywhere”?7 sections with theme parties by agesadvice, tips ans photos to illustrate the partiesmaterial needed, age, and stages of preparationdetailed activities according with each themeSo, are you ready to unchain the creativity and play with your child?OK, let’s go!Sincerely,Cristina & Olivier Rebiere



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Activities & Games for kids to do everywhere

Create magic for your kids!

– English, version 2 –

© Cristina & Olivier Rebière. All rights reserved.
Table of Contents

1. Thinking games
2. Calculation games
3. Action games
4. Visual games
5. Games to stimulate memory and expand knowledge
6. Games and creative leisure activities
7. Funny games
W e welcome you in your new Kids Experience " Activities & Games for kids to do everywhere ", a practical guide with games to do everywhere with your children, from our experience as parents, but also from more than a decade in the organization of dozens of birthdays and parties for children of all ages.
Children are always asking for games, activities, fond of complicity, creativity and above all with an inexhaustible desire to be active. So this little guide presents games, funny and educational activities that can be organized everywhere, but especially on rainy days at home or days that seem too long since you see your child getting bored or else "stuck" in front of the TV.
You may know a lot of these games, but you've forgotten them with age. Maybe you cannot come up with a game idea when you need it. This has happened to me a few times as a mom ... But since I am passionate about games and activities, I always managed to invent a game in case of a breakdown of ideas :-). I'll give you some examples too, because if you wish to begin to find or create ideas, you'll see that our imagination and our creativity can do a lot in this area ;-) ... By having this little guide in your smartphone you will always have an idea to help you out, take care and play with your children and why not their buddies too!
To facilitate the search I will classify the games by category: thinking games, action, knowledge, etc. In this way, depending on your mood or that of your children, you will go directly to the category you are interested in.
In each category I will present activities that work for all ages and I will put at least one activity for toddlers up to 4 years old and one for teens. Remember, however, that these activities can be easily adapted to the age of your children - by simplifying them if the children are small or complicating them if they are older :-).
Before starting, I have a little advice for you: do not forget that YOU know your child better, so do not hesitate to personalize the ideas you are going to find in this book to please your child !
Another important detail is that most of the activities I am going to present to you are not just "games" because they help with your child development . These activities stimulate creativity , their agility , calculation capabilities, reflection , memory . They can also broaden their knowledge , their motor ability and control .
Do not think this is too complicated, but trust yourself: you can help your child grow through games. This will please you and will bring you much more than you imagine. Witnessing the development of your children is already a privilege, but the happiness of participating actively will bring you a lot of satisfaction ... Not to say that this is your role as parent too ;-)...
Godspeed and good reading!

Create lots of universes for your children, help them to flourish!

Depending on the capabilities of your reading device, you can enjoy zoom features in the pictures. Anyway you can use highlighted hyperlinks throughout the "eGuide". We tried to do our best to make your reading experience as pleasant as possible, despite the great technology differences between different reading devices.
Be sure that we will propose to you more interactive versions, as the formats and eBook readers should be standardized in the future!
Well, enough talk, place to the games, let's go!


Cristina & Olivier Rebière
Thinking games
The thinking games are numerous and can be declined to infinity ... The only limit is your imagination or that of your children. As you should know, children have a lot of imagination! And in addition, the more we stimulate their creativity and involve them in different activities, the more their engagement and imagination will grow.
I will present you games, some of which you maybe already know. Maybe you'll find others that you don't. The goal of this ebook is to have them "on hand" when you need them: a rainy afternoon, a weekend to improvise at the last minute or a day of strikes at school and children to take care for the day ... Of course, all these activities can also be made for the pleasure of playing with your children, to help them develop their thinking as well as their ability to analyze.
FAZAN (pheasant)
1. Presentation
I did not find the exact translation of this game in English nor its equivalent among games known by children or adults. It is a nice activity that I loved when I was a child and to which I played thousands of times, at any age. I then taught it to my son, who continues to love to play it even being adolescent...
This is a game you can do anywhere: at home, by car, hiking, traveling, in the dentist's waiting room or by waiting in line.
2. Materials needed and age, number of players
You do not need anything, apart from your memory and concentration.
This is a game for all ages. I will give you a simple variant, that can be played even with young children (from 4-5 years old) and another more complicated.
The minimum number of players is 2. There is no maximum limit.
3. Detailed activities
The simplest version to play at any age, even with little ones, consists in the following steps:
The youngest starts by saying a word The next player must say a word with the last letter of the word that has just been pronounced And so on until the players remain short of words. Attention: you can not repeat the same word, neither conjugate a verb!
It's a variant that will last as long as you want. Normally it is easy to find words since only the last letter is used. Things will get tougher and time will be limited in the more difficult variant.

Difficult version : This can be played with older children, from 8 years old. The steps change a little however: A player will begin to recite the alphabet. He will pronounce the letter A aloud and then will continue in his mind the letters of the alphabet, one after the other. Another player, designated in advance, will say "stop" when he wishes and the letter to which the first one arrived in thought will serve to start the game. The one who said "stop" will start by saying a word that begins with the letter in question. He/she does not have the right to block the next player since it is not allowed to block the first player. What does "blocking" mean? This means that the word he says should end with two letters allowing the next one to continue the game. For example, he says "cat" - we can continue with a word that begins with "at". On the other hand it can not say "attend" since there are no words that begin with "nd". This may seem difficult, but you will see that the game is very easy to play and will entertain everyone ;-) The second player can block the next player and from there the goal of the game is to block. The player who succeeds in blocking the following player wins a point and the game starts again. Be careful: words cannot be repeated. In this variant, it is allowed to conjugate verbs if you want ;-).

4. Benefits
This game allows to develop several skills in your child (and also in you, the adult ;-)!!). Thinking : This game stimulates thinking as you play. At the beginning the child will be mainly concerned to find a word to continue, thereafter his goal will change; he will look for words to block the next player and earn points! Memory : This game stimulates the memory a lot because the child will make efforts to remember the words that block in the following games. Expand vocabulary : you may not realize how this game can broaden the vocabulary! The child are not going to remember words that he rarely uses, but you, as an adult, as well as the other children, are going to use unknown words. The child will question the meaning of the word if he does not know it since he wants to be sure that it exists.

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