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This inspirational book combines invaluable advice with remarkable and candid inside stories of thirty Indian business leaders. Uncompromising vision, a willingness to take risks and exceptional business acumen enabled these leaders to add value to the business fabric of India. Through a series of interviews Peter Church details the paths they travelled, the obstacles they overcame and the important lessons they learnt along the way. Not only do these stories provide guidance to young entrepreneurs trying to decide whether and how to embark upon a business career, but they also provide valuable insights to those looking for tie-ups and investment in India. Enlightening and fascinating, Added Value celebrates larger-than-life ambition, inspired leadership, hard work and the twists and turns of fate.



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Date de parution 01 décembre 2010
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Langue English
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Peter Church

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For my rapidly growing brood of grandchildren –
currently Daisy, Polly, Harry, Fox and Lily
and, most of all, for the long suffering Ginny
Raghav Bahl | Network18
Rahul Bajaj | Bajaj Group
Kishore Biyani | Future Group
Subhash Chandra | Essel Group/Zee TV
Dr Anand Deshpande | Persistent Systems
Ranji Dua | Dua Associates
Arun Firodia | Kinetic Group
Captain GR Gopinath | Air Deccan/Kingfisher
YK Hamied | Cipla
Shahnaz Husain | Shahnaz Husain Group
BN Kalyani | Bharat Forge
Habil Khorakiwala | Wockhardt
Uday Kotak | Kotak Mahindra
Harsh Mariwala | Marico
Subash Menon | Subex
NR Narayana Murthy | Infosys
Captain CP Krishnan Nair | The Leela Palaces, Hotels & Resorts
Deepak Parekh | HDFC
Deepak Puri | Moser Baer India
AVS Raju | Nagarjuna Construction Company
Arun Bharat Ram | SRF
CK Ranganathan | CavinKare
GM Rao | GMR Group
Dr K Ravindranath | Global Hospitals
Dr Anji Reddy | Dr Reddy’s Laboratories
GVK Reddy | GVK Group
Kiran Mazumdar Shaw | Biocon
Shashi Kiran Shetty | Allcargo Global Logistics
Vijaypat Singhania | Raymond
Professor MS Swaminathan | The MS Swaminathan Research Foundation

An endnote to each chapter provides a brief description of the subject’s business or organization.
I n any project such as this, the first and most important contribution is obviously made by the interviewees themselves and, as we all know, their extremely important secretaries and assistants, without whom there would be no book.
However, a number of other people contributed significantly. Most important amongst these by far are Anuradha Altekar and Dev Chandrasekhar at Ubiquus, who worked closely with me for the whole life of the project and whose expertise and experience were invaluable in so many ways, including identifying potential interviewees and arranging my meetings with them, in editing the stories, in designing the dust jacket and developing and implementing the communication strategy. Thank you, Anu and Chandra. My thanks also to their network of colleagues and friends and, in particular, to Devyani Khanvilkar, Dhananjay Mungale, Karthik Menon and Praveen Paul who, in turn, generously helped with their contacts.
It would also be remiss of me not to acknowledge and thank for the assistance given to me by many other people who helped me shortlist those to be interviewed. Amongst these were John McCarthy AO, the then Australian High Commissioner to India, Vinod Kumar, the then deputy High Commissioner of India to Australia and my colleagues Shiban Bakshi and Suresh Iyer.
I would also like to thank my long suffering personal assistant, Daphne Lim who, when I wrote a similar book to this one on South-East Asian businessmen and women in 1999, I promised it would be my last book. I will make no such rash promise this time around as I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process from concept through to publication. I found all of the subjects to be easy to interview (with one exception – see if you can guess who that is) and to be both charming and generous with their time.
Finally, I would like to thank Pramod and Priya Kapoor, Nandita Bhardwaj, Neelam Narula and Supriya Saran of Roli Books for taking on the challenge and publishing the book and providing expert advice and assistance along the way.
The life stories in this book are the direct result of my interviews with the subjects over a three-year period so that they are not necessarily completely up to date as at the date of publication in March 2010. They are their stories and each of them approved the text for his or her chapter. If any mistakes remain then the responsibility rests with me.
T his is not a book about wealth but certainly, many of those interviewed are wealthy. It is more about the lives of Indian business leaders who have added value to their businesses or professions and, in many cases, to India as a nation. The book also focuses on their thoughts on success and its ingredients.
Through my involvement with the countries of Asia over the last forty years, first as a student, then as a lawyer and corporate adviser, I have met and observed a number of the ‘movers and shakers’ in the region. Usually, when I read about them in the press or heard others talk of them, what is reported is how much money they have, what huge deals they have done or the wonderful lives they lead. There seems little interest in their life stories which, for me, are far more interesting than speculating about how many dollars they have in their bank accounts. How did they do it? Was it luck? Was it just hard work? Or are there a number of factors or threads which could guide others to success?
Ten years ago I wrote a book 1 on the life stories of some sixty-five leading South-East Asian businessmen and women from the ten countries making up the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN). The book answered many of these questions and, by far and away, the most important ingredient to success so far as I could ascertain was timing. There seems to be a time to get into businesses, a time to grow businesses and a time to get out of businesses. For a number of older people interviewed, the right time came in the years following World War II and as their nations gained independence.
As my involvement in India has increased over the last decade it set me thinking as to whether I would find the same situation if I was to explore the life stories of Indian business leaders. This book is the result. Not surprisingly there are many similarities but, as you will read, the history and culture of India is different in many respects to the countries of South-East Asia. Certainly India, like all the countries of South-East Asia, with the exception of Thailand, was colonized by a Western power but India created some amazing twists and turns for many of those interviewed for this book.
What looms largest in the stories of many of these men and women is the long dark shadow cast by the ‘licence raj’ when one almost needed a licence to breathe. Even large industrialists suffered. How individual men and women prospered in that period is almost beyond belief. For those who did, I think the personal characteristic that shines through most is their grit and determination to never give in. Deepak Puri of Moser Baer described the situation as ‘(t)he government at that time wanted the Indian entrepreneur to go and box in a boxing ring with his arms tied behind his back and win the bout. An Indian businessman in those times had to find a way to win a boxing bout without using his arms.’ Yes, grit and determination is a common element of every perso

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