Denni-Jo and Pinto
34 pages

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Denni-Jo and Pinto


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34 pages

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Advertising: Targeted ad in MPIBA holiday catalog, Ingram Children’s Advance, Ingram e-comm. Awards submissions: National Battle of the Books, CBC Notables, IRA Notables, etc. Events: Targeted author and illustrator events in Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming. Materials: ARCs, event posters, study guide, and bookmarks. Online: Featured on website and fan page, author’s website, and dedicated Facebook page. Promotion: Indie Advance Access and Goodreads giveaways. Reviews: Targeted reviews in trade, regional, children’s, education, horse and western-themed media. Publicity: Author and illustrator interviews based on events and timely news. Sales: Special sales marketing to junior rodeos. Tradeshows: Featured at MPIBA and PNBA
• Excellent choice for horse crazy girls. • Of interest to fans of Young Rider Magazine (65,000 circulation) • Author worked in education. • Buck is willing, available, and eager to do book promotion and school appearance sales, has experience in speaking to groups and is marketing savvy. • The Equestrian Channel posts these statistics: There are 9.2 million horses in the United States. 2 million people own horses. The horse industry has a direct economic effect on the US of $39 billion annually. 1 out of every 63 Americans is involved with horses. • Primary region: Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado. Secondary: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Eastern Oregon and Washington.



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Date de parution 26 septembre 2017
Nombre de lectures 0
EAN13 9781513260372
Langue English
Poids de l'ouvrage 2 Mo

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My name is Denn i-Jo and
I’m a rea l-li fe cow gi rl. I ri de hor ses and rop e cattl e on ou r ranch. W e have ho rses , cows, do gs, an d cats —whi ch mean s ple nty of chores . It doe sn’ t ma tter if you a re a boy or girl , big or sma ll;
every one pit ches in and do es the ir shar e. Onc e the chores are do ne the re’s plenty of tim e for fun— and sur pr ises! Join me, an d my
pony , Pinto , o n an ad venture
nei ther of us w ill s oon fo rget. Saddle up and let’ s go!

Tex t © 20 17 by Buck Buch anan Illustr atio ns ©2 01 7 by Chr istina Wal d
All rig ht res erv ed. No par t o f th is b ook ma y be re produce d or transmit ted in any fo rm or by an y mea ns, electron ic or mecha nical , includ ing p hotocopy ing , recordi ng, or by any info rm atio n stora ge system, w ith out wr itte n per missio n of th e publi sher.
Libr ary of Cong ress Cata logi ng-i n-Pu blic atio n Data
Names: Buchanan, Buck, 1955- author . | W ald, Christina, illustrator . Title: D enni- Jo an d Pi nto / b y Buck Buch anan; illu strate d by
Christina Wa ld.
Descrip tion: Port land, Orego n : Wes tWi nds Pres s, [2 01 7] |
Summar y: A seven-y ear- old r anch girl gets perm issio n from her mom to ri de her pony Nav ajo so lo acros s th e ran ch to v isit her grand parents and h as excit ing expe rie nces a long t he wa y.
Identifi ers: LC CN 20 150 3460 2 | ISBN 97 8194 3328 468 ( hardc over)
ISBN 9 7815 13260 372 ( e-b ook)
Subjects : | C YA C: Ra nch l ife—F ictio n.
Classifi catio n: LCC PZ 7 .1 .B8 15 De 201 7 | DDC [E ]—d c23 LC reco rd avai labl e at http s:/ /l ccn.l oc.go v/2 01 5034 602
Editor : Mich elle McC ann
Design ed and p roduced wit h ca re by Ja ne Fre eburg Colla borati ve Pu blis hing Serv ic es, B ozema n, Mon tana
Wes tWi nds Press ® an i mpr int of

Graphi cAr tsBoo ks.c om
Print ed in China
Buck Buch ana
an an an



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