Minecraft: 70 Top Minecraft House & Mods Ideas Exposed!
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Minecraft: 70 Top Minecraft House & Mods Ideas Exposed! , livre ebook


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All sorts of MineCraft mods have been made available by developers who believe that the Sandindie game could be made way more fun. Here are 70 of them, categorized into groups, depending on what their themes are. You may install them on your copy of the game and leave your friends bedazzled as to how you can have an edge on them. In addition, in this special edition, Minecraft : 70 Top Minecraft House & Mods Ideas Exposed ( Special 2 In 1 Edition), you will also learn how to build a lodge and fountain in Minecraft, using fully detailed blueprints and detailing every step in building fantastic houses Enjoy and download the special 2 in 1 exclusive edition now!



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Part 1:
Building Material
Decide on the Roofing
Work on Your House’s Interior Design
Miscellaneous, Wacky, and Crazy Ideas
Part 2
10 Mods That Offer a Different Kind of Fun
10 Mods That Lead You Into Strange Worlds
10 Mods That Concern Acquisition of New Items
10 Mods for Easier Gameplay
10 Mods That Involve Animals
10 Mods That Concern Nature and Living Things
10 Mods That Could Be Used for Pranks
Minecraft has certainly taken the gaming world by storm. It was totally unexpected that a “block-building” game, which was lacking a lot in the visual department, will entice many avid gamers around the world. The phrase ‘do not judge a book by its cover’ truly applies to this game.
So, what is the main thing that attracts people to playing this game? Is it the monster battles? Is it the never-ending tasks that include hoarding resources? The previous statement might be true for the minority of players. However, it is best to surmise that the ability to build is the right answer. And that is especially true for people who are totally hooked into building their houses in Minecraft.
You may be thinking, why not play the Sims instead if that is the case? That game has a lot to offer when it comes to building houses. People can even start interacting with other NPCs and players that can perform interesting actions. And to top that off, the graphics is much better in that game.
However, the Sims lack one aspect that Minecraft has. In Sims, everything is premade. The chairs, desks, and even the wall dividers are instantly available. And the player just needs to click and drag those objects in the game area to place them. To make sure that the player can get those furniture and other house objects, they need to make their avatars work for it. In that game, work means just sending your Sim to his office, and that is it.
In Minecraft, only a few things are premade for the player to pick up. To obtain chairs, desks, and walls, he needs to build and design them first. And when a player needs to ‘work’ on those house objects, it does not mean that he will need to wait around a bit to gain the materials he needs to build. He needs to get those resources manually. And by manually, it means that he is mandated to dig, farm, and craft. And those are not easy tasks in the game world of Minecraft. Also, since the player is the one that will design and build his house, he is not limited to what the game can provide. The only limits that he has are his imagination and time. Literally, that is the prime reason the game is the epitome of the sandbox game genre.
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