Minecraft : 70 Top Minecraft House & Seeds Ideas Exposed!
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Minecraft : 70 Top Minecraft House & Seeds Ideas Exposed! , livre ebook


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41 pages
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Minecraft generates worlds randomly, but like any so-called random process, it requires a "seed" to start from. From floating islands and immense overhangs to villages built inside a ravine, you can find some truly awesome places to explore by checking out the latest Minecraft : 70 Top Minecraft House & Seeds Ideas Exposed (Special 2 In 1 Edition) . After all, why would you roll the dice when you can guarantee a pair of sixes? In addition, in this special edition, Minecraft : 70 Top Minecraft House & Seeds Ideas Exposed ( Special 2 In 1 Edition), you will also learn how to build a lodge and fountain in Minecraft, using fully detailed blueprints and detailing every step in building fantastic houses. Enjoy and download the special 2 in 1 exclusive edition now!



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Table of Contents
Part 1 - House Ideas
Chapter 1 Building Material
Chapter 2 Decide on the Roofing
Chapter 3 Work on Your House s Interior Design
Chapter 4 Windows
Chapter 5 Chandeliers
Chapter 6 Miscellaneous, Wacky, and Crazy Ideas
Chapter 7 -Seeds and Houses
Part 2 - Seed Ideas
Chapter 8 Introduction to Seeds
Chapter 9 The List
Seeds Source
Reading and Displaying Coordinates
Alteration due to Version Differences
Debug Screen
Additional Notes
Beta 1.8 Seeds:
Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7 Seeds:
Beta 1.3 - Official 1.6 Seeds:
For a lot of people, and even to some of those who are new to the game, Minecraft is basically a building game - but it is so much more than that. Hardcore gamers can attest to that. Blocks are broken and put together to construct an unlimited number structures limited only by your imagination. The players break and place blocks together to create structures such as houses, castles, machines and devices. As such, this ebook is presented with the aim of helping players in the game. The ideas inside this ebook aim to advise players on how to build their own house for protection and also give advice on the different seeds that can spawn spectacular worlds.

The first part is about house ideas. Building a house in this game is important. The house serves to protect the player from three things: the elements, the mobs, and from other players. On this note, it is important that you build an abode that is not only spectacular and beautiful looking, but also, functional and effectively defensible. The house ideas will give you an idea about the right material to choose early on in the game. Strategies will also be taught on which material to use first and which material to use later on.
The first part of this ebook discusses more on the type of materials to choose and how to use them in a way that they are not only beautiful but also functional. The second part delves more on roofs and how to make them not only strong and defensible, but also expandable in the future. The next part discusses the interior design such as painting, stairs and chairs. Windows with tinted glasses and windows that also serve as an arrow hole are discussed in the next chapter. There is also a chapter dedicated for chandeliers that would give your houses some old world elegance.
The second part is about MineCraft Seed Ideas. True to the nature of the game, a seed is a combination of numbers and characters being used to generate a world in MineCraft. A seed is a combination of 32 characters that can generate an almost infinite number of worlds. Each world has its unique features, such as biomes, terrains and other near impossible and weird structures.
The seeds that will be presented here are divided into different versions of MineCraft. This is because a seed value in one version will generate a different world in another version. A number of worlds can be created in MineCraft, but only a few are remarkable. Some of the seeds are randomly generated and was chanced upon by a player who found it interesting. It is true that there could be an infinite number of worlds but that does not necessarily mean that every one of those worlds would make for an awesome gaming experience.
This list was compiled not only to make gaming worthwhile, but also challenging. Some of the seeds here will spawn a player in very difficult situations such as in a dungeon filled with monsters. Some also will spawn the player to a spot overlooking breath taking sights.
MineCraft is a game of endless possibilities. The ideas contained in this ebook will give you a sneak peek at those possibilities. Enjoy
Part 1 - House Ideas
Chapter 1 Building Material
The type of building material you will use for your house is pretty basic in Minecraft. It s actually one of the things you will have to think about when crafting and designing your houses. Some materials can be used to pimp up the place and some of them are there for functional purposes.
So, when you ask what materials are your favorites or what materials you often use to build your house, the answer usually varies from player to player. However, players will provide a certain caveat; that it all depends on the type of house or shelter you re building.
Two Main Reasons for Material Selection
The two main reasons for material selection are that the material is either to be used for aesthetic purposes (i.e. to make your shelter/house look nice). Who would want to live in a dump, right Some houses are nice, your basic blocks in place but if it s plain and bland you might want to spice up the view and add some outrageous looking things to make it more interesting. Besides, it s also something that you can brag about to your friends in case you can pull it off.
The usual materials that everyone uses to build a basic shelter include wood and cobblestone. A good idea is to add a few combinations to your choice of materials. Some people might suggest the use of stone and bricks into the structure while others will just settle for stone bricks to keep the peace.
Another favorite material is glass; there are a good number of players who would opt for such materials. Well, basically glass allows you to see what s going on outside. You can then plan your next move since you already know who or what is waiting for you when you open the door. But just like any other material, glass also has its own downside.
Idea 1 - Use Basic Materials for Aesthetic Appeal
Some materials, even though they are functional in nature can have that aesthetic appeal. Materials like wood, glass, and stone bricks have their basic functions but they make the basic structure look really good. Some materials are flammable like wood and wooden planks but they also have their uses depending on the time of the day or the situation you re currently in.
Idea 2 - Use Contrasting Colors and Other Elements
Here s another interesting suggestion when it comes to choosing fundamental materials to pimp your crib. Sandstone by itself really looks good. A lot of players will call it unoriginal but it is a definite staple if you consider how many people use it when they construct their shelters. If you want to put some contrast to the elements in your walls then you can arrange sandstone, contrast it with redstone, and add a good amount of snow to complete the effect.
The way you implement building materials in your houses also creates this contrasting effect. For instance, glass is a material that can break while obsidian is often a material that people rely on for strength. Besides, obsidian is explosion proof, which is why everyone uses it to keep creepers out of the premises.
Other colorful and aesthetically sound materials that can be used include snow blocks, spruce wood, and lapis lazuli blocks. Brightly colored wood is also a good option in case you want to brighten up the mood in the interiors. You can use white wool and lace it over spruce logs; and another idea is to mix bricks and oak wood. Remember that the mix of colors can brighten or dull the overall theme inside and outside your house.
Idea 3 - Use Materials for Their Functional Value
Another basic idea, something that everyone learns at the onset of the game is that there are materials that have functional uses. For some basic protection you should go for some blocks that are rather hard to break. Obsidian blocks easily come to mind since they are tougher but they are indeed a little tougher to work with. Everyone knows that each type of block has its own level of resistance to explosions.
Some of the other options for strength and stability include materials like iron blocks, red stone, and emerald blocks. Gravel will also become useful and can make a pretty good option from time to time.
Idea 4 - Judge Material Choice by Time and Available Material
The amount of time you have in your hands is a factor every player should consider. Some materials are harder to farm. A good idea for starters is to use the things that are most available. For instance, both oak wood and a lot of birch are usually abundant in many places. You can use them for the meantime while acquiring other materials that are harder to get.
Idea 5 - Just Go Plain Crazy with Your Materials
Of course, you want to go beyond basic protection if you want to make your house look really good. For instance, if you want to give your house that really evil look to keep everyone else at bay, you can add some touches of soul sand or even a good amount of netherrack.
Now if you want to go gung ho in your design, then you might want to do some extreme experimentation and see if you can make a house made of dragon eggs. Feel free to post a video about how you built one.
Idea 6 - Combining Functionality and Good Looks
Many of the suggestions mentioned here will combine both functionality and overall good looks. For instance, you can combine flammable material which may look good and infuse it with tougher and more flame resistant materials like stone in different variants.
Another interesting combination of functionality and thematic overall design is the use of hardened clay. Take note that it has to be colored and also hardened. Whatever house or shelter you build out of it can be made to look really nice, provided that you choose the right blend of colors of course.

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