Taylor and the Red Wolf Rescue
29 pages

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Taylor and the Red Wolf Rescue


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29 pages

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Can one small boy save a family of red wolves?
On Earth, red wolves are extremely endangered, and one of the last forest areas set aside for red wolf reintroduction has been sold for a housing development. Taylor has been watching a family of red wolves who will lose their home, and he wishes he could save them, but how could he save them and where could they go? What can one person do to change the world?
Trusting a stranger to help, Taylor manages to reach the wolves in time, but now he faces a new problem: how can they get the wolves out of the construction site without being seen? With such impossible odds, Taylor wonders if he has the courage and spirit needed to complete the quest and rescue this wolf family from certain death and if one small boy can make a difference.
This book includes information about red wolves.



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Date de parution 15 mars 2021
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EAN13 9781644501429
Langue English
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Table o f Contents
C hapter One
Strang er in Town
C hapter Two
The Hunt er Arrives
Cha pter Three
Learn ing To Fly
Ch apter Four
Int roductions
Ch apter Five
Current P redicament
C hapter Six
Week In Review
Cha pter Seven
Back At The Den
Cha pter Eight
Cal l For Help
Ch apter Nine
Kali In Trouble
C hapter Ten
Taylor To The Rescue
Chap ter Eleven
Chap ter Twelve
Con frontation
Chapte r Thirteen
More Questions
Chapte r Fourteen
Race To Escape
Chapt er Fifteen
Da n’s Choice
Chapt er Sixteen
Jud gment Time
Chapter Seventeen
A New Home
Chapte r Eighteen
A New Beginning
Note From The Author
About the Author
Book Club Questions

Taylor and the Red Wol f Rescue
Copyright © 2021 J.B. Moonstar. All rights re served.

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Dunedin, FL 34698
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Cover &Illustration by Jenn Kotick. Contact for commssions at Jkotickart@gma il.com .
Typesetting by Battle Goddess Pro ductions
Editor Vanessa Valiente
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This is book is meant as a reference guide. All characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. All brands, quotes, and cited work respectfully belongs to the original rights holders and bear no affiliation to the authors or pu blisher.
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-644 50-142-9
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-644 50-153-5


I want to thank the keepers of the North Carolina Zoo, as well as several other Zoos throughout the country, for their dedication and teamwork in keeping and raising Red Wolves, with the hope to one day being able release them back into the wild. I also want to thank the Defenders of Wildlife organization for their commitment to fight for the future of the Red Wolves, one of the most endangered species in the world.

De ar Reader,
O ne of Ituria’s main goals is to rescue endangered animals, saving them from death at the hands of man. In my continuing chronicles of interactions between Ituria’s realm and the human world, I relate the story of a young boy, and his courage to protect those in need, even if the likelihood of success seems i mpossible.
On Earth, red wolves are extremely endangered, and one of the last forest areas set aside for red wolf reintroduction was sold to a housing development. Taylor has been watching a family of red wolves who are on the verge of losing their home. He wishes he could save them; but, how can he? Where would the wolves go?
On his last journey to see them, he meets two strangers: one is out to kill his wolves, the other, promises to rescue them and take them to a safe place. Whom should h e believe?
He decides to trust the stranger who wants to rescue the wolves. This choice reveals many hidden surprises, allowing Taylor to reach the wolves in time. But how can they get the wolves from the construction site without b eing seen?
Will Taylor have the courage and spirit needed to complete the quest, to rescue this wolf family from certain death? Can one small boy make a d ifference?
First Guard to Ituria
C hapter One
Strang er in Town

“T aylor!” called his mom. “If you want to see your animal friends one last time, you must get to Sutter’s place soon. You know they sold the land to the developer, and the demolition crew has already started earlier t his week.”
“It’s not fair!” Taylor shouted. “They were supposed to leave the forest the way it was. That was the plan! That was why they brought the red wolves b ack here!”
Pounding his clenched fists on the table, he shoved his chair away from the table and headed out the door. I will see them one more time. No matter what. Walking was not easy, but he wanted to see what he considered his animals before they were chased away. Or wors e, killed.
Removing his bike from the shed, he headed for the road. Not to ride it but use it for balance as he walked. He followed the back road through Washington County, heading toward Route 32. That is where he saw them last time.
As he continued to walk, someone appeared, coming the other way.
As he got closer, he realized, this isn’t someone I know. A tall, thin teenager with shoulder-length black hair, wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of boots. A large duffle bag hung over his shoulder. Why would someone out here? Taylor wondered. Maybe he’s part of the demoli tion crew?
“You’re new here,” Taylor said in an irritated voice. “What are you looking for?” He stopped walking and stared at the stranger, waiting for a response. This stranger’s eyes were bright green, almost glowing, staring right ba ck at him.
“I’m here because I heard some wolves were in danger, and I wanted to help.” The stranger stopped also, a few feet away, waiting for Taylor t o respond.
“How do I know you’re not like the developer, wanting to kill them?” Taylor replied, almost as a challenge. He was still angry with knowing many acres of forest were getting cleared, acres that had been set aside for red wolves to repopulate in the wild.
“That is a valid point,” said the stranger. “However, please believe I am here to help them. A hunter was sent here to capture them; and this particular hunter usually kills the animals he captures as soon as he leaves the capture site.” Still staring into Taylor’s eyes, he continued, “I intend to stop him.” His voice was calm but resolute, leaving no doubt to his commitment to whatever he ha d planned.
Reaching out his hand, the stranger offered to shake hands with Taylor. “My name is Marcus, but most people call me Knocker, a nickname they gave me because they say I knock int o things.”
Taylor looked at Knocker’s hand, pausing, trying to decide if he should believe Knock er or not.
Finally, he briefly shook Knocker’s hand. He squeezed hard and shook up and down once, then let go. “I’m Taylor. I hope you are telling the truth, ‘cause these wolves mean a lot to me. How do you know they are here and who is th e hunter?”
“My sources say the wolves are trapped in a new construction area near a large road running north and south. They said the hunter was called in to remove them from the construction site.” Knocker looked at Taylor intently as he continued, “Do you know what road this might be?”
“You’re definitely not from around here if you aren’t familiar with the roads. Sounds like you are talking about Highway 32,” Taylor replied, retreating a bit. “How do I know you are not the hunter himself, seeking help to find the wolves and k ill them?”
“I am here to transport them to safety before the hunter arrives, but I need your help. Will you?”
“I will do whatever I can to help them; but first, who told you where they were?” Taylor asked, almost shouting now. “Not many people know there are any wolves left here in Washington County, why should I believe you are not the hunter? Why should I help you find them?” Still not convinced this was someone who wanted to help, it could very well be the hunte r himself.
“I know you won’t believe me if I tell you a little birdie told me, so I will tell you I am not what I seem; and I am here to take the wolves to a safe place. To do that, I will need your assistance; will you help me?”
“Look at me!” cried Taylor, releasing a hand from the bike and pointing at his legs. Even wearing long pants, the leg braces and unnatural shape of his legs was noticeable. “My legs can’t run, I can’t even walk without some type of support, how ca n I help?”
“Courage and spirit are not measured in physical boundaries. If you could help them, would you?” Knocker looked at Taylor, his eyes staring deep into Taylor’s eyes. Taylor was not sure what to believe, what could he do? How coul d he help?
“How could I help, I can’t run through the forest, I just can’t!” he exclaimed. “I would help if I could, but I can’t .” Taylor lowered his head, embarrassed and ashamed, as he had done many times when people pointed out his physical li mitations.
“The question you must answer is, if you could help them, would you? I can make it so you can help them, but you must want to help them. So, the question remains if you could help the wolves, w ould you?”
Returning his gaze toward those green eyes, Taylor tried to interpret the meaning to this conversation. Softly, he replied, “If there was a way to help them, I would do everything in my power to do so.”
“Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated,” replied Knocker, his eyes relaxed, his mouth smiling for the first time. He briefly paused before continuing, thinking how to approach the subject. “My observation is that your legs are not strong, but your arms are powerful to make up for the weakness in your legs.

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