From Candide to Candide
140 pages

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From Candide to Candide , livre ebook


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140 pages
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In 2050, CC22 was 22 years old. He was the 22nd clone of Candide, who, by manipulating nanoparticles and the genome, made his fortune and mastered cloning. But CC22 did not live up to his father’s hopes. He rebelled in every possible way he could find. He praised idleness. Contemplated. Married Psalmonella. Wandered with a donkey on dark paths and in white zones. Ate unlimited cocoa-carpaccio. Changed his mantra every day. Fattened up...
Can the capacities of living beings be infinitely enhanced? To what extent? What new, hybrid, metamorphosed entities are imaginable? How will they adapt? What technical, ethical and political horizon does transhumanism offer our shared humanity? From Candide To Candide, the Controversy of Transhumanism approaches these questions about the future of humanity in a dialogue between an anticipatory tale by Olivier Fournout, 36 original drawings by Hélène Paris and an approach via the social and human sciences (Daniel Kaplan and Olivier Fournout).



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EAN13 9782490516025
Langue English
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From Candîde to Candîdehe controversy of transumanism
Olivier FOURNOUT Illustrations by Hélène PARISAfterword by Daniel KAPLAN
Mîse en page : MkF studîo
Correctîons et reectures : Jerôme Sîc
hîs book îs dedîcated to te memory o Nîcoas Auray
©SKT édîtîons, 2019 ïsbn 978-2-490516-02-5 / Ean-9782490516025
From Candîde to Candîdehe controversy of transumanism
Illustrations by Hélène Paris Postfaces by Daniel Kaplan and Olivier Fournout
Translation by Ian Monk
To the reader // p.06 Candide Candide //p.07 Childhood // p.08ï scupt myse he bîg-toe naî Nîceguy îtte Parîs Eros as an agorîtm Advantage în actîon Hoîdays he peaces o my cîdood ï învented my own orebears
Adolescence // p.20he Aîcante Summît Nobe Nobe Epîc etîca dîscussîons he Acceerator o Metapors Panetary metane exposîon îtte Mont-Banc Ana vave made o mammot aîrs Pîrate on canvas
Hush, I’m making a film // p.34he cone îs me Pea to know everytîng here was a cown oowîng me verywere he utra-post-uman
he unpugged îgt Go and do your omework He compared îmse to eonardo Words words
Well. Good day. Let us begin // p.44Anxîety o groanîng ï’m caed ots o dîferent names Unîmîted carpaccîo Fîrst graitî he war war he îdden aestetîc o te word Wy not seep your way to te top? Go and eat te word Takîng Frenc eave As soon as ï paused on a word oads o peope wît oads o îdeas Hypocrîte Fîmmaker Toot-toot! An ungîted gît
The encyclopædia of diversity // p.56A and non-A at te same tîmeïn a sort versîon, ï setted on our dates Matematîcs Pysîcs Queneau
Wrîtîng My ater’s garden he îtte and brîngs muc he eîgt generatîons o candîd înventîons
Escapades // p.70Etîcs at te îtte Sorbonne Newz newz ïn te eart o a wave Dead beat Counterattack he new Braman ïdîots And ît gets worse
Old walls // p.80Macîne body Tags and ads ïega wrîtîngs Condemned to bankness Dîatexts Reprogrammammammamme Transumanîsm beînd bars he prepared accepted ratîonae o te worst On an îsand wîtout war he beac efect în a botte o Coke
Julius Caesar as a paoueur-poiiint // p.90he înaîbîîty test
You need to hide to be loved // p.94Accîdent Bîg oî-besmîrced penguîns
Back to my ce Psamonea Fuck my genes not me Wrînked ceeks, red and peeîng arms A sea o eaters Persona at ceansed wît a power-ose Probatîon he age o storîes
The Opposing Island // p.106îke boomerangs în te season o ove he greatest beauty Awuy, a te same But ît just won’t stop et’s repace et’s remake PostacesTranshumanism, a controversy,by Oîvîer Fournout// p.114
How not to become a daddy’s clone,by Danîe Kapan// p.130
To the reader
From Candîde To Candîdeîs an îustrated antîcîpatory tae. ït îs set în a broader, coectîve approac o te settîng în Ictîon, teatre, poetry, sound, vîdeo or grapîcs o controversîes afectîng te uture o umanîty. he îmagînary, în îts own way, as a dîagnosîs o te present, partîcîpates în te pubîc debate, constructîng te uture. he questîons o prospectîve, etîcs and poîtîcs around transumanîsm wî be evoked în te postaces, aong wît eements about te orîgîns o te project and te îssue o transumanîsm today and tomorrow But et’s start wît te tae. Good readîng!
Candîde Candîde
ï coud redesîgn myse accordîng to my zany taste —
Epîsode 01
How Candîde Candîde, rom îs youngest age, decîded to atten up, and tus ind te means to be dîferent. How e was born rom îs ater’s bîg-toe naî. How e met anoter cone, Nîceguy, te uture doctor Zoôn, wît wom e trîed out experîments în appîed uturoogy. How te metapysîcs o smaness detrones a te oter metapysîcs. How Candîde Candîde preerred oîdays to te engîneerîng o îe. How te peaces o îs cîdood were te word’s best. How e învented îs own orebears.
I sculpt mysel My ater’s pysîca îdea – tîgt butt, rog-îke tîgs, wasp-îke waîst – dîd not stop me rom, at te age o reason, wît a sakîng-up o my entîre beîng, startîng to atten up îke a pîg. Wen at tabe, ï ate îke ten peope. Between meas, ï emptîed te rîdge. ïn supermarkets, ï scofed wîe wakîng în te aîses, ten paîd or te empty packs. ï brougt te unîverse înto my metaboîsm îke a tîmeess baroque god. Obesîty was te surest way or me to stand out rom te oters. ï modîIed my body în te easîest way or me: ï gaîned more exterîor matter. ï saîd to myse tat once ï ad become a massîve bock, ï coud scupt myse, ï coud redesîgn myse accordîng to my zany taste, accordîng to te orm ï desîred, and not accordîng to te norm wîc îs relected, în sed-oads, în anapabetîc pîxes, accordîng to wîc we soud ave no oter îe to savour.
The bîg-toe naîl
ï was born o te core o a ce o te naî o te bîg toe o te rîgt eg o my ater, wîc was ten transerred înto te ce o a ea rom te însîde o a Sangaî Brusse sprout, aîn by te word campîon o te combîned undred metres on oot, Ins and skîs. ï coudn’t ave oped or a better ancestry. My ater, no doubt worn out by îs eforts o îmagînatîon about nature, caed me CC, oowed by te number 22, and saîd tat rom now on, ï, Candîde, woud cutîvate my garden torougy, wîtout any emae genîtors, wom ï coud do wîtout. ïn
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