Pandas on the Eastside
184 pages

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184 pages
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When ten-year-old Journey Song hears that two pandas are being held in a warehouse in her neighborhood, she worries that they may be hungry, cold and lonely. Horrified to learn that the pandas, originally destined for a zoo in Washington, might be shipped back to China because of a diplomatic spat between China and the United States, Journey rallies her friends and neighbors on the poverty-stricken Eastside. Her infectious enthusiasm for all things panda is hard to resist, and soon she's getting assistance from every corner of her tight-knit neighborhood.



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Date de parution 04 octobre 2016
Nombre de lectures 0
EAN13 9781459811447
Langue English
Poids de l'ouvrage 2 Mo

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Prendergast, Gabrielle, author Pandas on the eastside / Gabrielle Prendergast.
Issued in print and electronic formats. isbn 9781459811430 (paperback).—isbn 9781459811447 (pdf).— isbn 9781459811454(epub)
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First published in the United States,2016 Library of Congress Control Number:2016931890
Summary:In this middlegrade novel set in1973, tenyearold Journey rallies her friends and neighbors to come to the aid of two stranded pandas.
Orca Book Publishers gratefully acknowledges the support for its publishing programs provided by the following agencies: the Government of Canada through the Canada Book Fund and the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Province of British Columbia through the BC Arts Council and the Book Publishing Tax Credit.
Cover artwork by Taryn Gee Author photo by Leonard Layton
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For ucy
One Journey Wind Song
My neîgborood, e Eassîde, îs abou e unîke-îes pace on ear you woud ever înk o see a panda. Bu îe îs u o surprîses. Some peope ca e Eassîde a sum. ha’s because ey are descrîbîng buîdîngs and roads însead o peope. To em, peope on e Eassîde probaby ook poor, sad, uneducaed, sîck and woress. Bu ï don’ care wa ey înk. To me, e peope around ere are rîends. Keîe Rae on e corner, wo Mom es me o îgnore? Se gîves me dîmes o buy Popsîces. hose guys wo se suf ï’m no aowed o even see, muc ess înk abou buyîng? hey ca me Sîngaong, e me ake eîr pop boes back and ge snîppy wen eîr
Gabrielle Prendergast
cusomers îer. And Kenucky Jack, Conrary Gary and e res, wo seep on e sree unî we îno wîner? ï î weren’ or em, ï woudn’ know any swearwords a a. And ï înk a gîr caed Journey mîg need îg-quaîy swear-words one day. ha’s rîg, Journey îs my name. Journey Wînd Song. ha’s prey muc a ï know or sure abou myse. Mom someîmes says ï’m par Vîkîng, bu Kenucky Jack, wo as never, by e way, been anywere near Kenucky, says ï ook jus îke îs cousîn’s gîrrîend, and se’spure Indîan roug and roug and never been of e rez. Keîe Rae aways saysAoao me and es me ï mus be a Hawaîîan prîncess or someîng. Mom as red aîr and reckes, so obvîousy ere was someîng goîng on wî my dad a gave me e back aîr, bu îs îs one o e îngs Mom never aks abou. Mom es me a kînds o oer suf ï’m sure ï don’ need o know. Se es me abou e war, and abou e prîme mînîser and îs prey wîe, and abou a e weîrd îngredîens în orange soda. Bu se never es me anyîng abou my dad.
Pandas on the Eastside
A ï ever ge îs îs speec:He dîdn’ sîck around ater you were born. ha’s a you need o know. Wy woud ï need o know abou e îngredîens în orange soda bu no need o know anyîng abou my own aer? ï înk wen Mom says, ha’s a you need o know, wa se reay means îs “ha’s a ï wan o e you.” here’s a dîference. Bu Mom doesn’ see î a way. he pas îs gone, se says, as oug î’s a book ï et on e bus and soud jus orge abou. Bu ow can ï orge a pas ï never knew anyîng abou în e Irs pace? Someîmes, wen se’s sîpped a îe and smes o wîne, se îes on e soa and cas me Sceerazade. ï asked my eacer wa a mean and se gave me a book caedNîgs,he Arabîan so ï don’ know—maybe ï’m an Arab. ï don’ ook îke any o e gîrs romhe Brady Buncor îke any do, a’s or sure. Mom says se was one o e Irs peope o gîve a kîd a name îke Journey Wînd. Nowadays you can’ wak down e sree wîou rîppîng over a baby named Raînbow or Sunsîne or a odder
Gabrielle Prendergast
caed Freedom or Poenîx. Bu mos gîrs my age are caed Mary or Juîe or Nancy or Jackîe. Jackîe was e name o e presîden’s wîe e year ï was born,1962. So ere are a o o Jackîes, bu no oo many Journeys în grade Ive a Eassîde Eemenary. Mom was a rea raîbazer, an înnovaor namewîse. Se says se was a îppîe beore anyone even knew ere were îppîes. Se cas erse Heaer some days. On oers, se goes by Bîrd. Bîrd Song. Ge î? Song îs no our rea as name. ï ound my bîr cerîIcae one day wen ï was ookîng or a quarer o buy mîk. My rea Irs name îs Journey and my rea mîdde name îs Wînd, bu my as name îs acuay Fanagan, wîc îs abou as ar rom Song as you can ge. And î’s sure no a Vîkîng name. UnderFaerî saysUnknown. So ï go by Journey Song. ha’s wa ï wrîe on my scoobooks anyway. My scoo îs ree bocks rom our aparmen, and în e mornîng ï some-îmes ave o sep over puddes o pee or worse îngs, bu mosy e srees are quîe a a îme. A e kîds a scoo îve on e Eassîde. No one rom e ousîde woud ever send eîr kîd o an
Pandas on the Eastside
Eassîde scoo. Some kîds a scoo don’ even speak Engîs. Some kîds never brîng unc. Some kîds ony come o cass once or wîce a week, or ey come ae every day. My eacer, Mîss Bîckersaf, sîgs a o and sends a o o noes ome and wrîes eers o poîîcîans. ï’ve eard some parens’ gossîp în e scooyard a a se wans îs more pay and beer soas în e saf room, bu se e me read one o e eers once. Se was askîng or more books and cak and beer backboards. Suf or us, no er. Suf o make e scoo a beer pace o earn.earnîng îs e key a unocks your uure, Journey, se saîd. hen se bew er nose. Our cassroom îs rea dusy someîmes. ï înk î mus be ard o be a eacer on e Eassîde.
Two Miss Bickerstaff
ï saw e eadîne on a pîece o newspaper a Kenucky Jack ad oded over îs ead o keep e mornîng sun ou o îs eyes wîe e sep în e bus seer. “Ewwww!” Nancy Pendeon saîd wen ï eaned down o ake a coser ook. ï coud ear Jack snorîng under e newspaper, and ï coud sure sme îm oo, bu ï waned o read e eadîne.PANDAS COMING TO AMERICA. Under e paper, Jack gruned and roed over în îs seep. he newspaper sîpped of îs ead and e îno a suspîcîous-ookîng pudde under e benc. “Gross! Don’ pîck î up!” Nancy saîd. ï reay
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