Against the Odds
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421 pages
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1978: In Rhodesia, the Internal Settlement led to the creation of a coalition government. Smith had, however, neither capitulated nor abandoned his belief in white superiority, and thousands of people fled across the country's borders. In England, a group of missionaries, supported by the Catholic Institute for International Relations, formed a steering group that was to become the Zimbabwe Project. Originally an educational fund to support exiled young Zimbabweans, it shifted focus toward humanitarian assistance to refugees in the region. 1981: The Zimbabwe Project Trust, a child of the war, came home, and its director, Judith Todd, started mapping the route that it would follow for the next thirty years. ZimPro - as it came to be known - began its work with ex-combatants, assisting with their education, skills training and co-operative development, and producing a news bulletin. In terms of funding, courage, and creative programming, it became a giant in the country's development landscape, but it has had to negotiate many political, financial and philosophical minefields on the way. Against The Odds offers a rare insight into workings of an NGO on the frontline. With a cast of larger-than-life characters, it also offers a drama of Zimbabwe's first thirty years and provides insights and lessons which will benefit everyone concerned with development, and provide historians with another important lens through which to view the past.



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Date de parution 29 février 2012
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EAN13 9781779221766
Langue English
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Against the Odds
Against the Odds a history of Zimbabwe Project
by Mary Ndlovu
Published in 2011 by Zimbabwe Project Trust Box 4111 Harare Zimbabwe
Weaver Press PO Box A1922 Avondale, Harare Zimbabwe
© Mary Ndlovu, 2011
The views expressed in the book are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Zimbabwe Project Trust.
Cover: Danes Design, Harare Map: Kevin Phillip Typeset by forzalibro designs Printed by Benaby Printing and Publishing (Pvt) Ltd
All rights reserved. No part of the publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by any any means – electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise – without the express written permission of the publisher
ISBN 978-1-77922-168-1
MARY NDLOVU was born and grew up in Canada, completing a first degree in history and languages at the University of Toronto and a second degree in history at Columbia University in New York. She went to a newly independent Zambia to work in 1966 and has spent most of her life since then in Zambia and Zim-babwe. After a career in secondary school teaching and teacher education in Lusaka and Bulawayo, she worked for ten years for a Zimbabwean NGO until her retirement in 2003. Since then she has worked as a consultant, interacting with many NGOs and civil society organisations, and served on the boards of several, including Zimbabwe Project Trust. She was married to the late politician Edward Ndlovu and has three children and five grandchildren.
List of Acronyms A Note on Sources Foreword 1 Genesis 2 Sojourn in London 3 Mobilising the Demobilised 4 Co-operatives Venture, 1981–1982 5 Retaining Independence from Government 6 Fallout – 1983 7 Searching for a Way Forward 8 Becoming a Bureaucracy 9 Education and Training 10 The Second Pillar 11 Political Unity Brings Changes 12 Funding and Funders
ix xi xv
Against the Odds: a history of Zimbabwe Project
13 The ‘October Revolution’ 14 Implementing Change 15 Riding Many Tigers 16 Advocating for Change 17 Exploring New Territory 18 The Sky is Falling 19 Can ZimPro Hold up the Sky? 20 Finding a New Direction 21 Crisis – The Trustees Awaken, 1999–2000 22 Difficult Transition Years 23 Income-Generation 24 New Realities 25 Hanging On 26 Surviving the Present, Looking to the Future Bibliography Index
— viii —
367 389 392
List of Acronyms
AFC Agricultural Finance Corporation ALOZ Adult Literacy Organisation of Zimbabwe ANC African National Congress BCCZ Bank of Credit and Commerce Zimbabwe CAFOD Catholic Agency For Overseas Development CIIR Catholic Institute for International Relations CCODP Canadian Catholic Organisation for Development and Peace CIDA Canadian International Development Authority COPLA Co-ordinating Platform CSFS Collective Self-Finance Scheme CSSD Commission for Social Service and Development CMT Community Mobilisation and Training CCFD Contre la Faim et Pour le Dévelopment GDR German Democratic Republic ESAP Economic Structural Adjustment Programme EC European Community HIV/AIDS Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross IFC International Finance Corporation IMF International Monetary Fund IP Implementing Partner JCL Job Creation Limited JPC Justice and Peace Commission MBCA Merchant Bank of Central Africa MOTSRUD Management Outreach Training Service for Rural and Urban Development NGO Non-Governmental Organisation NORAD Norwegian Development Agency NPA Norwegian Peoples Aid OCCZIM Organisation of Collective Co-operatives in Zimbabwe OFDA Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance ORAP Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress OTD Organisation for Training and Development PAYE Pay as you Earn
— ix —
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