This I Would Kill For
197 pages

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This I Would Kill For , livre ebook


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197 pages

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The latest installment in the thrilling Natalie King series

Natalie King has been hired to do a psychiatric evaluation for the children’s court. A custody dispute. Not her usual territory. A distraught mother Jenna needs help maintaining custody of her children, claiming her former partner Malik has been abusing one of the children. He claims she’s crazy and compulsive.

But what if all the claims are true, or none? And how does she work out where her concerns for the child slide into her growing obsession with her own lost father? With all the public interest, social media trolling and intense media speculation, Natalie finds herself struggling to view the case impartially.

More urgently: with both parents saying they’re desperate to keep their daughter safe—what if one of them is desperate enough to kill?

What Reviwers and Readers are Saying:

‘A complex tale that is well told by an excellent thriller writer who delivers great psychological insights within the fabric of her storytelling,’ Mark Roberts

‘Buist brings her considerable experience as a perinatal psychiatrist to bear in this novel, giving it authenticity and gravitas,' Daily Telegraph

‘A multi-stranded, pacy thriller that weaves together an intricately twisty plot, keeping the reader guessing to the very last page,’ Lisa Hall

‘A proper plot-twisting page-turner… I was completely gripped,’ Emma Healey

‘An intelligent, well-paced thriller,’ Adrian McKinty

‘Buist gives the reader a plot that is original and believable, with more than one twist to keep the reader guessing to the end… A brilliant read,’ BookMooch

‘A psychological thriller with all the ingredients,’ Women's Weekly
‘He wants to take my kids off me.’

Jenna hadn’t even sat down. The urgency of the statement, the hint of fear, were at odds with the cool, firm handshake. When she did sit down, she ignored the chair opposite Natalie’s desk in favour of the armchair by the coffee table. The request for a psychiatric evaluation had come from Jenna’s lawyer. Merely pre-emptive. A legal report, and an attractive fee; Natalie did not expect she would have to appear in court. A welcome supplement to her pay cheque from the forensic psychiatry ward at Yarra Bend, particularly as she’d been ill and hadn’t worked for much of the last few months.

‘Why?’ Natalie asked.

‘He blames me,’ said Jenna. ‘For the breakup.’

She looked briefly unsettled; Natalie watched her regain control. There was a sense of strength, the lioness-protecting-her-young kind, but the lines around her mouth were deeper than they should have been at thirty-four; the puffy grey under her green eyes and the unkempt mousey hair suggested she wasn’t getting enough sleep. Young kids.

Her style was inner-city greenie: bright coloured top, vaguely Peruvian looking, and baggy red corduroy jeans
tucked into heavy boots undone at the top. She probably volunteered to help slow learners at the local primary
school. Her marriage might once have looked magazine10 perfect. Walks along the beach hand in hand, Sunday sleepins interrupted only by a boisterous rescue dog, helping the kids decorate cupcakes with Disney characters.

Except somewhere between packing the lunch box and Saturday morning sex she had ended up with two children, a mortgage she couldn’t pay and an ex-husband who thought she was nuts.

Natalie waited—but Jenna had pursed her lips. She was not about to make things easy.



Publié par
Date de parution 15 juin 2018
Nombre de lectures 6
EAN13 9781787198111
Langue English

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