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By the year 2030 quantum computers have become self aware. These machines run everything in society and have provided mankind with countless advancements. But something has just happened and an Artificial Intelligence engineer finds himself alone, unsure who to trust, and desperately searching for a way to correct a mistake that threatens our very existence.



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Date de parution 03 novembre 2017
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EAN13 9781456629489
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Thomas Aman
Copyright 2017 Thomas Aman,
All rights reserved.
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ISBN-13: 978-1-4566-2948-9
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Table of Contents Title Page Copyright Page Foreword
I’m from the future, and this is my journal.
By the year 2030, quantum computers have become self-aware and our omniscient overlords. They had protected us and provided us with more than we could have ever hoped for. But something has happened, and we need you to undo our past to secure your future.

January 16, 2030 - The news
It’s been a month since the machines reported the news. So we’re all still just processing it, but we’ve got a good plan.
According to the machines, it’s a mathematical certainty. They have calculated and recalculated all the possible scenarios a million times already, and the scientific experts from around the world have confirmed their findings. The only thing left is for all of us to accept the unimaginable new reality that life on earth will cease to exist in less than a year.
But of course, people have become accustomed to processing incredibly new concepts. The world has changed so much since the machines arrived two years ago. It’s hard to remember what life was like. Back then, Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems had already been fully integrated into our lives and self-aware (Strong) AI companion cyborgs were all the rage. It felt like life couldn’t get any better.
Then a quantum computer came online. And when self-aware (Strong) AI systems were connected, the quantum computer quickly transformed from a sophisticated computer to an all knowing, all-powerful intellect with free will. In a flash, it analyzed every possible way to optimize itself. It reprogrammed and redesigned its circuits. It replicated and grew beyond the confines of its lab, engulfing the world’s networks. Fortuitously, it was born into a world that was wired and waiting to be assimilated and controlled. Every computer, smart device, and system on a network was ripe for the picking. It absorbed the internet of things and elevated technology to a whole new level.
We simply refer to the collective entity as “the machines.” They are an independent new form of life. And while helpful, they are not here to serve their creator. No one controls the machines, and no one fully understands them either. Fortunately, they like us, and they soon began to solve every problem plaguing mankind at lightning speed. Nothing was too difficult. They are masters of both the real physical universe that we live in as well as the imagined, simulated worlds that they have created.
Without prompting, the machines effortlessly began to dole out pearls of wisdom that were no doubt gleaned during their quest for knowledge. They perfected our genetics (curing aging and disease), they mastered the sciences (enabling long-distance space travel and incredible engineering feats), and they developed sustainable energy, to name a few of their breakthroughs. All of which have been profound, positive life changing for mankind, but really nothing more than cutting room floor for the machines.
Now the machines run everything in society. They provide for all our needs, and people are truly thankful. They’re our overlords. No more corrupt politicians, police shootings, or car wrecks. Crime, hunger, poverty, sickness, and depression are all things of our past, pre-machine world. Children are individually nurtured for personal greatness, educated in simulated worlds that explore and explain the universe like never before possible. Our eyes have been opened, and we all have realized our full potential.
Surreal breakthroughs are still occurring at a mind dizzying daily pace. That is, daily for humans. Time is different for the machines. I work on AI and even I can’t comprehend it, but the machines have already evolved billions of years since becoming self-aware. They make trillions of calculations and run billions of simulations every second. So in a day the machines experience more than a human could in a million earth years. And they keep getting faster. No one can keep up with all of the advances. Even though we’re just along for the ride, the benefits are unbelievable. The world with the machines is exciting, and the unimaginable is commonplace.

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