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Debby is an original work of fiction written by Michael Dorcas E.



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Date de parution 18 août 2018
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EAN13 9788828376576
Langue English

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Michael Dorcas E.
Copyright 2017 by Michael Dorcas E.
For more information about the author, write to the author from
All rights reserved. Except for use in any review, the reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part, in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including xerography, photocopying and recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, is forbidden without the written permission of the author or the publisher.
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D ebby was seen carrying a gallon which seemed empty; she was on her way to the stream. The birds were visible on the trees chanting songs. There was really nothing scary about the path, if not for its straight and lonely nature.
Debby hung the gallon to her shoulder with the help of her wrapper which she had tied to the gallon. Some steps away from Debby was a woman lying down with her face to the ground, making it difficult for her to be recognized.
Debby approached the woman with no concern, and so, still in that state of laxity she passed the woman. The woman called out to her, Please help me, daughter.
Of course Debby couldn't pretend not hearing that.
Old woman, what is it? What can I do for you?
My daughter, please help me up.
Debby being so angry and pissed showed it. See, old one, I don t have time to waste on you, and you don t expect me to use the strength for my water on you. With these and many other words flowing from Debby's mouth while she bent to help the woman. Debby looked at the woman with so much hate in her eyes, she was pulling the woman up when suddenly their eyes caught up with each other's, behold, it was Sola all the while.
Mama! shouted Debby with a very terrifying voice.
Sola grabbed Debby by the neck with both hands as if strangling her with what seemed or could be called claws, with her bloody eyes wide open as if ready to devour. Debby shivered as she felt horripilation through her spine.
You left me to die right? Now, I m dead, you can now live and enjoy life. These Sola said amidst tears
Debby still screamed uncontrollably as Sola continued to scare her. I will make your life miserable." she blurted out. "of course, you will never know the joy of motherhood.

S OLA, A TALL AND SLENDER woman, light skinned, with a face as bold as the upper case letter 'O' of the English alphabet. Sola had this face like a mermaid, if not for her facial mark, one could think her an Indian. Her nose was so pointed that it could be used to open a tin of milk, her set of teeth could make anyone forget their sorrow when seen, she had bold eyes and wore a beautiful smile always. She wore Ankara materials sewed in Buba (blows, mostly with sleeves and wrapper) style most times, she was known with that too and always in her flat flip-flops which came in different colors sometimes. Adeniyi was envied by other married men in and around the vicinity. They felt that not only was Sola beautiful outwardly but also inwardly, women too jealous Sola's beauty and composure. no wonder Debby had all of that in quantum.
Sola used to be a very enthusiastic woman, very vibrant and happy, always smiling. She was in fact an epitome of motherhood. Sola and Adeniyi lived in the city of Ebado They lived so well as husband and wife, having their only daughter and child Debora, who was called Debby for short.
Adeniyi had built a nice shop for his wife Shola close to Yinka Junction, the liveliest part of Ebado. That shop is in a good sight. Adeniyi told her, when she complained of disliking the position of the shop.
Sola who was also very playful still preferred her door to door service to sitting in her shop. That will give her ample opportunity to get the latest gossip in town like the story of Adekunle s arrest for stealing his master s money and Muyiwa s pregnancy. She enjoyed talking with people a lot.
Her Banga soup and rice had made her really popular. So many people had been addicted to her food that they eat of it, at least two times daily, some go on to borrow, or better still eat on credit. Some even testified that they never had a good night rest without having at least a hunger for Sola s meal. Apart from all these, Sola s intervention in many family matters had given her edge above other women. On one occasion, one of her customers, a short man with a tummy bigger than his whole body was having a serious fight with his wife, it was Sola who came to the man s rescue when his wife was about to use her pestle on him. On one other occasion had she saved a dying child from convulsion. She was so tired after selling her 'mama put' and was pushing her wheelbarrow which contained a big cooler which was full to the brim in the morning but now carried a little amount of rice that would serve as supper for her family. Beside it was a smaller cooler which had been full with Banga soup in the morning. A small painter lay beside the big cooler, it contained two pieces of kanda meat. She had reached the junction which lead to her street when she saw the woman struggling to keep her convulsing son still. Immediately, Sola abandoned her wheelbarrow and ran to the woman. It was mama kehinde. At Sola s command, she added alligator pepper to a dry pan and placed in on a fire. She moved the child close to the fire so he could inhale the smoke rising from the pot. Meanwhile, Sola was forcing a spoon through the child s clenched teeth. Finally, he sneezed and let out a loud cry. The child was saved and Sola went home happily.
The lifesaving spree made Sola love moving about than sitting in one kiosk. According to her she wouldn't achieve as much as she does if she sits in a place. "I prefer my door to door business." Said Sola to Adeniyi on one of the occasions he asked her to always stay in her shop, instead of stressing the life out of herself.
Every one misses Sola, including I, but what do we have to say or do? Even till date, on one occasion or the other we still see reasons to think and bring Sola s life on earth to mind. Today too, we say, let the dead remain with the dead this also had been the case with Sola; may her soul rest in perfect peace.

D EBBY SCREAMED AND jumped out of her bed panting, it had been a dream; a bad one at that.
Debby s room was not very big but beautiful and well arranged, the big bed was located at the left hand side of the room, with a makeup stand some inches away from the foot of her bed. Her wardrobe was directly opposite the bed, there are a ceiling fan and a medium sized television, a cushion by the leg side of her bed and a small stool.
Debby s eyes darted in the dark, she threw the blanket off herself and headed for her wardrobe, she pulled a black, knee length coat, put them on as fast as she could and left the room in the dark.
The hooting of owls, the groans of unknown animals and an uncanny roar greeted her from a distance when she stepped out of her house. What had lead Debby to that part of the neighborhood by that time of the night must be serious. It was around 1:30 am when she left her house. The path had very thick bushes, it was dark and the moon probably was also angry with Debby to have hidden its light away from her.
Even in that bad and frightful environment with awful sound, Debby still walked and dart as though she owned the night. Ahead of Debby was an obviously scary sight, there were lots of red, white and black materials hanging on and almost at every inch of the place, it was Apeh s shrine.
Apeh had been Debby s backbone since she left home, a man of average height with thick hair and frightful beards as that of a man who had been sentenced to twenty years imprisonment without a clipper to accompany him. Apeh in totality was an ugly man. I still haven t gotten to the reason why Debby could ball well with him. Perhaps they both have like minds.
Apeh s father dumped him in the forest for his bad fortune and endless illness as a child. He was said to be an evil being from birth, fate treated him well to have allowed him survive his years in the forest. Till now, Apeh still stays in the forest and has no business with human neighbors, and so, anyone who goes seeking Apeh s counsel or help could be seen as evil too, such people are looked at with the upper lid of the eye, same way I looked at Debby.
Apeh came out of his small hut, making countless incantations, stand right where you are. Debby without anymore move, stood with her face towards the ground.
What manner of human are you that do not fear the night and dark?
I am Debby, the one you know responded Debby.
Apeh sat in front of his idol, having other images above and around him, he spoke in languages difficult to understand, but Debby never seemed to be disturbed by them. Apeh continued by throwing cola nut and blowing some powder on every part of the shrine; just after that, he ordered Debby to sit. Why have you come at this ungodly hour of all times?
Debby sat still as if she hadn't heard him.
This time is meant for the spirit beings, not for mortals like you...hmm! Make your request known to the great gods
Debby raised her head and brows a little for the very first time. she came again tormenting me . Muttered Debby
Apeh laughed aloud, his laughter could make one deaf. After laughing for a while I knew this day would come. N wata si na nne ya agaghi arahu ura; ura agaghi kwa aga nwata ahu n anya. I knew you would come back, hahahahahaha! .
What is the joy of motherhood? asked Debby looking keenly at Apeh.
Children of course, responded Apeh in an ironic tone.
Debby was shocked and couldn't hide it egbami o , what!!! ? Wiping her eyes with her two palms.
This cannot be, I m doomed for life, she said I will never know the joy of motherhood, in other words, I cannot have children right? with this Debby burst into tears.
Of course I never knew that the almighty Debby could really shed tears, for the first time in the history of my knowledge of her, I am seeing a goddess cry.
I need to have children with my husband. I am finished o
Apeh became angry and showed it. Calm down young woman, since you knew you re doomed already, why then did you come here seeking me? No one cries in the presence of the great will have children. All these Apeh said authoritatively to Debby.
Debby in return became very happy, her face turned to that of the Debby I used to know, with smiles accompanying the face.
This had made me remember Sola s beautiful smile.
Thanks great one, said Debby very excited as if about to fly.
You will have as many children as you want, if only you can keep the rules .
Debby became afraid again over what Apeh s rules could be. Her eyes became wide open and she also became keen with fright, thinking what the condition could be.
Apeh s lips moved as he gave the instructions to Debby. I will do exactly as you said was Debby s response. I wondered what she was affirming to.
Apeh stood to his feet, looking towards his left with pride. He picked a bottle and handed over to Debby, the bottle contained powdered substance. Debby collected and examined it.
Each time you want to sleep, apply this on your body and blow some into the air
And this will help? asked Debby.
Yes, this will keep your mother s spirit away from you.
Debby was very happy from the look on her face; she thanked Apeh very much and was about bringing their meeting to an end before she remembered something.
I will be getting married soon, don t you think my husband will suspect me?
Before then, her spirit must have been taken care of, and then, there won t be use for the powder again.
Thanks again said Debby, as she dipped her hand inside her coat chest pocket, she got some notes and dropped at Apeh s feet as she put the bottle in her coat. She left Apeh s shrine in that dark.

D ebby was in the garage of her house. Her house was obviously beautiful. It was one of the best houses I had seen in those years. The architect really did a nice job I must say. There were about four classy and beautiful cars parked in the garage and Debby was with keys to one of them.
It was morning and so I thought to myself where Debby was dressed to go early that morning. Debby was the kind of woman men get easily attracted to, her curves are really cute, they gave her an eye catching figure eight. She got a nice height too. To go with this figure was an awesome face; soft chin and a slightly small nose. Her lips are an apple pink colour and I guess Debby inspired Dhonphonie to write the line in the acrostic, all of you is beautiful . she was tall and fair, with amazing hairs all over her body. One thing I really loved about Debby was her choice of clothing, they fit so well on her, she s the kind of woman I call beautiful.
I remember the good old times in the university, when we were friends, before all the innocence was wiped off by unfolding of events.
Just as Debby was about getting into the car her phone rang. She stopped, looked quizzically at her phone and then tapped on it before placing it to her ears. Yes, who is this?
I saw and felt danger when Debby s countenance changed from positive to the opposite; it was Ojima on the other end of the line.
Ojima had been Debby s closest confidant and friend, they both had been in their life hustle and tussles together, and Ojima had asked Debby to come over to Dee Dee's cuisine, along Arinzechukwu Ogbuagu avenue, instructing Debby to be fast that she was already waiting for her.
Ojima had told Debby that there was trouble and that she needed to meet up with her as soon as possible. Debby on her part knew that the trouble could be about the two boys but decided to think something else, just to ease the tension. Before long, Debby was already on the driveway to the cuisine.
Dee Dee's; that one place I never got tired of going, you know, when I was young, I loved there so much. I went there mostly on my worst days, that's because I find every lost joy there. Apart from the place being well arranged and made comfortable for relaxation, one other reason I loved going there for was to see the quotes beautifully designed for the day. My best of those quotes was 'you too can smile'. No doubts, most of the most beautiful days I have had so far were at Dee Dee's. You too can try that out.
Ojima waved at Debby when she arrived and they both walked into Dee Dee"s. This was very unlike them, I knew how they greeted each other, on that particular day their normal hugs and pecks where absent in their pleasantries, but that notwithstanding, the two sat opposite each other looking at each other without words.
Ojima was that kind of unpredictable woman that no one wants to be with, and I think that s one weird thing about Debby; her ability to go on well with the weirdest of people, even when she was directly opposite of what these people were.
Ojima could be said to be the architect behind Debby s success and misfortune depending on how anyone sees it.
she had been Debby s childhood friend, instructor and mentor; in fact she was Debby s role model.
Ojima was not as beautiful as Debby, but she was in her own way; a hard nut to crack, always mean and smiled only when she has to. In fact, I rarely saw her laugh. Her face was as hard as her heart.
Debby broke the silence You called me she said for the first time. Her eyes as hard steel.
Now listen and hear me well, we need to get rid of those children before it gets late. said Ojima forcefully as if hit by something.
Ah ah, why are you sounding like this, why the change of mind? asked Debby.
Look Debby, I am no more happy working in that orphanage. I am having some strange feelings about that place, and those feelings are not good ones at all.
So what do you want me to do? Please just manage and...
Just stop right there Ojima interrupted. Raising her hand against Debby.
The duo almost forgot where they were. Ojima continued, This is already beyond my power, and I cannot continue living my life for you, you must learn to solve your own problems yourself. I don t want to live this beautiful life of mine and die as a common orphanage mistress, I need to test other areas of life, just come and take those children from the orphanage; if you don t want to, you can leave them for all I care.
Debby was mute and of course Apeh s words You must never keep them close to heart had been ringing through her head, she was still mute when Ojima tapped her.
Hey babe, what are you thinking? Whatever it is, just think fast and let us get out of here.
Debby was startled from the tap, See OJ, you ve got to help me, you have to take those ill-fated children with you, please. These Debby said amidst stammer.
Over my dead body, what do you mean? Ojima said in a mean tone.
OJ, you have been the wall I lean on, please you have to help me, Apeh had said to me on my last visit to him that I shouldn't bring those boys near me, and also near themselves; you have also been protecting my interests over that till now. What do I tell my husband? He never knew I had any children yet. Now I m not saying you should take them all, just take the blond and leave the other to me please... I wonder why you haven t sold them off added Debby looking away to another direction in disappointment.
Ojima s patience had been tampered with and so she broke out: Like I said, over my dead body will I take the blond, I won t try it, I will help you only if you will agree to give the other to me, then take your blond with you.

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