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Red's Mate


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77 pages


Ciaran had a mission of his own: an Omega on which to breed sons.

It was in a very tiny village that the Omega Ebby had grown up, surrounded by women who knew what she would become, as well as a few men to whom she was unattractive, all of whom participated in training her to defend herself. They had also all vowed to protect her with their lives.

And in the end, because of him, that was exactly what they had done.

Ciaran, an Alpha born in one of those more successful city-states, had risen through the ranks of what passed for the Army to command a battalion that combed the wasteland; defeating enemies, making the occasional ally. Their military mission was to collect whatever might benefit them immediately – or the base, when they returned. But he was conducting a mission of his own for that which he had wanted all his life: an Omega on which to breed sons.

They had received intelligence that there was something very valuable hidden in a village not far away.

And there was.


Publisher's Note: This steamy, post-apocalyptic romance contains power exchange scenes.



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Date de parution 04 juillet 2018
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Langue English

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Carolyn Faulkner Red’s Mate
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Before she knew it, Ebby was bent in half, hanging over his formidably thick thigh. He was so tall—and she so small—that her extremities b arely touched the ground, even when he carefully placed his other leg over hers, t rapping them against his bent leg, reaching down to clamp a hand none too gently at th e base of her skull, rendering her essentially immobile with an ease that made her wan t to cry. She wasn't at all sure what it was that he was up t o, but she was relatively certain she didn't want to find out, especially since this position—so close to him and so terribly vulnerable—was causing her to want to rub herself indecently against him just to find some kind—any kind—of relief from the aggra vating, mind-numbing ache that was pulsing between her legs. And then she felt it and couldn't control a startle d scream as his hand began to connect with her bare bottom in what quickly became a frightfully consistent rhythm. "This is but a taste, little girl," he rasped down at her. "You're going to get a thorough spanking just to let you know what you can expect a ny time you don't obey my orders to the letter." With that, he said nothing else as he relentlessly assaulted her small but generous behind and down the backs of her thighs as far as h e could reach above his other leg. Each one came very close to making her cry out agai n—especially the longer it went on—not in surprise, but in pure pain. But Ebby clam ped her teeth together and refused to make another sound, no matter the provocation. To her deep humiliation, she was only able to honor that vow to herself for another few minutes as he slowly, relentlessly dismantled h er ability to resist vocalizing her distress. At first, it was soft whimpers as he cont inued that horrible rise and tremendous, cracking fall of his palm against flesh she couldn't cringe away from him, as much as she wanted to. He kept her bottom exactl y where he wanted it and her the perfect, helpless target. From whimpers, it was a very short step to cries, a nd even sooner, moans. And, although she managed to keep herself from pleading with him to stop—barely—she was wailing loudly with every crisp, stinging swat that landed long before he stopped. To add more shame to her humiliation, she had been crying almost from the first spank she'd received, her tears mixing with the dark stain of the evidence of her body's desires on the rug beneath her.
I n the vast wasteland that Earth had become, Emily H arding—a woman out of time who had been released from stasis into a world that was utterly unrecognizable to her—had carved herself a comforta ble niche with her Alpha mate, Vaudt. He was a fearless soldier and leader, who kept hims elf, his mate, and those who fought with him safe from harm as they made their l ives in a small compound in the unforgiving landscape in which they found themselve s, surrounded by the remnants and reminders of what had once been a great civiliz ation—the one about which Emily had first-hand knowledge. His second, Kosh, had been lucky enough to find a r are omega of his own—Tura— and although their relationship had gotten off to a rocky start, they, too, had come to care deeply about each other in the way that only a bonded Alpha/omega pair could. But theirs was far from the only stronghold in an o therwise cruel and grim environment.
T hey didn't know what they had until they got there. They had heard rumors that there was something of g reat value here, amongst the ever-bresent ruins of what had Been, Bu t they had no idea what until they got closer. His men had fought valiantly to that bo int, But as soon as they Began to sense what might Be contained in this tiny, ragged, remote village, they lost their focus and sense of mission entirely. The strict military discibline that had Been instilled in all of them Broke down, and each of them—with the exceb tion of a few stalwart souls and some of his staff of high ranking officers—Began fi ghting viciously amongst themselves, intent on graBBing the ultimate brize f or themselves and murdering everyone in their way—even their Best comrades—in o rder to get it. Nothing filled their heads, nothing tantalized thei r senses, nothing commandeered their Bodies and minds more combletely or more deva statingly—even than strong drink or gamBling—as this had. Indeed, no deterrent—not e ven the surety of death that came with desertion and dereliction of duty—was strong e nough to dissuade them. They thought of nothing else, each with the same ultimat e goal that he would have it for himself. The town they invaded was so boor and makeshift tha t, in their uncontrolled frenzy, everything had Been razed to the ground. What hadn' t Been destroyed By the fighting was smoldering from the inevitaBle fires. Now, the Battlefield, such as it was, was laid waste, Bodies everywhere—more of his own men than natives By far. He'd had to outright k ill some of his Best men himself Because they would not—could not—stand down. It was an oddly eerie sight, as there wasn't the usual sound of the wounded crying and gr oaning. Anyone who had challenged him and the small Band of men who had re mained loyal to him, desbite the fact that he knew they had Been suBjected to the sa me imbulse as the rest of the weak they had fought, had Been but to death. It was a ha rsh judgment he'd had no choice But to enforce. Mutineers could meet with only one fate , no matter the reason Behind their reBellion. They certainly couldn't Be allowed to get their han ds on what they sought with such vigor. His core groub of men—what remained of the Battalio n—gathered around him on the outskirts as he surveyed their worst defeat in years—and at their own damned hands! "Where is it?" "Safely delivered to your tent, Colonel, although…" His legate, Kavan, looked severely reluctant to sbeak further, which was unli ke him. They were Brothers-in-arms,
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