Monk s Tale
238 pages

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238 pages

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This long-awaited, last installment of Reverend Edward A. Malloy’s three-volume memoir examines his eighteen years as president of the University of Notre Dame from 1987 to 2005. In this candid and lively account, Malloy, or “Monk” to all who know him, shares his reflections on his presidency following the long-term leadership of Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C.

Malloy describes his transition into the presidency, his approach to leadership, issues related to Catholic identity, the importance of fund-raising, and finding the proper balance in intercollegiate athletics. Communication issues were of paramount importance during Malloy's tenure, and he discusses how he fostered good relationships with the surrounding community, and supported trustees, administration, faculty, and other important constituencies in the governance of the university. An inveterate multitasker, he also examines how he organized his office and schedule, worked with administrative associates, handled a busy domestic and international travel schedule, sustained his participation in numerous external boards, and kept in regular contact with alumni and friends of the university. Finally, he looks at controversial issues, providing an insider’s account of various challenges and crises, from personnel problems to NCAA sanctions to concerns about presidential succession. During nearly two decades, Father Malloy met with presidents and movie stars, sports legends, benefactors, and university employees, many of whom are mentioned in this book. Throughout this volume, Malloy’s love for Notre Dame and its students, faculty, and staff comes through clearly, along with his overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opportunity to lead a university where faith, community, and service are taken seriously and passed on from one generation to the next.



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Date de parution 15 août 2016
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Photo courtesy of Heather Gollatz-Dukeman .
The Presidential Years, 1987-2005
University of Notre Dame Press
Notre Dame, Indiana
Published by the University of Notre Dame Press
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
Copyright 2016 by the University of Notre Dame
All Rights Reserved
Manufactured in the United States of America
The Library of Congress has cataloged the combined volume as follows:
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Malloy, Edward A.
Monk s tale / Edward A. Malloy.
p. cm.
Includes index.
Contents: v. 1. The pilgrimage begins, 1941-1975.
ISBN-13: 978-0-268-03516-7 (v. 1 : cloth : alk. paper)
ISBN-10: 0-268-03516-4 (v. 1 : cloth : alk. paper)
1. Malloy, Edward A. 2. Malloy, Edward A.-Childhood and youth. 3. University of Notre Dame-Presidents-Biography. 4. College presidents-Indiana-Biography. 5. University of Notre Dame-Faculty-Biography. 6. Catholic universities and colleges-United States-Case studies. 7. Priests-United States-Biography. 8. Catholic Church-Clergy-Biography. 9. Catholic Church-United States-History-20th century. I. Title.
LD4112.7. M35A3 2009
378.772 89-dc22
ISBN 9780268100476
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The First Year of a Peripatetic President (1987-88)
The Year of Cultural Diversity (1988-89)
The Year of the Family (1989-90)
The Year of Women (1990-91)
The Sesquicentennial Year (1991-92)
The Year of Rudy and Domers (1992-93)
The Year of Physical Renovation and Expansion (1993-94)
The Year of the IFCU Assembly (1994-95)
The Year of Administrative Transitions (1995-96)
The Year of the Inauguration of the Generations Campaign (1996-97)
A Year of Physical Expansion of the Campus (1997-98)
A Year of International Outreach and Expansion (1998-99)
A Year of Dramatic Change (1999-2000)
A Year of Celebration of Achievement (2000-01)
The Year of 9/11 and Its Aftermath (2001-02)
A Year of Sorrow and Controversy (2002-03)
Fulfilling the Promise (2003-04)
The Farewell Year (2004-05)
With great appreciation, I would like to thank:
The members of the Officers Group, the deans, and the other major administrators (and all who assisted them) during my years of service as president. Your talent, commitment, and sense of mission were always manifest and enabled the university to thrive even in times of challenge and difficulty. For your friendship and collaborative spirit, I will be forever grateful.
The members of the Notre Dame Board of Trustees under the leadership of Don Keough, Andy McKenna, and Pat McCartan. You elected me president and supported me with your counsel, encouragement, and resources. It was indeed a privilege to share responsibility with you for the university that we all love.
Those who worked with me directly on this final volume of my three-part memoir-Joan Bradley, Walt Collins, Tom Noe, Harv Humphrey, Matt Dowd, and my student interns Dominic Boyer, Luke Berning, Andrew Owens, Greg Rustico, Mike Ryan, and Alex Sun. Joan Bradley, in particular, has facilitated every stage of the manuscript production from my hen-scratch writing to final editorial revisions. As she finishes her years of service at Notre Dame, I celebrate the pivotal role that she has played in my life and in the recent history of the institution.
This third volume of my three-part memoir Monk s Tale appears seven years after volume 1, The Pilgrimage Begins, 1941-1975 , and five years after volume 2, Way Stations on the Journey . The primary reason for the longer time period to complete volume 3 is that I began the process by writing almost a thousand pages about my presidential years for the university archives. Later I sifted through that material to produce a work that is much shorter in length and, I hope, more interesting to the reader.
Volume 1 started at the beginning, with my family roots, educational history, vocational discernment, and ministerial and academic preparations. Volume 2 covered my years as a professor of theology at Notre Dame, the succession of administrative responsibilities that I exercised, my years of residence in Sorin Hall, the range of my extracurricular involvements, the process by which I was elected as Notre Dame s sixteenth president, and how I spent the time between my election in November and my formal assumption of that office on July 1. Volume 2 also described in some detail several of the outside boards I served on (or chaired) during my vice presidential and presidential years, as well as the period of more than ten years during which I participated in the Ex Corde Ecclesiae consultative process. By including that material in Volume 2, I intended to have a clearer, less cluttered focus in this final volume.
Volume 3 is basically chronological and has eighteen chapters, one for each year of my presidency. The chapters vary in length, depending on the particular challenges and opportunities that we faced as an institution in a given year, and also on my own personal schedule of activities, both on and off campus. In Chapter 1 I lay out the typical annual structure of my life and work. I usually participated in many recurring student- and alumni-focused events, such as orientation, home football weekends, Junior Parents Weekends, commencements, and Alumni Reunion Weekends. There were also many other less public but still regular events: meetings with the board of trustees, the Academic Council, the Alumni Board, and other such representative bodies.
I will not mention many of those regular meetings and events in subsequent chapters because I presume that by then the reader will already be familiar with my normal routines, and also with my efforts to find a comfortable balance among my varied roles as president, professor, writer, liturgical leader, pastor, Holy Cross community member, and public speaker. As a result, for those later years I usually include short updates and a range of stories and commentaries that are particularly noteworthy in my memory.
I was often engaged in long-term matters that took up my attention over the course of some years, including my membership on various boards and my involvement in projects such as Notre Dame s Tantur Ecumenical Institute in the Holy Land and the founding of the University of Notre Dame Australia. Some of these activities I covered in sufficient detail in volume 2. Other activities took place primarily during my presidency and are covered here. Of course I will not relate every relevant board meeting or overseas trip chronologically in an annual rundown, but will instead provide summary accounts at appropriate points, pausing in the basic year-by-year account. In this way the reader will be able to understand these long-term stories as a whole, as they developed across several years, rather than trying to understand them piecemeal as they happened. Similarly, I want to give the reader of this volume some insights into the more important overarching themes of my life and my administration, and those insights would be difficult to convey and be fully appreciated in a purely chronological account. Among these themes are my life as a priest of Holy Cross, athletics at Notre Dame, and our efforts at being a good neighbor to the local South Bend community. Again, I will pause at appropriate points in the narrative to consider these topics more thematically than chronologically.
Because my term of office as president began on July 1, and because commencement (and Aumni Reunion Weekend close on its heels) always communicates a powerful sense of final accomplishment and closure in the life of a university, it seemed appropriate to begin each chapter with July 1, considering first the activities of the summer, then moving into the beginning of fall semester and then keeping a typical university schedule in mind.
As a public figure, I have had to choose carefully what to include and what to exclude in this volume on my Notre Dame presidency. I ve tried to be truthful without being hurtful. I m well aware that, in a large, complex institution, there can be (and are) multiple interpretations of the events I have described. In the end, I hope that my love for Notre Dame and its people comes through clearly, along with my overwhelming sense of gratitude for having been given the opportunity to lead this great university for eighteen years. I believe that the future for Notre Dame is bright and promising. All of us, indeed, stand on the shoulders of giants.
The First Year of a Peripatetic President (1987-88)
In the circumstances of my birth and upbringing, there was little to suggest that I might someday be elected to lead a great Catholic university. I was fortunate to have had loving parents who believed deeply in the value of education and personal formation. They continually encouraged me to set high goals for myself and to seek to make a difference in the world by using my God-given talents

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