Theatre production and Artistic Directing : Lessons from Bubbles Theatre Troupe
154 pages

Theatre production and Artistic Directing : Lessons from Bubbles Theatre Troupe , livre ebook


154 pages


"Tested on Bubbles Theatre Troupe in theatre practice and theory, this book vividly portrays Anne Tanyi-Tang's invaluable insight into the responsabilities of a theatre producer and artistic director. It will serve as a reference book on theatre production processes". Patrick Tata

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Date de parution 01 janvier 2015
Nombre de lectures 75
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Anne TanyiTang
Theatre Production and Artistic Directing: Lessons from Bubbles Theatre Troupe
Theatre Production and Artistic Directing:
Lessons from Bubbles Theatre Troupe
Anne Tanyi-Tang
Theate Production and Artistic Directing:
Lessons from Bubbles Theatre Troupe Preface from Maxime Meto’o
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To Almighty God for His gifts to me
Written in a succinct and lucid style, Anne Tanyi Tang’sTheatre Production and Artistic Directing: Lessons from Bubbles Theatre Troupe,takes the reader to the professional world of theatre production and directing and leaves him or her pondering over the prospects of Cameroon theatre. Tested on Bubbles Theatre Troupe coupled with professionals’ responses to questionnaire to prime players in the profession, the book focuses on the processes and challenges of producing theatre and directing plays in Cameroon. It is a critique of Cameroon theatre and reflects on the neartotal disregard of theatre in Cameroon and why theatre that blossomed and thrived in the late 70s and 80s suffered grievously and came so close to despair in the late 90s and thereafter. Cameroon theatre is spoken of only in pessimistic terms.
Notwithstanding the ups and downs surrounding theatre, the stoical professionals have not given up. For as they put it, today’s prospects are bleak but the future will be bright.
The book has filled the lacuna in the history of theatre production and directing in Cameroon. It is an excellent reference book for theatre professionals given its tested views and authenticity.
Prof. Maxime Meto’o Professor of French Literature.
I am immensely indebted to Madam Andree Johnson – former Director of Cultural Affairs, American Embassy, Yaoundé, who brought me to the limelight from 1999 2000, and 2004 and to members of Bubbles Theatre Troupe. Working with this troupe has been exciting, enriching, challenging and a learning process. Gratitude also goes to the staff of Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV) who publicized my theatrical performances as well as the embassies, ministries and organizations which sponsored some of the productions of Bubbles Theatre Troupe.
In no way can I forget Professor Louis James (the supervisor of my MA thesis) and Professor Roy Dilley (the supervisor of my Ph. D thesis) who upheld and assured me of what I could do. Chief Professor Samson Negbo Abangma, Professor Bole Butake, Professor AtanganaBolo, MartheIsabelle, Professor George Echu, Professor Mateteyou Emmanuel, Professor Jacques Raymond Fofie as a team came up with variant critiques to enhance the quality of this book. They are the light and ambience of the work.
To the Cameroon Government, whose consistent financial support throughout my education has contributed immensely in making me what I am today, I submit my grateful service. And to Dr. Tar Moses who has always been so supportive, I say thank you, son.
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