How to Drink Like a Rock Star
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175 pages
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Who doesn't dream of the rock star lifestyle? Loud music, throngs of adoring fans, and parties that last for days. The glitz, the glamor, and the drinking.

In How to Drink Like a Rockstar, Albert W. A. Schmid offers readers a taste of how the rock stars live with his various cocktail recipes inspired by some of America's favorite musicians, from classic rock to contemporary artists. Drinks like Opera, Jumpin' Jack Flash, and T.N.T pay tribute to bands such as Queen, the Beatles, and AC/DC, each with a different twist. Every one of Schmid's cocktail recipes celebrates the lives and careers of artists such as Van Halen's Michael Anthony with his Jack Daniels–shaped guitar or The Grateful Dead and their army of "Dead Head" groupies. Not only does he detail the best mixing techniques, list the necessary equipment, and provide instructions on how to make homemade cocktail cherries and syrups but Schmid also includes rock star life advice so that readers can maximize their rock star experience.

With easy-to-follow glossaries for both rock 'n' roll and cocktail-making terms alongside a wide array of drinks that will quench any sort of thirst, How to Drink Like a Rock Star is an informative and light-hearted manual to get your night started right.


A good rock star lives large—in part because they can but also because life is short! Alcohol lowers humans inhibitions which allows them to live large, at least for a little while—like a rock star! The genesis of alcoholic beverage starts with a near invisible process, fermentation. All alcoholic beverage starts with fermentation. During fermentation, yeast converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Fermentation creates both beer and wine. Beer is made from a liquid laced primarily with grains like barley, rice and corn. Wine is made from the liquids from fruit. Fermented beverages like beer and wine can be served in cocktails but they can also be distilled into a spirit at a higher alcohol by volume. Spirits fall into three categories: 1) Clear spirits, 2), Spirits that are sometimes clear and sometimes brown and 3) Brown Spirits. Each of the spirit categories are represented in this chapter. First, the clear spirits, Vodka and Gin, then, the spirits that come both clear and brown, Rum and Tequila (and Mescal), followed by the brown spirits brandy and whiskey, and finally other cocktails which are cocktails made with wine, beer or liqueurs. Enjoy the music and the drinks!

Vodka is the choice of bartenders. Vodka is the perfect spirit for a rock star and for a bartender albeit for different reasons. Vodka is colorless, flavorless and has little aroma, in other words–;the spirit is neutral, once vodka is mixed into a cocktail which allows maximum creativity from the bartender and rock stars can mix vodka with whatever they like or they can drink vodka straight. This lack of distinguishable character is achieved by distilling vodka to higher alcohol by volume and then watering it down to the desired proof. Smirnoff capitalized on this in 1953 creating an ad campaign, "it leaves you breathless!" The campaign was a play on words. But, for a rock star that is a good place to start. The vodka is undetectable when mixed with other beverages such as orange juice, tomato juice or tonic water. Most other spirits can be detected on the breath of the person consuming that spirit. Vodka can be made from anything but most are made from grains or potatoes. Today, vodka is one of the most popular spirits with bar customers and bartenders love vodka too because as many bartenders will tell you, "Vodka pays the bills".

Vodka Cocktails

The Beastie Boys penned a song about this cocktail on their debut album, Licensed to Ill, in 1986. The group consisted of Michael "Mike D" Diamond, Adam "MCA" Yauch, and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz. The Beastie Boys were induced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April of 2012 less than a month later Yauch passed away of cancer. Diamond confirmed that the Brass Monkey cocktail was something that the group enjoyed and inspired their song of the same name. Also, the term Brass Monkey is a British colloquialism for extremely cold weather. Brass Monkey subbing for, "cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey". Brass Monkey is basically an "amped up" screwdriver.

Brass Monkey

1-ounce vodka
1-ounce dark rum
1-ounce orange juice

Fill an Old-Fashioned glass with ice and water to chill the glass. Fill the tin side of a Boston shaker with ice. Add the vodka, dark rum and orange juice to a mixing glass. Pour the contents of the mixing glass into the tin side of the Boston shaker and close the shaker. Shake until the ice sounds different. Empty the Old-Fashioned glass then add ice. Strain the drink into the Old-fashioned glass. Then "put your left leg down, right leg up, tilt your head back let's finish the cup."

Foreword by TJ Johnson


Rock Star Lexicon by Bennett Schmid (AKA: DJ Bennett)

1. Drink Like a Rock Star!

2. Cocktail Recipes





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How to DRINK LIKE A k RocStar
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    . ;
always a rock star!
Foreword by TJ Jonson ix Acknowledgments xiii Rock Star Lexicon by Bennett Scmid (aka DJ Bennett) xv
one Drink Like a Rock Star
t wo Cocktail Recipes 
Bibliograpy 
            a rock star, I am sure many tink of extreme excess—you know, party till you puke. his mind-set did not work out very well for Jon Bonam, Bon Scott, or Amy Wineouse. heir deats were from excess alcool. Growing up, I was an avid reader of CreemandHit Paraderand do not recall ever seeing a poto of Jimmy Page witout a bottle of Jack Daniel’s somewere in te sot. Excess! During te summer of , I saw Def Leppard open for Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Ozz tour. I was not familiar wit Def Leppard, but wat sticks in my memory is te crew av-ing to walk guitarist Pete Willis, wo was obviously drunk, to te stage to elp keep is balance. In , Willis was fired due to excessive alcool consumption “on te job.” Steve Clark, Def Leppard’s oter guitarist, would battle alcoolism until is deat in . As for Ozzy, during te sow, e was pretty muc frozen center stage clutcing is micropone stand wit bot ands. Wonder wy? Excess! Van Halen’s bassist Micael Antony even ad a bass saped like a Jack Daniel’s bottle e played during te sow. Wen I first moved to Los Angeles, I lived in Serman Oaks at Ventura Boulevard and Woodman Avenue. Ventura Boulevard as countless liquor stores, and every one of tem ad an autograped poto from Edward Van Halen. Excess! I, like many may, recall director Penelope Speeris’she Decline of Western Civilization Part II: he Metal Years.In one of te key scenes, Speeris interviews WASP’s Cris Holmes wile e floats in a pool sipping vodka and slurring; is
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