The Ethical Meat Handbook, Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition
267 pages

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The Ethical Meat Handbook, Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition , livre ebook


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267 pages

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A delicious alternative to the status quo when it comes to how we farm, cook, and eat

  • Author is a butcher, chef, teacher and writer

  • First edition sold 4 000 copies, author's second book Pure Charcuterie sold 2000 copies

  • Second edition will be full colour with revised recipes and cuts

  • Contains 61% new information

  • She has worked with commercial and homestead herds of cattle, poultry, swine, sheep and goats for over 15 years and is trained in low stress animal handling

  • She has a large network of respected food advocates from her instructional work

  • She travels internationally teaching cutting edge food production and processing and charcuterie

  • Solution-oriented and holistic offering out of the box ideas that can be used by everyday eaters

  • Ethical meat is healthy for our bodies, having been raised without harmful additives, antibiotics or hormones

  • Explains how to keep animals in a way that honored the animals' natural tendencies

  • Includes parameters for integrity in the animals' life, death, butchery, and processing

  • Illustrates butchery techniques that values the entire animal

  • Shows specialty and gourmet cuts that waste less meat, for example, how to cut a tender steak from an otherwise tougher primal

  • Step-by-step color photos of butchery for beef, pork, lamb and poultry

  • 100 recipes for whole animal cookery

  • Charcuterie recipes that use less common animal parts such as tongue and heart to make sausage, pate and other prepared meats

  • Written in an accessible style, has more options and recipes than other similar books

  • Differs from other books on this subject because it delves into the issues of how to enjoy delicious food, benefit our health and our planet without abusing animals

  • Includes insider information from the author's experience in the food system

  • Helps the reader develop a more realistic role for meat in their diets by understanding animals better and learning how to make better use of animals.

  • Now in full colour throughout- previous edition was black and white


locavores, foodies, DIY and homesteaders, urban farmers, chefs, people attending the NY food book fair, small scale farmers, food policy advocates

A delicious alternative to the status quo when it comes to how we farm, cook, and eat

Nutrition, environmental impact, ethics, sustainability – it seems like there's no end to the food factors we must consider. At the center of the dietary storm is animal-based agriculture. Was your beef factory farmed or pasture-raised? Did your chicken free range, or was it raised in a battery cage? Have you, in short, met your meat?

Most efforts to unravel the complexities of the production and consumption of animals tend to pit meat eaters and vegetarians against each other.

In this 2nd edition of The Ethical Meat Handbook, Meredith Leigh argues that by assuming responsibility for the food on our fork and the route by which it gets there, animals can be an optimal source of food, fiber, and environmental management. This new edition covers:

  • Integrating animals into your garden or homestead
  • Step-by-step color photos for beef, pork, lamb, and poultry butchery
  • 100+ recipes for whole-animal cooking
  • Culinary highlights: preparing difficult cuts, sauces, and extras
  • Charcuterie, including history, general science, principles, and tooling up
  • The economics and parameters for responsible meat production.

Eating diversely may be the most revolutionary action we can take to ensure the sustainability of our food system. The Ethical Meat Handbook 2nd Edition challenges us to take a hard look at our dietary choices, increase self-reliance, and enjoy delicious food that benefits our health and our planet.

Introduction to the Second Edition

1. Buying Differently
2. Cooking Differently
3. Eating Different Things
4. General Notes on Raising, Cooking, and Eating Animals

     Notes on Cooking and Eating Muscle
5. Butchery Tools and Tips
6. The Non-Farming Omnivore
     Butchers and Butcher Shops
     Buying Options
          Buying Cooperatively
          Buying Whole but Small
          Pricing and Terms
     Space and Storage for Home Butchery

7. Beef
     Raising Beef
     Feed and Minerals
     Space and Water

8. Lamb
     Raising Lamb
     Space and Water
     Feed and Minerals

9. Pork
     Raising Pigs
     Space and Water
     Feed and Minerals

10. Poultry
     Raising Poultry
     Housing and Fencing
     Feed, Minerals, and Water
     Additional Consideration
     Home Slaughter

11. Beef Butchery
     The Forequarter
     The Chuck and Brisket
     The Rib and Plate
     The Hindquarter
     The Flank, Loin, and Sirloin
     The Round
12. Lamb Butchery
     The Shoulder
     The Rib
     The Saddle
     The Leg
13. Pork Butchery
14. Poultry Butchery

15. Cooking with Beef

     Beef and Lovage Sausage
     Braised Beef Shank Tacos with Herb and Caper Salsa
     Beef Bacon
     Beef Tallow
     Beef Jerky
     Beef Stock
     Sauces and Sundries for Beef
          Pickled Red Onion
          Bone Marrow Horseradish Sauce
          Queso Fresco
          Anchovy Butter

16. Cooking with Lamb
     Earl Grey Braised Lamb Shank with Herb Dumplings
     Lime Curry Lamb Sausage with Dosas and Raita
     Fire-Cooked Lambchetta with Apricot and Rosemary
     Sous Vide Hogget Rib with Orange, Fennel, and Honey Marmalade
     Roast Leg of Goat with Mustard, Capers, and Marjoram
     Bourbon- and Sorghum-Glazed Lamb Spare Ribs
     Sauces and Sundries for Lamb
          Broiled Tomatillo Salsa
          Red Wine Mushrooms
          Ginger Mint Cilantro Chutney
          Grilled Artichoke Salad with Smoked Paprika Aioli

17. Cooking with Pork
     Pulled Pork with Hot Vinegar Sauce, Chow Chow, and Corn Pancakes
     Pork Banh Mi Sandwiches with Quick Pickles
     Braised Pork Ribs with Rooster Sauce and Balsamic
     Chicharron with Apple Butter and Cilantro Crème Fraîche
     Pork Tourtiere
     Basic Pie Crust
     Breakfast Scrapple with Arugula, Eggs, and Maple Syrup
     Porchetta with Persimmon, Chestnut, and Pine
     Sauces and Sundries for Pork
          Barbeque Sauce
          Apple Butter
          Bread and Butter Pickles

18. Cooking with Poultry
     Spatchcocked Roasted Chicken with Lemon and Fresh Herbs
     Chicken Ballotine, Three Ways
     Chicken Cardamom Sausage
     Fried Chicken
     Duck Confit
     Duck Rillettes
     Sauces and Sundries for Poultry
          Quick Buttermilk Drop Biscuits
          Milk Gravy

19. Charcuterie
     Nitrites and Nitrates
     Getting Started with Fresh Sausage

     Breakfast Sausages
     Herbes de Provence Sausages
     Garlic Orange Bratwurst
     Pâtés, Terrines, and Meat Specialties

     Liver Pâté
     Beef Bologna
     Whole Muscle Cures
     Smoking Meats
     Pancetta Stesa
     Coppa or Capicola
     Smoked Fiochetto Ham
     Fermented Sausages
     Basic Salami
     Fennel Salami with Nutmeg and Wine
20. Conclusion

Appendix 1: Beef Cuts Diagram
Appendix 2: Lamb Cuts Diagram
Appendix 3: Pork Cuts Diagram
Appendix 4: Resources for Further Study

     Suppliers, Websites, and Support Organizations
Thanks and Praise
About the Author
A Note about the Publisher



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Praise for The Ethical Meat Handbook, Revised Expanded Second Edition
Meredith Leigh is, in her own words, a lifelong pilgrim for food, but not just any food. She is a pilgrim for living food, real food, and food produced within intricately balanced natural systems, which, Leigh gently and elegantly reminds us, we can either live peacefully and humbly within or fight tooth and nail against. This book is for anyone looking to become an active, thoughtful participant in an intricate and always changing living system of food, community, and deliciousness.
- Camas Davis, executive director of the Good Meat Project, founder of the Portland Meat Collective
Community. Vitality. Deliciousness. The Ethical Meat Handbook is more than a dive into butchering, it s a look into our ecosystem and taking back our planet through good food and through mindful sourcing and eating in our day to day lives. Meredith Leigh has a visionary approach towards ethical slaughter, whole animal utilization, and being aware of the world around you. This book is an essential read for meat eaters, and non-meat eaters alike, as it is a head first dive into our agricultural system that sheds light on the age-old importance of raising, and eating, healthy and sustainable livestock.
- William S. Dissen, executive chef and owner of The Market Place Restaurant, Haymaker Restaurant, and Billy D s Fried Chicken
This book is practical, yes, but it s also deeply personal. Meredith Leigh will teach you how to raise animals, butcher them, and cook and cure their meat. Even better, she explains what it means and why it matters, and her passion is infectious. After reading this book, I longed to smell the deep funk of the barn, to feel the squish of mud beneath my chore boots, to heft a butcher knife in my hand.
- Mark Essig, author of Lesser Beasts: A Snout-to-Tail History of the Humble Pig
Meredith Leigh is an unassuming superhero of the meat supply chain. She has taken a subject so often presented in the extreme either in the toughness of the butcher or the evilness of the industry to begin with and presented the nuance of real life while pulling no punches; delivering on every single point. In the tale of the life, death, and consumption of the animal to sustain us, Leigh alternates between the role of hands on expert, social and environmental activist, and inspired poet. Apply Leigh s comprehensive research and practical knowledge to your food choices then apply her style of living, learning, and teaching to whatever you do next.
- Joshua Lewin, chef and owner of Juliet and Peregrine
For the growing number of people looking to eat better meat, this book is invaluable: deeply thoughtful while accessible and pragmatic. It asks the right questions and answers them brilliantly.
- Nicolette Hahn Niman, author of Defending Beef and Righteous Porkchop.
The Ethical Meat Handbook is an inspirational must-read for anyone who eats food. Meredith Leigh champions for the respectful and ethical treatment of animals and those who raise and grow our food. This is thoughtful book for meat eaters and vegetarians alike.
- Cassidee Dabney, The Barn at Blackberry Farm
The Ethical Meat Handbook , 2 nd Edition elegantly invites the reader, as an eater, to consider food systems and how our choices (not always easy) can be the most radical thing we can do in regard to the health of our planet, our soils, our farmers, our communities, and ourselves. This is a must read for anyone looking to find something they can do at the home level to impact our planet s crisis positively. Leigh deftly and elegantly helps us, the consumers of food, understand the intricacies of the production of our food and consumption habits. She paints an honest, yet hopeful picture. The Ethical Meat Handbook , 2 nd Edition is wise, practical, and flexible, offering the reader a chance to dip in to any aspect from husbandry and butchery to charcuterie or nose to tail cooking.
- Kirsten K. Shockey, food educator and author of Fermented Vegetables and Miso, Tempeh, Natto, and other Tasty Ferments
I was only pages into reading when I was both surprised and delighted to realize that what I thought was a glorified cookbook was a much more dignified and intellectual look at the farm-to-table meat industry. I will definitely keep this book in my arsenal of educational tools, and I know I ll will refer to it again and again.
- Brianna Hagell, owner/head butcher of Vessel Meats and local food advocate
As a chef or anyone who gives a damn about the preparation and consumption of food, this book is a must-read. Witnessing Meredith mindfully slaughter a hogette from start to finish was a profound and emotional experience that I only fully realized after reading her words. She understands the complexity of our modern-day food system and offers real-life, unabashedly honest, informative, no bull shit possibilities towards ethical, sustainable, and delicious change.
- Ann Kim, Chef, owner of Young Joni, Pizzeria Lola, Hello Pizza, and Sooki Mimi
This is an essential guide for anyone interested in where their food comes from and how to start raising it for themselves. It s a perfect reference book, covering topics such as; how our food should be produced, good animal husbandry and how that benefits us all, excellent photos with clear and thorough descriptions of full carcass, nose to tail butchery, and it even has some great recipes. Meredith Leigh shows us how we can all make a difference in our local communities and benefit from a symbiotic relationship with our Mother Earth.
- Louisa Halewell, owner of Little Black Pig
The Ethical Meat Handbook is not just a carnivores guide to meat. It provides keen insight on our responsibility to the land, agriculture, and the Farmers that tend to it; it takes a deep dive into Food Access, Food Privilege, and what it means to redefine the way we approach meat preparation from slaughter to plate. This work is an eye-opener with regards to respectfully approaching the animals that sacrifice life for our sustenance as well as our bodies by reimagining the American dining experience.
- Elle Scott, founder of SheChef Inc
The Ethical Meat Handbook is at once profound, poetic, and practical. Those of us who care deeply about the nourishment we give our bodies, the compacts we make with other living beings, and the future of this earth, realize that ours must be an ever-evolving understanding of what is right, sustainable, and good. In this, the second edition of her masterwork, Meredith Leigh shares new information for our decision making, deeper insights for our spirit, and thoughtfully crafted recipes for our tables, as well as for our lives.
- Ronni Lundy author of Victuals, An Appalachian Journey with Recipes , James Beard Cookbook of the Year, 2017
The second edition of Meredith Leigh s The Ethical Meat Handbook is a poetic call to action for every modern day omnivore. What a relief to have a tool that isn t just some morose view on what s wrong with the food system but rather a practical instruction manual on how to contribute to lasting change. These pages are packed within critical information for every meat consumer from professional butchers, to novice culinary enthusiasts. Meredith s incredible attention to detail and respect for every living microorganism in the ecosystem is apparent in every chapter. Leigh takes an honest and balanced look at current farming systems a produces a fun guide to sourcing, purchasing, utilization, and fun recipes for all meat. She doesn t act as the ultimate authority with all the answers, rather shares her findings and invites the reader to embark on a journey with her even past what is between these pages. This educational text reads like you re having a coffee with your favorite person.
- Mavis-Jay Sanders, executive chef and social equity advocate
Meredith Leigh has given us a refreshing and holistic perspective in The Ethical Meat Handbook . Even as a professional chef I feel challenged decoding which meats align with my ideals. The information in this book has empowered me to make more informed choices and somehow at the same time left me feeling like I had dinner in the home of a very heartfelt and thoughtful cook.
- Mike Lata Chef, co-owner of FIG and The Ordinary

Copyright 2020 by Meredith Leigh.
All rights reserved.
Cover design by Diane McIntosh. Cover Photo by Erin Adams/ Cover illustration (lamb) by Rob Hunt.
All interior photographs Cindy Kunst
Printed in Canada. First printing November, 2019.
Inquiries regarding requests to reprint all or part of The Ethical Meat Handbook, Second Edition should be addressed to New Society Publishers at the address below. To order directly from the publishers, please call toll-free (North America) 1-800-567-6772, or order online at
Any other inquiries can be directed by mail to:
New Society Publishers
P.O. Box 189, Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1X0, Canada
(250) 247-9737
Title: The ethical meat handbook : from sourcing to butchery, mindful meat eating for the modern omnivore / Meredith Leigh.
Names: Leigh, Meredith, 1983- author.
Description: Revised expanded second edition. | Includes index.
Identifiers: Canadiana (print) 20190176091 | Canadiana (ebook) 201901760105 | ISBN 9780865719231 (softcover) | ISBN 9781550927160 (PDF) | ISBN 9781771423120 (EPUB)
Subjects: LCSH: Cooking (Meat) | LCSH: Meat-Moral and ethical aspects. | LCSH: Meat industry and trade-Moral and ethical aspects. | LCSH: Meat industry and trade-Environmental aspects. | LCSH: Slaughtering and slaughter-houses-Moral and ethical aspects. | LCGFT: Cookbooks.
Classification: LCC TX749 .L44

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