The Complete Indian Sports Quiz Book
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The Complete Indian Sports Quiz Book , livre ebook


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195 pages

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Did you know Sachin Tendulkar was the first cricketer in the world to be given out by the third umpire?
Did you know that the Khadilkar sisters – Rohini, Vasanthi and Jayashree – dominated the national women’s chess scene in India from 1974 to 1984?
Did you know the Indian Women’s Hockey team qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics after 36 years?
With more than 2000 questions, fascinating facts about your sports stars and trivia about some of your favourite games, come discover the world of Indian sports with this highly entertaining and informative book for sports fans and quizzers.



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Vijayan Bala

This digital edition published in 2016
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It gives me great pleasure to introduce The Complete Indian Sports Quiz Book by Vijayan Bala. Vijayan Bala has not only been an outstanding English teacher and a dedicated, inspiring, observant and innovative school educational administrator for over three and a half decades but also a knowledgeable sports writer and commentator for over four decades. He is a walking encyclopedia on sports.
The book deals with the achievements of Indians in the national and main international competitions. Apart from quiz questions with answers, the book has trivia information, profiles of outstanding Indian players and a Did You Know feature. The book is an invaluable addition to the sports collection of an individual fan, any library, media institutes, all types of media and different sports associations.
Col Rajyavardhan Rathore Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting Government of India
1.When did the Archery Association of India come into existence?
8 August 1973.
2.When was Archery first introduced in the Olympics?
In 1900 Olympics, Paris.
3.What did the 1972 Munich Olympics mark in Archery?
It marked the beginning of the modern archery competition at the Olympic Games.
4.When did Indian archers first participate in the Olympics?
1988 Seoul Olympics.
5.How many archers did India send for the Seoul Olympics?
Three, all men.
6.Name the members of the side.
Limba Ram, Shyam Lal Meena and Sanjeeva Singh.
7.How many Olympics have Indian archers taken part in?
Six - 1988 in Seoul, 1992 in Barcelona, 1996 in Atlanta, 2004 in Athens, 2008 in Beijing and 2012 in London.
8.How have the Indian archers fared in the Olympics till 2012?
No medals as yet.
9.Which Indian archer has been the maximum number of times with the Indian Archery side to the Olympics?
Limba Ram. As a player he represented India in the 1988, 1992 and 1996 Olympics, while in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics he went as a coach.
10. How was Limba Ram the archer first spotted?
To find top-class archers, the Sports Authority of India conducted a trial in a village in Rajasthan. In this trial held in 1987, Limba Ram was chosen by the selectors of the Sports Authority of India. He was then sent for a four-month training camp in Delhi.
11. How did Limba Ram prove the selectors correct?
By being selected to represent India in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.
12. How was 1989 a very successful year for him?
In 1989, Limba Ram first reached the quarter final in the World Championship Cup in Lausanne, Switzerland. In the sixth Asian Cup in Bangkok he finished second individually, while India got the team gold.
13. Why have Indian archers been able to participate in only two Commonwealth Games - 1982 in Brisbane and 2010 in New Delhi?
Archery is an optional sport in the Commonwealth Games. Moreover, India had a set international standard team only towards the late 1980s.
14. How have the Indian archers performed in the Commonwealth Games?
In 1982, India failed to secure a medal while in the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi India won eight medals.
15. What did the eight medals comprise of?
Three gold, one silver and four bronze.
16. Who won the gold medals?
Rahul Banerjee in the men s recurve individual, Deepika Kumari in the women s recurve individual and Deepika Kumari, Dola Banerjee and Bombayala Devi Laishram in the women s recurve team events. Deepika thus won two golds.
17. Which were the other medals won by India?
A silver in the men s compound team and bronze medals in the men s recurve team, women s compound team, men s recurve individual (Jayanta Talukdar) and women s recurve individual (Dola Banerjee) events. Jayanta Talukdar won two medals.
18. In which events did Dola s younger brother Rahul participate in?
Men s recurve individual and men s recurve team events.
19. What feat did Dola and Rahul Banerjee achieve?
Both won medals in the Games.
20. When did Indian archers start winning medals in the Asian Games?
The Indian archers started winning medals in the 2006 Doha Asian Games.
21. Which medal did Indian archers win and in which event in the 2006 Asian Games?
India won a bronze in the men s team recurve event.
22. How many medals did the Indian archers win in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games?
Three in all (one silver and two bronze).
23. The men s and women s teams both won the bronze medals. Who won the silver for India?
Tarundeep Rai in the men s recurve individual event.
24. Dola and Rahul Banerjee achieved a unique feat once again in 2010 Asian Games. What was it?
Both, brother (Rahul) and sister (Dola) won medals.
25. What was India s medal tally in Archery in the 2014 Incheon Games?
Four in all (one gold, one silver and two bronze).
26. Which two players won two medals each?
Abhishek Verma in the men s category and Trisha Deb in the women s category.
27. What did Abhishek Verma win?
Abhishek won an individual silver and was a member of the gold winning men s compound team.
28. What were Trisha s successes?
Trisha won an individual bronze and was also a member of the bronze medal winning women s compound team.
29. Who won India s first individual medal in Archery in the World Championships?
Rajat Chauhan won a silver medal in the compound individual event in the 2015 World Championships in Copenhagen.
30. In which event did Abhishek Verma win a gold for India in the World Cup Archery Stage 3 at Wroclaw, Poland in August 2015?
Men s compound individual event.
31. Who is the first Indian Compound archer to win a medal in a World Cup final?
Abhishek Verma at Mexico City on 25 October 2015, when he won a silver medal.
32. India won two silver medals in an Archery World Cup final for the first time in 2015. Who won the other silver medal for India?
Deepika Kumari in the recurve event.

1. Name the athlete who won the 100m and 200m sprint events in the 1951 Asian Games at Delhi.
Lavy Pinto. He was also in the 4x100m silver-medalwinning relay team.
2. What other distinction did Lavy Pinto achieve in the 1951 Asian Games?
He became the first Indian to win a gold medal in the Asian Games.
3. Name the other short-distance runner who won medals in the 1951 Asian Games.
M. Gabriel. He won silver medals in the 200m sprint and 4x100m relay event. He also won a bronze in the 100m sprint in the 1954 Asian Games.
4. Who is the first Indian woman to win a silver medal for India in the Asian Games?
Roshan Mistry - silver medal in the 100m sprint in the 1951 Asian Games in Delhi.
5. Which woman athlete got a bronze medal in the 200m sprint and was part of the silver medal 4x100m relay team in the 1951 Asian Games?
Mary D Souza. She also successfully participated in the 1954 Asian Games.
6. Name a mathematics professor, later Reader, who in his youth won the gold medal in the 800m event of the 1951 Asian Games.
Prof. Ranjit Bhatia. He later became a Reader at St. Stephen s College of the Delhi University.
7. Who were the members of the 4x400m relay side which won the gold in the 1951 Asian Games?
The four members of that gold-medal-winning team were A. S. Bakshi, Gobind Singh, Balwant Singh and Karan Singh.
8. Which Indian shot put and discuss throw specialist won gold medals in both events in the 1954 Manila Games?
Parduman Singh Brar. He was the first Asian to achieve this feat.
9. How many more medals did he win in the shot put event in the Asian Games?
In the shot put event, he followed up his gold in the 1954 Asian Games with a gold in the 1958 Tokyo Games.
10. How many more medals did he win in the discus throw event in the Asian Games?
In the discus throw event, he followed up his gold in the 1954 Asian Games with a bronze in the 1958 Tokyo Games and a silver in the 1962 Jakarta Games.
11. Who is the first and till now the only Indian to have won the gold medal in the men s 110m hurdles in the Asian Games?
Sarwan Singh, in the 1954 Manila Asian Games.
12. What did Dalu Ram achieve in the 1954 Manila Asian Games?
Dalu Ram won two bronze medals - one in the 3000m steeple chase event and the other in the 5000m event.
13. What was the Indian women s team that won the gold in the 4x100m relay for women in the 1954 Asian Games?
The Indian team comprised of Violet Peters, Christine Brown, Stephie D Souza and Mary D Souza.
14. Apart from the gold medal in the relay what other medal did Christine Brown win in the 1954 Asian Games?
She won a bronze in the 100m sprint.
15. The winning women s relay quartet in the 1954 A

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