The Ultimate Guide to Classic Game Consoles
166 pages

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The Ultimate Guide to Classic Game Consoles , livre ebook


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166 pages

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The ultimate guide to retro game consoles, an ideal reference for collectors and enthusiasts..

Write ups, specs and pictures of over 85 collectible consoles and variant models from 1972 to 2000. From the Magnavox Odyssey right through to the Sega Dreamcast.

Including the history of the evolution of electronic gaming and advice on how to collect classic consoles.

A comprehensive database of collectible consoles. Written by fellow collectors and enthusiasts.



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Date de parution 23 mai 2013
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EAN13 9781456617080
Langue English
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The Ultimate Guide To
Classic Game Consoles
Author: Kevin Baker
Article contributors: Jason, Octavian Ristea & Dendory
Editors: Jayne, Juliette & Alan Baker

Copyright 2013 Kevin Baker
All rights reserved.
Published in eBook format by
ISBN-13: 978-1-4566-1708-0
No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the author. The only exception is by a reviewer, who may quote short excerpts in a review.
This book is dedicated to my wife Jayne, my family and all classic console collectors.
1 – Introduction
Many introductions to books seem to drag on for an age, so I am going to go against the grain here and make this introduction as short as possible. The objective of this book is to provide a reference for collectors and enthusiasts of classic games consoles. A book in digital form so that you can also take it with you to a garage sale or car boot sale on your device, where you will have a useful reference on hand to find out more information about any console you may spot and consider collecting. You can also use this book to build up general knowledge about classic game consoles in general. Consoles reviewed span from between 1972 up to the year 2000, from 1 st generation consoles right through to 5 th generation consoles. I hope that you find the book useful and interesting at the same time.
2 – Classic Game Console Collecting Guide

CC Image – – Daniel Pisano
An Overview
Collecting classic game consoles appeals to people in different ways and people have their own unique reasons for becoming collectors. Some people like to collect classic consoles and games for nostalgic reasons. Maybe you are a fan of a particular game genre and want to collect as many games as possible for that genre. Others collect classic consoles for investment purposes, or perhaps they may be fans of a particular game console company, such as Atari, Sega or classic Nintendo systems which have their own individual feel and style.
Every collector usually has a personal favourite console that they love. My choice would be the Atari 2600 or the Neo Geo, whereas for others it may be the Fairchild Channel F, the Sega Saturn or even the Vectrex. If you are new to collecting classic consoles or you are considering starting up a collection there are many different approaches you can take. For instance, will you build up a collection of many different consoles and if so from what era? Will you specialise in collecting a full set of games for a particular console, or from a particular games console company, or will you opt to collect rare consoles and games as an investment for the future? Also, keep your budget in mind, as if you opt to collect the Atari 2600 and games for example it will be a relatively cheap endeavour, whereas if you decide to collect the Neo Geo console and games it will turn out to be quite an expensive hobby.
If you are a classic game console enthusiast and you are speaking to a non-enthusiast I would highly recommend keeping conversation about your hobby to under one minute. For example, if you are at a party and try to express your love for classic consoles to non-enthusiasts, they will more than likely try to drown themselves in the punch bowl through sheer boredom after a while. However, whenever you have the chance to talk to a fellow enthusiast, whether it be online or in person, it is a lot of fun sharing knowledge and experiences.
When most people think of a stereotypical classic game console collector, images of geeky middle-aged men dressed up as Darth Vader behind closed doors, fencing with their dog using a fake light sabre and speaking fluent Vulcan spring to mind. However, in reality, console collectors come from all different walks of life and it is a fun community to be a part of.
Where To Start?
If you are new to console collecting it can be overwhelming as to where to start in the sea of collectable consoles and games out there. A good tip is to maybe start with a console system that you are familiar with, which maybe you had when you were younger. This way you know the console and have a head start. It is also a great idea to have a clear cut goal. For example, you could start out by aiming to collect say a Sega Genesis console and a collection of your top 10 most favourite games. After this, you can of course readjust your goal to collect maybe 50 games and so on. This way you are hitting your goal and it is rewarding, rather than just having a blurred open goal with no focus. Having crystal clear focus and successfully hitting your goal targets is fun and there is the bonus of a feeling of achievement afterward.
Where To Find Classic Consoles & Games
So just where can you find that classic console or the games you have in mind? The best places tend to be at garage sales, car boot sales, flea markets, second hand shops, sales ad columns in local newspapers and swap meets. You will maybe even spot an absolute bargain at a garage sale or car boot sale where people are often anxious to get rid of what they see as clutter, thus maybe coming across a rare gem of a game. You can also pick up consoles and games online, such as on eBay or Amazon. To find out what the average price of the console you are looking to purchase might be, you can go online and see what price people are buying and selling it at. Bear in mind that if you spot a classic console at a car boot sale and there is no way of testing the console, you can end up with a faulty console with no comeback.
Be especially careful if you are ordering consoles to be delivered from another country, as the customs / import tax fees can be higher than what you paid for the actual console in many cases. First check the customs fees that you will have to pay, to gauge whether it is worth ordering a classic console as an import to your country of residence.
If you do opt to buy a console from another country, make sure that the console model in question was actually distributed there. China, Eastern Europe, Nigeria and Russia are just some of the countries where you want to be especially careful before parting with your money.
Make a List
If you are collecting games as additions into a large collection that you have planned, make sure you make a list of the titles that you want to collect. This way you can cross off the ones you have bought so that you will not collect the same game twice. This is something many collectors have often mistakenly done, especially if they have hectic lifestyles which tend to warp memories.
If you have a smartphone or other device that has an Internet connection, bring it along with you to the garage sale or car boot sale so that you can watch gameplay videos of games that you spot but are unfamiliar with. At flea markets or car boot sales, make sure you get there early, first thing in the morning, right when it opens preferably, or else what you are looking for may have already gone by the time you get there. It always pays to ask people at flea markets or car boot sales if they have any games, even though you might not see classic games on their display table. Often they will nod and pull out a box of games from nowhere.
Haggle & Bundle
While it is true that there is usually a benchmark price that you can make a guestimate on by doing research online, the worth of the game or console also depends on how much you are willing to pay for it and what it's worth to you personally. At flea markets and car boot sales it never hurts to politely haggle the price down. If you are buying more than one item you can always try and whittle the price down because you are buying items as a bundle. Never be afraid to start off low and pitch a price well under what the seller is asking for, you may well get a frown, maybe even a grunt, but often they will barter upwards from your original low-pitched price offer.
Read Between The Lines
If you are buying a retro games console / games online or from a local classified newspaper ad column, always read between the lines on what the seller is saying, or not saying as is mostly the case. If the seller says “Working last time I checked” then it probably will not work unless they are genuinely too lazy to even bother to test it. If the seller says that there are a “Few fixes needed” then find out what needs fixing, just how easy it would be to fix the console and decide whether you or someone you know has the spare parts and expertise needed. Also, beware of the old chestnut “Bought as seen” which means that in all probability it hasn't worked for a long time and that they want to get rid of it with no comeback, maybe even setting the pet Chihuahua on you if you come back for a refund. If possible go and visit the buyer you are buying the console from and test it there before parting with your money.
Be especially wary if there is no photo included for a console or game sold. If you buy classic consoles and games you may want to consider buying in the winter as prices can be better in this season compared to other seasons. Make sure that the console you are buying includes a power supply, as it would be pretty disappointing to purchase a console and not even be able to switch it on.
Sometimes a console that is being advertised will have a completely different photo attached, maybe one that they have copied and pasted from the Internet. When the real console arrives that you ordered, it may look like a complete mess. A good way of avoiding scams is to look at the seller's rating on online market places such as eBay.
When it comes to buying games that are on CD you need to tread especially carefully. Neo Geo CD games for instance are easy to copy and put into fake packaging that has been designed to l

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