Wedding Planning Made Easy: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide
38 pages

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Wedding Planning Made Easy: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide , livre ebook


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38 pages

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Are you planning to host a wedding in the near future?

Would you like to have additional info in regards to planning a successful wedding?

What about your bride of honor and your bridesmaid? Do they fully know what they are doing?

How about wedding speeches and toasts? Though this guide focuses more on how to plan a successful wedding, it also gives you information on how to plan a bridal shower as well as how to give a good wedding speech and toast.

Not only will this guide be useful for newly weds, but it will also be useful for those who are planning on hosting a bridal shower
(bridesmaids or bride of honor) and those who are chosen to give a wedding speech or toast at a wedding.

This guide will give you the basic break downs of what you should do and what you shouldn't do as well as how you could do it.



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Wedding Planning Made Easy: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide
Kayla Andrew
© 2012 by Kayla Andrew
ISBN 9781456611552
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Terms of Use
Any information provided in this book is through the author’s interpretation. The author has done strenuous work to reassure the accuracy of this subject. If you wish you attempt any of the practices provided in this book, you are doing so with your own responsibility. The author will not be held accountable for any misinterpretations or misrepresentations of the information provided here.
All information provided is done so with every effort to represent the subject, but does not guarantee that your life will change. The author shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages that result from reading this book.
Bridal Showers
What is it?
The hostesses of bridal showers
Who should be invited to bridal showers?
The Basics
Shower Schedules
Thank-you letters
Wedding Planning
Who pays for what?
Reception Planning
Wedding Speeches and Toasts
Writing a speech
Presenting a speech
Speech themes
Do’s and Don’ts
For couples, we all know that a wedding marks the start of a new life with the person that we love.
It is a joyful day for couples to spend time together as they are congratulated by the people around them. It is a day where they are showered with love and affection from both their friends and families.
Of course, even a wonderful day like this is one that does not come cheap. As always, there is money involved as well as planning.
It’s always nice to have an elegant wedding that you would want to remember for the rest of your life, but it’s also important to make sure that you stay within the lines of your budget so you won’t have to overspend. The process may become very stressful during the planning process, but it’ll all be worth it once the date approaches.
For those who are still new to the wedding planning process and want additional help, this guide will be useful for answering basic questions about how to plan a wedding as well as the roles that other individuals have in the planning process. So for those who are afraid of having to be responsible for every step of the planning process, you can now relax and take a breather because you won’t be the only one that is going to have to work hard for your special day.
Bridal Showers
I know that this is a guide book for wedding planning, but before we move on to that particular topic, I wanted to talk a little bit about bridal showers. In case you didn’t know, bridal showers are events that usually takes place a couple of weeks before the actual wedding. So, basically, it does have something to do with the wedding planning.
The only difference is that, for bridal showers, you don’t have to play a huge role into the planning of this event. More or less, bridal showers are mainly planned by the people around you: bridesmaids, maid of honor, co-workers, etc.
The main purpose of having a bridal shower is for the hostess or hostesses to create a delightful party that all participants will enjoy. Within this activity, the bride is to be pampered and showered with affection from the guests around her. This event is, to some degree, crucial for the bride as her wedding day is approaching.
The reason why is because when a bride is given a bridal shower, she is able to relax and ignore the stress of pre-wedding planning within those short moments in time. However, just because it’s supposed to be a joyous event does not mean that issues cannot surface. Even if bridal showers require less work than that of a wed-ding, there is still the same amount of determination and dedication involved if you’re planning to accomplish a successful one.
Remember, the main goal of a bridal shower is to please the bride to be. If, at the end of the event, she leaves with a smile on her face then you know that the shower was a success.
There are some cases where most showers did not come out very successful. Unfortunately, as a bride’s time draws nearer to her wedding date, she is known to become very self-centered. This is because she is planning for the most important day of her life. Therefore, she would expect total comfort from the people closest to her.
With thoughts like these, it’s only a given that some bridal showers may fail if you cannot live up to the bride’s expectations. Make sure that you keep a budget in check so you won’t overspend.
It’s great to have an elegant party for the bride to be, but it’s not very comforting for her when she finds out that you cannot fund most of the stuff yourself and that she has to pay some of it off in your stead. Also, make sure that the people you invited are kept in check and validated by the bride.
If you end up inviting people that the bride does not have a very good relationship with or if you forget to invite someone that the bride wanted to invite then you’re in trouble.
Keep in mind that whatever happens during the bridal shower will reflect back to her. So if the shower becomes unsuccessful, the guest will first turn to her despite whether you’re the hostess or not. Also, be sure to think about the bride when choosing a theme/structure of the bridal shower.
It’s not about you, it’s about her. So when choosing, don’t choose something because you like it, choose it because you'll know that she’ll like it.
In the case where the bridal shower becomes unsuccessful, the worst that can happen is if the bride has decided to end her friendship with you.
There are some cases where the result of the shower is not your fault but the bride’s fault. Since she is known to be self-centered around this period of time, she will demand a lot from you. If you cannot fully afford an expensive shower when she is demanding it from you then consult it to her instead of keeping it silent and disappointing her later on.
In reality, most relationships are lost because some brides do not understand the financial and emotional strains that her demands have on her friends or families. At the same time, if you do not talk to her about it then she won’t realize how she is acting to-wards you.
What is it?
Moving more in-depth as to how a bridal shower works, it basically allows the bride to be able to freely and comfortably converse with the guests.
Unlike weddings where the bride would talk with the guests in groups in order to greet everyone, bridal showers are more limited to a few amounts of people in order to allow the bride to speak individually with each of them. Not only does the bride obtain love, attention, and gifts from her close friends and families, but she is also able to receive them from the groom’s family including the leisure of being able to spend more time with them.
Showers also allow members of both the bride’s family and the groom’s family to get to know one another in the case if they have never met each other before.
When attending showers, it is mandatory to bring a gift to offer to the bride because it is part of the tradition that a bride would have to open them at the end of the shower in front of her guests. So if you were to come to a shower empty handed, it would be a huge embarrassment on your part even if the bride is not bothered by it.
In the case where you had already at-tended a shower and were invited to another, you are not obligated to bring a second present. Instead, you should remind the bride that you have already given her a present during the first shower so she would not forget to mention it in front of the guest.
Because wedding showers are more for the bride, majority of the gifts she receives will mainly be for her to use on herself. If you’re planning on sending a gift that will benefit the bride and groom then that is more of a wedding gift rather than a shower gift.
The beauty of bridal showers is that there are no men involved. In fact, men are not al-lowed to be invited. So it you’re looking for a party that will allow you to break away from your man for a short period of time then you will enjoy being at a bridal shower.
Think of it as a girl’s night out. The difference is that it’s during the day rather than at night. Nevertheless, there is a time where men can appear during the party, but that is near the very end when the bride is al-most finished with opening up all of her given presents.
Around this time, the groom would usually make his appearance in the shower only to greet those who he hasn’t met yet and to help drive the gifts home.
I've mentioned this before; it is possible for a bride to have more than one bridal shower before her wedding date. However, it is always hosted by different people every time. So let’s say that the first shower was hosted by the bridesmaids, the next could be the maid of honor, or the bride’s co-workers.
The list could be endless, but always remember that a bridal shower is not mandatory. It’s optional and is usually done out of courtesy. Most brides may demand it, but you always have the option of saying no.
The hostesses of bridal showers
There isn’t a set rule as to who can host a bridal shower. It’s actually quite open for any-body. Since it’s an event that is not mandatory, anyone is free to help out with the planning. However, there are traditions as to how bridal showers work.
Typically, the maid of honor would usually host them along with the help of the bridesmaids due to the heavy amo

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