Find Your Cash
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11 pages

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If you want to maximize your business' earning potential without having to bleed unnecessary cash, then this powerful guide is for you!

Are you worried about keeping your business afloat?

Do you feel like your expenses are eating away at your hard-earned profits?

Are you looking to boost your business' earning efficiency in the next 12 months?

If you said YES to any of the questions above, you're in the right place.
Running a business is more than injecting capital and earning profits. There are numerous factors at play, including operation costs, marketing, and liabilities.

To succeed, business owners must pinpoint not just their strong points, but also their weak points – especially if these vulnerabilities make them lose money instead of gaining it.

In "Find Your Cash: How to Find $100,000 Extra Cash in Your Business in the Next 12 Months" by seasoned business mentor Brad Flynn, you'll get 17 PROVEN Strategies to uncover the cash you are leaving on the table in your business right now.

With the help of this guide, you will:

● Make the small but necessary tweaks to key figures that will help your business earn generous quick cash gains
● Discover the secrets to finding great staff, so that you can free up your time to grow your business and your profits and have more choice with your life
● Fully understand the negative impacts of discounting and weak sales processes have on your business' bank balance
● Maximize your current resources to grow your business' extra cash exponentially in just ONE year
● Guarantee an increase in cash flow by learning better management principles when it comes to your most targeted and important figures

And so much more!

Equipped with over a decade's worth of insights from working with thousands of business owners since 2010, bestselling author and business mentor Brad Flynn ensures that you get exclusive access to his tried and true framework, so you can Find Your Cash FAST and watch your bank balance grow!



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Published 2020
Copyright © 2020 by Brad Flynn
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, without prior written permission.
Million Dollar Author publishing
Sydney, Australia
Book Layout © 2020 Million dollar Author
Find your cash . -- 1st ed.
ISBN 978-0-6487202-3-2
To my Mum and Dad.
For always loving, supporting and being there for me through life’s ups and downs.
I am so grateful for you and our family.
Revenue is Vanity,
Profit is Sanity
Cash is Reality.

Businessman, father, keynote speaker, book lover, community builder… And Author
Brad’s journey to date has been nothing like he thought it would be when he left school in a small country town. Gaining a degree in electrical engineering and being involved with projects like Stadium Australia at Sydney 2000 Olympics before progressing into his own businesses. He now shares his wealth of street-smart and quickly applicable strategies in helping small business owners build the business of their dreams.
He is the founder of the Find Your Cash online system helping business owners to dramatically boost the cash flow and profitability in their businesses.
The beggar and the passer by.
The Find Your Cash Tool
But first, who is keeping score in your business?
How to read your Profit & Loss Statement
Perception is reality
Strategy 1 - Increase your prices
Strategy 2 – Stop Discounting
Strategy 3 – Cut your COS
Strategy 4 – Review Your Fixed Expenses
Strategy 5 –Margin Magic
Strategy 6 – Bad Ads
Strategy 7 – Follow up & follow up again.
Strategy 8 – Rebook, Remind & Retain
Strategy 9 – Cash on your shelves
Strategy 10 – Equipment Cash
Strategy 11 – Lease Cash
Strategy 12 – Bank Check Cash
Strategy 13 – Missing Miscellaneous
Strategy 14 – Travel Charges
Strategy 15 – Call Outs
Strategy 16 – Rock Star Recruitment
My Golden Rules of Recruitment
Strategy 17 – Now Optimise Operations
The beggar and the passer by.
A beggar was sitting by the side of the road. As a man was walking past, he extended his torn and straggly cap and asked the passer by “can you spare some change please?”
The passer by replied that he had nothing to give and asked “What are you sitting on there?”
“Its just an old box, I have been sitting on this thing for years”, replied the beggar.
“What’s in the box?” asked the passer by.
“I don't know, I have never opened it,” the beggar said.
“Take a look, you have nothing to lose” pushed the passer by.
So the beggar opened the box and found that it was filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.
Like the passer by in my opening story, my goal is to help you open up your business and Find Your Cash.
Not to suggest you are a beggar, but having had my own struggling small businesses, I know it can feel like we are sometimes.
I have lost track in the number of times that I have sat down with business owners and helped them to open up their businesses and find them 4, 5 and 6 figures in extra cash that had no idea that was sitting in their business, waiting to be found.
But it wasn't always that way for me.
Just like a human needs oxygen to live, a business needs cash to stay alive and hopefully thrive.
My first business was a gym in Sydney in the early 2000’s. The truth is, I really sucked at it and my oxygen was quickly running out. There were times when I had no idea how I was going to pay rent or wages, let alone taxes.
A book like this would have been really handy at that time.
After learning plenty of lessons the hard way in that business, I ended up doing quite well and selling it to move on to my next challenge, becoming a business coach to help others avoid what I went through.
Early in my business coaching and mentoring journey, I had lots of enthusiasm and knew lots of stuff, from my experiences in my own business, but I would keep losing clients who couldn't afford to keep paying my fees.
I had to find a quick way to grow their business cash flow otherwise my business was going to run out of oxygen.
Prior to buying my gym business, I was an electrical engineer (my running joke is that I am better now, if you know any engineers you will understand my pun), consequently I was pretty good with numbers and spreadsheets.
So I decided to engineer a systematic and repeatable way to quickly grow my clients businesses and increase their cash flow by enough to cover their investment in me. Once that happens, I am essentially free for them. Then I can get on with the job of showing them how to build a super successful business.
As a result I now guarantee to cover my fees with my new clients in 17 weeks or I will work with you for free until I do. So far that guarantee has never been claimed.
This book is the culmination of more than 10 years experience working with 1000’s of business owners in many different types and sizes of businesses. Thus it is not based on any specific industry, but the common factors that apply to all businesses.
It is a little known fact that more than 80% of businesses fail in their first 5 years. Of those that survive, in the next 5 years, 80% of those will also fail.
That means if you start a business, you have a 1 in 25 chance of making it to your 10 th birthday, which is still no guarantee you have achieved the cash and time freedom you probably went into business for.
Sadly these failures are not because business owners don't work hard enough.
They work very hard, just on the wrong things, like understanding and knowing the numbers and cash flows in their business.
After reading this book, hopefully you will realize that knowing the right numbers is not hard, you just need to know where to look and what you are looking for.
The Find Your Cash Tool
I mentioned earlier that I built a systematic and repeatable way to quickly find business owners cash that they are leaving on the table.
Whilst this book will deep dive the strategies and concepts in finding more cash for your business, this tool is now available online.

The online Find Your Cash tool will guide you through a series of questions around your business and its numbers and then generate a printable report which provides you with the strategies to quickly find more cash for your business today.
To find out more, visit
“Compound interest is the eighth wonder
of the world” - Albert Einstein
Most people understand the power of compounding interest when it comes to investing money.
The interest we earn is added to our capital. As the amount grows because of the interest being added to our capital, we get interest on our interest.
For example;
If we start with $1000 and get 1% interest per day for a year, with the interest being added to the capital each day (compounded), we end up with $37,409.34 on day 365.
This principle applies to many areas of life including business.
When compounded like the above financial example, the strategies we are going to be learning and applying in this book and the results it generates gives a similar outcome. See figure below.

The other massive benefit that can occur in following this path is the owner frees up more time because of the leverage in cash this process delivers and their personal growth in what they learn as they progress.
But make no mistake though. You will have to do the work to get the results shown above.
When you get to critical mass is when things really accelerate, as all your hard focused work pays off, giving you what you really wanted when you first went into business, more time, money and choice.
Keith Cunningham, talks about staying in line, in the following metaphor.
Imagine you are in line at a cafeteria.
The line is edging forward and you are gradually getting to the point where you are able to place your order at the cashier.
But then you decide to get out of the line, maybe you need to take a phone call.
If you want to get back in the line you have to go all the way to the end, then begin queuing again.
It’s exactly the same in our compounding cash illustration.
You need to get on the line and work your way through the strategies.
If you get off the line, you may lose the compounding effect and have to start again at the beginning point.
My goal with this book is to help you find $100,000 extra cash in your business in the next 12 months and beyond.
Obviously, if you are a very small business or just starting out this may not be possible.
But stay on the curve (in line) because as you grow and apply what you learn from this book, your cash position will significantly improve.
Let’s dive into our first strategy.

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