Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing
148 pages

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Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing , livre ebook


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148 pages

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  • Co-authors have assembled a launch squad made up of hundreds of paying members to help promote the book at launch
  • Launch will include live video broadcast, coordinated blog content, email marketing, and social media activities to generate buzz and book sales
  • Co-authors have a total combined database of 35,000+ email subscribers
  • Outreach to influencers like Mari Smith, Guy Kawasaki, Mark Schaefer, Ann Handley, Melonie Dodaro, Goldie Chan, and many more
  • Author contributions to Social Media Examiner and Social Media today
  • Speaking engagements and media events for Jenn, Stephanie, Mike, and Amanda to come
  • Publicity via the Sacramento Bee and Sacramento Business Journal by Eric Butow
    2020 Speaking Events:
  • March 2020: Jenn & Stephanie speaking at SMMW, San Diego, CA (draws Internationally viewers)
  • April 2020: Mike & Amanda speaking at Atomicon, UK
  • June: Jenn is speaking at State of Social in Australia
  • A total of 73 percent of small businesses invest in social media marketing which is tied with websites as the top digital marketing channels
  • Only 49 percent of companies have a documented social media strategy--this book will not only help companies with strategies refine them but also help the 51 percent of companies create one.
    Chapter 1: What Is and Isn’t Social Media

    Chapter 2: The Role of Social Media Within Content Marketing

    Chapter 3: Understanding Today’s Social Networks

    Chapter 4: Understanding Today’s Format Types

    Chapter 5: How to Craft Your Social Media Strategy

    Chapter 6: How to Create Images for Social Media

    Chapter 7: How to Leverage Video

    Chapter 8: How to Leverage Chat Bots & Automation

    Chapter 9: How to Leverage Paid Social Media

    Chapter 10: How to Leverage Influencer Marketing

    Chapter 11: How to Repurpose and Reuse Social Content

    Chapter 12: How to Build Your Marketing Team

    Chapter 13: How to Measure Success

    Chapter 14: How to Iterate and Improve

    Chapter 15: Glossary
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    ISBN 978-1-61308-432-8

    Foreword by Andrew Pete, founders of andrewandpete.com
    What to Expect in This Book
    C HAPTER 1
    The Power of Social Media
    Being Social on Social Media
    How Online Relationships Benefit Offline
    C HAPTER 2
    Understand Today s Social Networks
    C HAPTER 3
    The Roles of Social Media and Content Marketing
    Social Sharing
    Authority Building
    Broadcast Teaching
    Influencer Marketing
    Dark Social Media
    Paid Social Media
    At the End of the Day
    C HAPTER 4
    Craft Your Social Media Strategy
    Determine Your Strengths
    Determine Your Assets
    Determine Your Goals
    Determine Your Plan
    C HAPTER 5
    Understand Today s Format Types
    Graphic Requirements
    Photos in Your Posts
    Social Network Icon Rules
    Video Requirements
    Link Requirements
    C HAPTER 6
    Create Images for Social Media
    Determine Image Criteria
    How to Find Great Images
    Social Media Imagery Best Practices
    Recommended Tools
    C HAPTER 7
    Create Video for Social Media
    Why Video Is Effective
    Publishing and Broadcasting Social Video
    Live Video Tactics
    Recorded Video Tactics
    Short vs. Long Videos
    Video Gear
    Video Best Practices
    C HAPTER 8
    Leverage Chatbots and Automation
    Chatbots Defined
    How to Start Your First Chatbot
    C HAPTER 9
    Leverage Paid Social Media
    Google Ads
    Facebook Ads
    The Power of Search Remarketing
    Other Platforms
    Wrapping Up
    C HAPTER 10
    Leverage Influencer Marketing
    What Influencer Marketing Really Means
    How to Identify Influencers to Work With
    How to Spark Relationships
    How to Work with Influencers
    Influencer Marketing Administrative Details
    What Influencer Marketing Success Looks Like
    C HAPTER 11
    Repurpose and Reuse Social Content
    Technique 1: Live Video
    Technique 2: User-Generated Content
    Technique 3: Embedded Social Media Posts
    Technique 4: Turn Discussions Into Blog Posts
    Technique 5: Ask Questions
    C HAPTER 12
    Build Your Marketing Team
    Internal vs. External Team
    Team Roles
    Assembling Your Team
    Team Documentation and Support
    Recommended Tools
    C HAPTER 13
    Measure Success
    Understanding Analytics
    Qualitative Metrics
    Quantitative Metrics
    What s Next
    C HAPTER 14
    Adapt to a Changing Medium
    Follow the Path
    Take a Beat
    Have a Go
    Get on Board
    Correct the Course
    Editing Images
    Social Media Blogs and Bloggers
    Social Media Communities
    Social Media Management Tools
    Sourcing Images
    For More Reading
    About the Authors
    Eric Butow
    Jenn Herman
    Stephanie Liu
    Amanda Robinson
    Mike Allton
    by Andrew Pete, founders of andrewandpete.com

    G uess what. Social media isn t the new way to market your business. Nope, it s not.
    In fact, calling social media the new way to market your business is like saying Amazon is the new way to buy your Christmas presents, or even better, that Maroon 5 is this new up-and-coming band that is going to be huge.
    Want to feel old?
    Did you know Maroon 5 won the Grammy for Best New Artist the same year Facebook launched? Bonus points if you know the year.
    Social media isn t new; marketing your business on social media isn t new. This isn t a fad-it s here to stay.
    In 2019 we walked onto a stage in front of 5,000 of our peers.
    The stage was at Social Media Marketing World 2019 in San Diego, the world s largest social media marketing conference. We were the closing keynote on day one. Before a backdrop of palm trees and surfboards, we told the audience all about social media marketing success stories and how businesses and brands are thriving online, like fitness guru Joe Wicks, who now has more than 100,000 customers, thanks to the power of social media.
    Or what about the UK TV show Love Island , which went from a failed concept to the country s most watched digital TV program in 2018, thanks to the show s savvy use of social media marketing.
    Every day we see brands like Burger King, Spotify, Wendy s, and Charmin, to name a few, connect with their customers in new and inventive ways that get them trending, while other brands like JD Wetherspoon and Lush get roasted for failing to talk to their customers on social platforms.
    So whether you re a big brand, a small business, a TV show, or a blogger, social media can t be ignored.
    But social media can be a few other things, too:
    It can be like your last relationship complicated.
    It can be like your in-laws a little hard to bear sometimes.
    It can be like the Kardashians hard to keep up with and remember who s who.
    It can be like your favorite TV show that got canceled on a cliffhanger Really. Blooming. Annoying.
    Because here s the thing: Social media isn t new, but in a lot of ways it is. Social media is a little Maroon 5 mixed with a little Billie Eilish. It s old and it s new-all at the same time.
    Because although a lot of the social media platforms have been around for what seems like forever, the features, capabilities, and what you can achieve with social media change on a daily basis.
    So that s why it s good that you have this book, because as the title suggests, this is the Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing (it s best if you say that in your head in a really epic voice, with an emphasis on the ULTIMATE ).
    If you want to know how to grow your business, using the not-so-new-but-still-ever-changing social media landscape, then this book is for you.
    If you don t like writing in the margins of a fresh-smelling book, we recommend grabbing a new notebook, buckling yourself in, and getting ready.
    EPIC VOICE TIME: This is the ULTIMATE Guide to Social Media Marketing.
    P.S. It was 2004. There s no prize, but fist-bump if you got it right.

    T rying to keep up with all the changes in every social network within a printed book is as futile as going to the ocean and keeping the waves back with a broom. To float on with this metaphor, it may seem as if the number of social media marketing services is so vast that if you use all of them, they ll wash over you and drown your business.
    Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing takes a different approach by showing you how to decide which social media platforms are right for you and use them strategically to drive more customers to your business.
    You re not the only one who thinks social media is vital to the success of your business. Buffer s State of Social 2019 survey reported that 89 percent of company marketers say social media is very or somewhat important to them. Seventy-three percent of respondents also said that social media marketing is somewhat or very effective for their business.
    What s more, a March 21, 2019, study by business website The Manifest, How Small Businesses Use Digital Marketing Channels in 2019, showed that 73 percent of small businesses invest in social media marketing, which is tied with websites as the top digital marketing channels for small businesses.
    According to the Buffer survey, only 49.1 percent of companies have a documented social media strategy. If your company is part of this 49.1 percent, this book will help you refine your strategy so you can get even more business. If your company is part of the 50.9 percent that don t have a social media marketing strategy, we ll help you put one together.
    Here s a high-level overview of what we ll cover in this book:
    Why businesses need to embrace social media marketing . To the casual user, social networks are about connecting with friends and keeping up with today s latest trends and trending topics. In business, however, you need a strong sense of how social media marketing fits into your overall marketing strategy, especially the roles of content and email.
    Understanding today s social networks, from big ones like Facebook and YouTube to emerging platforms . You need to know the nature of each social network, including the types of content that can be shared, how audiences are grown, and what the typical demographic is. Once you know the nature of different social networks, y

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