How to Be Relevant At Your Work Place
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How to Be Relevant At Your Work Place


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41 pages

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The workplace means different things to different people based on each person's perspective about life. Everyone goes to work for different purposes but the bottom line is this: your relevance at your workplace is a function of the kind of impact made.  A lack of passion and zeal by employees at the workplace is a major challenge confronting most organizations today. People are not passionate about making a difference rather they are concerned about earning a living. This negative trend gave birth to my purpose in writing this book.

In this book, "How to be Relevant at Your workplace": Discover the attitudes, attributes and approaches you can embrace as an employee in order to excel and be exceptional at your workplace, you will discover the fundamental requirements you need to be unique, exceptional and outstanding at your workplace. You will also discover how to develop the right values and skills that are essential for your excellence at the workplace.

There is no doubt that when you continue to make the right impact and command the required influence at your workplace, the effect will begin to show and extend beyond your workplace to the larger society. I believe this book will make the desired impact that is needed to take you to that next level which you desire as you read it.



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How to Be Relevant At Your Work Place
Stanley Chijioke Apugo
Copyright 2018 by Stanley Chijioke Apugo.
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T he process of writing and putting together this publication has been a challenging task as a result I would like to appreciate all who have been of immense assistance throughout out this journey.

I WOULD LIKE TO APPRECIATE God for the wisdom, understanding and inspiration given to me to write this book. To Him be all the glory, honor and adoration.

I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO acknowledge the advice and admonition of my mentors Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo, Bishop David Abioye and Pastor (Mrs.) Mary Abioye. Pastor (Mrs.) Mary Abioye particularly made out time from her busy schedule to read through the manuscript of this book and for me this is a rare privilege. I truly appreciate her invaluable contributions towards the success of this publication.

I ALSO WANT TO APPRECIATE Parents Mr. and Mrs. Thompson Apugo for their prayers and blessings which has been instrumental to the success of every venture I have delved into including this publication.

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK my wife Mrs. Ubong Stanley Chijioke and my 2 kids Chinedum Daniel and Chinemerem Dorothy for their prayers and support during the period of this publication.

I WANT TO THANK MY colleague, Benjamin Abraham for the helpful advice he gave me in the course of my seeking for how to publish this book.
My appreciation also goes to Chibuzor Egbe, a fellow writer for the invaluable information he gave me which motivated me to pursue the publication of this book.

W ork is an important aspect of human life which gives a person worth. This is because when work is done and the results are evident it leads to impact and influence which consequently validates your worth at the workplace. A person s worth at the work place is also attributed to the kind of contribution he makes and the relevance of the contribution to the workplace. An employee becomes relevant at his workplace, when the impact of his work is evident and his influence is undeniable.
I recall when I was on the verge of publishing this book. I needed a guide and so I had to consult an author who had a better understanding and experience on how to go about this publication. I informed a colleague and he recommended that I met a young man who had just published some books. After contacting him, we scheduled an appointment and upon my encounter with him and the discussion we had, I became more passionate about publishing my book and even writing more books. I saw his works, I perused through his publications and was deeply inspired and motivated to utilize my gifts to make positive impacts in the lives of others.
After that encounter it became more clear to me that your worth is a function of the value you add and the impact you make through your work while utilizing the gifts you possess. Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to define the kind of impact you want to make through your work.
The workplace is basically defined by its workforce and the services rendered. People attach great importance to a workplace by the quality of services they receive. When the right services are rendered, the workplace becomes a place of great worth to people and its workforce.
I believe as you read this book you will gain more insights on how to add value to your workplace and make the desired impact needed for the overall advancement of your organization.


F ar and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."
-Theodore Roosevelt, A former American President
The capacity to do work and produce useful results is a function of the ability to utilize the gifts and resources at your disposal within a specific period of time. The purpose of embarking on any task or assignment is to produce results through the accomplishment of the set goals and objectives. This is what substantiates your relevance at the work place.
A person s relevance at the work place is traced to the impact made during the hours spent at work. The worth of any individual at the workplace is also a function of how work is done during a period of time. An employee s worth is a reflection of the value he adds at his workplace. Are you adding value to your organization or are you reducing its value? Do your colleagues and superiors miss you when you are absent from work or do they rejoice when you are not there? Are you a solution provider or a problem creator? Does your organization see you as an asset or a liability? Are you making positive impacts or are you a source of concern? Are you a source of inspiration or an embodiment of depreciation? These questions if answered candidly will give a true picture of your level of relevance at the workplace.
Having said all these, there exit situations where the work environment may not offer the best of resources, opportunities and incentives needed to thrive and excel and in some cases the environment may be hostile and unfriendly and sometimes the kind of work done may not be the type that gives you fulfillment. All these factors could be undermining depending on how they are handled. However, your attitude to work and life generally is what gives you either an edge over others or an ebb on yourself. Most people who succeed at what they do always seek to create an enabling environment for themselves inspite of the unpleasant nature of their workplace. It is therefore your responsibility to create a conducive environment at the work place to enhance productivity and professionalism.
To successfully examine the subject of relevance, a lot of requirements are fundamental. These includes character, passion discipline, skill, vast-knowledge, loyalty and creativity. All are intertwined and are mutually dependent on each other. One of the attributes that makes one to stand out is uniqueness. Your uniqueness is a function of your creativity, character, intelligence and effectiveness. This entails your ability to do things differently and distinctly from others thereby standing out and carving a niche for yourself.
Your approach to work is a function of your attitude to work. When you do things differently you will always stand in the crowd. This makes you a reference point and a standard for others to emulate. Personally, I have discovered that your uniqueness makes you irreplaceable and indispensable in any work environment. There is a way you perform a task or carry out an assignment that makes you to be a standard even when you have long exited from the organization because your name will always be mentioned as one who stood out among others.
The reverse could be the case if one approached his work without zeal or passion and made no meaningful impact, he will be forgotten in a hurry and his colleagues and employer will be glad he was no longer there. Can you imagine a scenario in which you are absent from your workplace as an employee and nobody missed you because your presence had adverse effects rather than positive effects? Can you also imagine a situation where you are absent for just a few hours and everyone is asking for your whereabouts? All these are attributed to one thing which I call impact. Your relevance at the workplace is directly proportional to the impact you are making at a particular time.
I suggest that rather than seeking to be important at the work place, desire to be impactful. I believe as you proceed to read this book, you will discover what it takes to be relevant at the work place through the kind of impact you make. I also believe that you will realize how you can stand out in the crowd and be unique as an individual so that upon your honorable exit from your work place, you will always be remembered for who you are, what you represented and what you contributed to the development of your organization.
The principles contained in this book have been tested and confirmed to be useful and helpful. Personally, I have applied these principles in my life as an employee in the organizations where I have worked and I found them to be possible and practicable. There is no better way to tell a story like when you narrate it from your own experience and perspective. As you embark on the journey of reading this book, I have no doubt that its contents will deliver to you the required information that will transform your live for good.

W hen you re following your energy and doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves. - Shakti Gawain, Pioneering Author & Teacher in the field of Personal Growth
The concept behind the book was obtained and developed from each of the alphabets which makes up the word Relevant .
R- Responsibility
E- Effectiveness
L- Loyalty
E- Exceptionality
V- Vast knowledge
A- Agility
N- Neatness
T- Time
As we proceed in this book, we shall examine in detail each of the words formed from the alphabets which make up the word Relevant and how they interrelate to make an employee relevant at his work place.

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