Jim Rohn s 3 Philosophies for Network Marketing Success
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Jim Rohn's 3 Philosophies for Network Marketing Success , livre ebook


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16 pages

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Network marketing has never been easier, when you have the right mindset. If you apply yourself to these 3 direct selling ideas taught by Jim Rohn, developing a lucrative second stream of income is right around the corner.

Learn the philosophies that million dollar earners in network marketing use to earn the lifestyle that you dream about today. These 3 philosophies have been used by tens of thousands of high income earners to build an army of motivated people in their downline.

Imagine what you can do with Jim Rohn’s top 3 success principles of network marketing in your recruiting efforts and in motivating people to achieve their dreams. Put the power of ideas to work in your business today.



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Widener, Chris
Jim Rohn's 3 Philosophies for Network Marketing
ISBN: 978-1-61339-719-0
1. BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Marketing / Multilevel
2. BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Sales & Selling / General
3. BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Small Business
Philosophy #1: Work Full-Time on Your Job and Part-Time On Your Fortune
Philosophy #2: A Formal Education Will Make You a Living; Self-Education Will Make You a Fortune
Philosophy #3: Profits Are Better than Wages
Action Points
Jim Rohn’s 3 Philosophies for Network Marketing
by Chris Widener
My name is Chris Widener and I’m a professional speaker and author. I’ve written 12 books, written over 450 articles, and travel all around the world giving speeches to companies, network marketing companies, and schools. It’s been a fantastic career and I love to do what I do, but one of the great highlights of my career was that I was taken under the wing by one of the legends of the industry, a gentleman by the name of Jim Rohn.
For the last seven years of Jim’s life, I was able to work with him and write books with him. I co-wrote the book 12 Pillars with him and wrote the Jim Rohn One-Year Program . I was fortunate enough to do the last video interview that Jim ever gave, and of course I spoke on the same stage with him. I hosted and emceed events that Jim and Jim Rohn International put on. It was a great privilege for me to be able to be mentored directly by one of the great legends of the industry.
Now, lots of people have said that they’ve been mentored by Jim Rohn, and if by mentored you mean listening to his many, many wonderful audio programs or reading his books, certainly Jim has been a mentor to millions of people that way, but I had a special chance to be able to spend time with this great gentleman. In fact, other than Kyle Wilson, who was Jim Rohn’s business partner, president of Jim Rohn International and who worked with Jim for nearly 20 years, I had a very unique ability to see into the life and work of Jim Rohn. I’m very excited to be able to share some of the ideas that Jim passed along, particularly in this presentation, and the philosophies that will help you achieve success in network marketing.
Now, Jim was from Idaho. His dad was a minister, and they lived on a farm. He grew up and got into network marketing and made millions of dollars, which enabled him to move to Beverly Hills, California. One of Jim’s first speeches had the title of Idaho Farm Boy Makes Good, Moves to Beverly Hills . It was a great story. Of course it had a great title, and Jim told that story very well.
When he got out of networking marketing, he got into speaking. Jim, by the end of his life, was known as America’s foremost business philosopher. Jim would also put on very specific trainings and teach people how to succeed in network marketing, but Jim’s real forte was that he was a person who talked about the philosophy, and philosophy is very, very important. Your philosophy of life, your philosophy of God, your philosophy of business, and your philosophy of relationships is the bedrock of what kind of life you’re going to experience and what kind of success you’re going to experience.
One of the great things that Jim did was he challenged people to think about their philosophy. What is it that they believe and think about things, business, and life? Particularly, Jim was known for having philosophy about networking marketing. I want to talk to you about Jim Rohn’s 3 Philosophies to help you succeed in network marketing. If you’re reading this, you’re in network marketing or thinking about getting into network marketing, and in whatever network marketing business you’re in, there are going to be people who will teach you the how to’s – how to make a presentation, how to show the product, and how to sample the product or the service or whatever it is that your particular network marketing business sells.
But what I want to challenge you to think about is the philosophy. I want to share with you three very specific philosophies, famous sayings of Jim’s, that will help you succeed in network marketing if you embrace them for yourself, if you understand the power of them, and if you apply them to your own network marketing circumstances. Then I’m going to share some thoughts with you to help you understand them, unwrap them, bring them into your own mind and heart and then apply them and reap the benefits of a great philosophy as opposed to a poor philosophy that many, many people have.

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